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Roman Reigns vs The Rock | Will The Bloodline’s WWE Saga Lead to WrestleMania 41

WrestleMania 40 featured the ultimate loss for Roman Reigns as his legendary title reign of 1316 days (about 3 and a half years) was ended by Cody Rhodes on WrestleMania Night 2. Some thought of it as the end of The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline’s story. However, they have started a new stuff in The Bloodline’s saga. Roman Reigns vs The Rock is destined for a future WrestleMania, possibly next year. This article will discuss how The Bloodline’s story in WWE led to a Dream Match at WrestleMania 41.

Bloodline 2.0

Credit: Fightful

On a recent episode of SmackDown, Tama Tonga debuted for WWE when he joined Solo Sikoa. Paul Heyman was speechless as Solo gave orders and wrecked Jimmy Uso with Tama Tonga. In the following week, Solo acted like the Tribal Chief as he arrived in a black SUV in a suit. We saw Sikoa ignoring whatever Paul Heyman asked about his actions. Instead, Sikoa and Tonga destroyed Kevin Owens. It was such a brutal attack that Owens was left bleeding. It looks like this dominance will continue. 

Also, WWE reportedly signed Jacob Fatu during the WrestleMania week. It is a huge deal, especially regarding The Bloodline story. Fatu has been held back, and they are probably waiting for a perfect spot to insert him into this Bloodline mix. With his addition, the new Bloodline will be stronger. 

The Usos Reunite

Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania 40

Jimmy Uso has been absent since the attack from Solo and Tama. When Jimmy returns, he won’t be alone anymore. TheUsos will reunite to take on Tama and Solo. Heyman will join them, too. This can happen after the draft, as Jey gets drafted to SmackDown. It is highly possible, as Jey has never spoken badly about his brother, even after their WrestleMania showdown. He always expressed his desire to reunite with Jimmy again. The story can lead to a match with Sikoa and Tonga teaming against The Usos. As things start to feel equal on both sides, Jacob Fatu will arrive to give the numbers advantage again to Solo and Tama. 

Sami Zayn Joins

The 3-on-2 situation will lead to honorary Uce Sami Zayn’s return to the Bloodline alongside The Usos. Zayn was an important chapter in the Bloodline story in early 2023. Fans loved his stint, and his current popularity began from that time. The Bloodline story was Sami Zayn’s Career Redemption story in WWE. Zayn’s arrival will be advantageous for the Babyface team. 

Involvement of The Rock

Roman Reigns vs The Rock

This brings us to a major twist in this saga. The Rock will return and be revealed as ordering Solo Sikoa in the past few months. A more vicious side of The Rock will be portrayed on TV. The Bloodline under The Rock will consist of Solo, Tonga, and Fatu. They will be unstoppable on TV. 

Roman Reigns Returns

WWE WrestleMania XL Night 1 Results

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE Programming since his loss to Cody Rhodes at WWE WrestleMania XL Night 2. He is reportedly working on a Hollywood project. It means he will be out for at least a couple of months. Till then, the story, as mentioned above, will cook greatly on TV, leading to the mega return of The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. This will be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of WWE. Fans are already demanding Reigns. 

WarGames Match

Credit: UpRoxx

In a highly speculated WarGames match at the end of this year, we will see Roman Reigns’ Bloodline (Reigns, Jey, Jimmy, Sami) against The Rock’s Bloodline (Rock, Solo, Tama, Jacob). 

Roman Reigns vs The Rock A Dream WrestleMania Match

Credit: WrestleTalk

The build to Roman Reigns and The Rock’s singles WrestleMania match will begin from the time around Royal Rumble 2025. It will be a slow story progression as both Reigns and The Rock will be part-timers and rarely appear on TV. It will be iconic to see The Great One and The Tribal Chief in a war of words as they will bring the family feud to an end. Roman Reigns and The Rock will battle in the main event of WrestleMania 41, possibly the biggest and the most anticipated WrestleMania main event of all time. 

It was our take on Roman Reigns vs The Rock and how this Bloodline story will lead to a Dream Match at WrestleMania 41. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section. Are you ready for Roman Reigns vs The Rock?

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