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Ranking 5 Best WWE Stories of 2023

2023 is on the verge of ending, and we have had an incredible year in the world of pro wrestling. WWE is the biggest promotion in this business. They have a separate fan base due to fabulous storytelling. This year was another journey into WWE’s creative stories. We will take a look at the 5 Best WWE Stories of 2023.

5. Cody Rhodes’ Reclaiming Top Spot

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Cody Rhodes had a fantastic year. He started significantly when he returned to the Royal Rumble and won the 30-man Royal Rumble match. Rhodes challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of Night 2 of WrestleMania 39. Then, he suffered the biggest loss of his career. However, Cody did not back down and slowly crawled back to the top. He fought Brock Lesnar at three premium live events and led the 3-match series with 2-1.

The American Nightmare had a tag team run alongside, enough to add it to 5 best WWE Stories of 2023. Cody participated in the WarGames match and led his team to victory which was the best WWE main events of 2023. He has announced himself as an official participant in the Men’s Royal Rumble match and looks to start 2024 in a big way.

4. Gunther’s Historic Reign

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Gunther had an amazing run in 2023. He also started from the Royal Rumble, which he entered initially and lasted till the end. The Ring General successfully retained against Sheamus and Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 39 in a match of the year candidate. He went on to have brilliant matches with the likes of Chad Gable, Bronson Reed, and The Miz. Gunther will be in every’s top 5 list of WWE because he earned this. So, we added him to the five best WWE stories told in 2023. Gunther beat Miz on WWE Survivor Series WarGames which was last pay per view of WWE.

Every match was on top with the wrestling quality that earned him a place in the 5 best WWE stories of 2023. Gunther also successfully surpassed Honky Tonk Man and became the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. He has taken the title at a level it has never reached before. Gunther will aim for greater greatness as we look at our next pick in the 5 Best WWE Stories of 2023.

3. Jey Uso’s Resurgence

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Jey Uso started with The Bloodline and defended the Undisputed Tag Titles with his brother, Jimmy Uso, at WrestleMania. After that, things fell apart within The Bloodline, and The Usos stood against Roman Reigns. At Money in the Bank, Jey became the first person to pin Roman Reigns after nearly three years. Jey then had a singles match against Roman in the main event of SummerSlam, which was labeled as The Tribal Combat.

Jimmy cost Jey that match. Jey seemingly quit SmackDown and WWE for some time before Cody Rhodes welcomed him back on Monday Night Raw. Uso was never considered a single star before the Bloodline story, which is placed among the 5 best WWE stories of 2023.

He and Cody worked as a tag team and captured the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Jey further participated in the Men’s WarGames match and faced Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. Uso became the “Main Event” Jey Uso in 2023.

2. LA Knight’s Meteoric Rise

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LA Knight became the megastar in one year. Fans loved his charisma. He faced Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble in a Pitch Black match. WWE wasn’t quick in building him to the top, and the procedure took time. Knight won the Slim Jim Battle Royal at SummerSlam. LAKnight was the breakout superstar of WWE in 2023, so he is a top priority in our 5 best WWE stories of 2023.

The graph of LA Knight’s popularity continued to increase. He later got the biggest opportunity of his career when he challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event of Crown Jewel. Since then, Knight has been continuously featured in the main storylines relating to The Bloodline. 

1. Sami Zayn’s Redemption Story

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It was on top of the 5 best WWE stories of 2023. It can be probably the best recent WWE storylines. We are talking about Sami Zayn’s redemption story. Zayn started 2023 with tensions between him and The Bloodline. He had enough at Royal Rumble and turned on the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. He got his much-deserved Undisputed WWE Universal Title match at Elimination Chamber in his hometown. Sami lost that opportunity, but better things were waiting for him. 

Sami reunited with his old buddy, Kevin Owens. Zayn and Owens ended The Usos’ historic Tag Team Title reign in the main event of Night 1 of WrestleMania in the best-ever moment of Sami’s career. Later, Zayn had a single run on Monday Night Raw and was a part of the winning team in the Men’s War Games match. It was an excellent and organic story told by WWE in 2023. 

These were our 5 Best WWE Stories of 2023. Which one is best for you?

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