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WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions

WWE NXT Deadline will be the last premium live event for WWE in 2023. It will happen on December 09 live from Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. So, we brought WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions. The show is well stacked, with the NXT World Title and the NXT North American Title being defended. There will be two Iron Survivor Challenge matches, with the winner getting a World Title opportunity in the future.

The concept of Iron Survivor Challenges came last year with unique rules. Two participants will start the match, and a new participant will enter after every 5 minutes. The match will have a timer of 25 minutes. Each competitor scoring a fall will earn one point. The one with the most points after 25 minutes will be crowned the winner. Let’s look at the WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions.

Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

This match will happen at the kickoff show. Both were friends, but tensions were building between them. Frazer has developed a new attitude, which presents him as a bad guy. This match can most likely see the full-fledged heel turn of Frazer beating Axiom. 

Winner Prediction: Nathan Frazer

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

The superstars who qualified for the match involved Tiffany Stratton, Blair Davenport, Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, and Kelani Jordan. The match will take place according to the rules already mentioned above. Tiffany and Blair are stronger candidates for winning, but they have separate stories. With her brilliant performance in recent weeks, Fallon Henley will be a great choice to win this Iron Survivor Challenge

Winner Prediction: Fallon Henley

Carmelo Hayes vs Lexis King

Lexis King will be making his premium live event debut against the former NXT Champ Carmelo Hayes. Both competitors have been suspected of attacking Trick Williams. King said that he and Melo together attacked Williams. Hayes requested this match to prove Lexis wrong. While Melo is a bigger favourite to win the match, Lexis King’s win will interestingly progress the storyline. 

Winner Prediction: Lexis King

Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James

It is first women match for our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions. Stakes are high for this match as it will be a steel cage bout. This story has been going on for months, and the unforgiven steel cage match seems to be the last stop. You can expect a returning Cora Jade to attack Perez and cost her the match. 

Winner Prediction: Kiana James

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee

Dominik Mysterio will defend his North American Title against Dragon Lee. Originally, Wes Lee was Dom’s opponent, but he suffered an injury causing this replacement. Rey Mysterio will support Dragon Lee, while Dominik has Mami Rhea Ripley on his side. Dom has been the champion for a long time now. If Wes Lee had been there, he would have regained the title. Dragon Lee’s replacement has increased Dom’s chances to continue his reign.

So, according to our prediction, Dominik will retain because he needs this victory after losing at WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2023. However, there will be no surprise if Dragon Lee wins the title, as he is currently booked strongly, especially on the main roster. 

Winner Prediction: Dominik Mysterio

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge

The participants involved in this match are Bron Breaker, Dijak, Tyler Bate, Josh Briggs, and Trick Williams. The winner will get an opportunity for the NXT World Title. Except for Briggs, every other participant has an equal chance of winning this match. Let’s look at them according to the current storylines. Bron Breakker is a significant name, but he seems to be main roster-bound sooner or later.

Dijak recently had a program with Ilja Dragunov for the NXT World Title. Trick Williams has his own story with Carmelo Hayes and Lexis King. Hence, our winner prediction will be Tyler Bate, who finally gets a bigger opportunity. It will be most demanding result as we move forward in our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions article.

Winner Prediction: Tyler Bate

Ilja Dragunov vs Baron Corbin

Ilja Dragunov will defend the NXT Championship against Baron Corbin. Corbin attacked the champion and trash-talked about him, resulting in this match. Although Corbin has improved well in his second NXT run, a world title still looks away. Also, Ilja’s title reign is far from over and a long reign is expected from him. Hence, Dragunov will retain. 

Winner Prediction: Ilja Dragunov

This was all from our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Match Card and Predictions. Which match are you most excited about? 

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