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Top 10 Boxing Coaches of All Time

Sportsmen are nothing without coaches. If an athlete gets a coach with a high knowledge of the sport, it is straightforward for them to get the best results by competing on bigger stages. Boxing is one of the sports that relies heavily on mentorships. Boxing is not about bashing your opponent; it is about controlling your inner self and maintaining it for the bigger stages of boxing.   

Therefore, all boxers need experienced and knowledgeable coaches. The Top 10 boxing coaches of all time trained the boxers to make sure to train boxers for the big stages of boxing. Let’s jump into the list of the top 10 boxing coaches of all time and what they did in their coaching careers to be on that list.   

Brian McIntyre

Brain McLntrye is an American-born professional boxer who started his career in 1997. From 1997 to 2007, Brain participated in many boxing bouts at club-level heavyweight pro. However, his results were not that satisfying, as he managed to get a record of 7-14.   

But he has achieved excellent success as a boxing coach. As a boxing coach, he started working with his countryman boxer, Terence Crawford. Terence Crawford has achieved much success under the mentorship of Brain Mclntrye.   

Joe Gallagher

Joe Gallagher is a famous British boxing trainer who started his career as a coach in 1993. After working with many talented boxers, Joe became a professional boxer in 2001.   

Joe Gallagher also tried his very best to become a professional boxer, but he failed to achieve much success in becoming a successful boxer. However, by training the biggest boxers of his time, he made it into the list of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time.   

Scott Quigg, Carl Frampton, and Anthony Crolla are the three big fighters of Joe Gallagher, who achieved excellent success in the recent past under the mentorship of Joe Gallagher.   

Derrick James

Derrick James is an American professional boxer. His overall career as a boxer and trainer is full of glory, as he succeeded in both phases of life. His professional boxing record is 27-7-1, 12KO. Derrick James also won a Bronze Medal at the U.S. Olympic Festival and Texas State Golden Gloves.  

After retiring from boxing, Derrick James trained many talented boxers to become successful in boxing. Three of his main fighters are Errol Spence, Jermell Charlo, and Ryan Garcia. These boxers’ achievements and success rate make Derrick James one of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time.  

Shane McGuigan

Shane McGuigan is a famous Irish boxing coach and the son of legendary boxer Barry McGuigan. His excellent success at a very young age has made him one of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time.   

McGuigan is included in this list because he trained Carl Frampton, one of the top boxers of his era. He was also nominated for Fighter of the Year honours in 2016.  

Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach is a former American professional boxer and current boxing trainer. His excellent boxing career was 40-13, 15KO. In addition to professional boxing, Freddie Roach is more famous as a boxing trainer, which makes him one of the top 10 boxing coaches of all time.   

Freddie Roach has trained more than 10 world champions, which shows his skills and strong mindset in taking boxers’ careers to another level.  

John David Jackson

John David Jackson is a famous American boxer who started his professional boxing career in 1984. In his 15 years of boxing career, Jackson fought in three different weight categories, which gave him an excellent boxing record of 36-4-1, 20KO.   

After achieving excellent success as a boxer, Jackson trained many boxers to achieve the same results in the boxing field as he did in his career. His training skills make him one of the Top 10 boxing coaches ever.  

Abel Sanchez

Abel Sanchez is one of the top boxing trainers who is well-known for training skills worldwide. Mexican-born Abel Sanchez made an excellent career in his professional boxing career as a trainer.   

After winning four boxing titles, Abel Sanchez excelled as a boxing trainer. The first three boxers that Abel trained won the championship, which made Abel very famous. Therefore, he became one of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time.  

Virgil Hunter

Virgil Hunter is a famous American boxing coach who has succeeded greatly in his entire training career. He has excellent skills in training boxers to win major boxing bouts professionally. His fantastic ability to turn ordinary boxers into top-level boxers makes him one of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time.  

Therefore, he trained nine world champions, including the famous Pakistani British boxer Amir Khan. In 2011, Virgil Hunter was nominated for the Futch-Condon Award for his excellent achievements in training big boxing names.   

Ronnie Shields

Ronnie Shields is an American professional boxer and trainer. In the 1970s, he achieved excellent success in the boxing world, making him one of the best young boxers of that era.   

Unfortunately, Ronnie Shields did not sustain this level and disappeared from the boxing world. However, he was more successful in training and making boxing stars.   

One of the best heavyweight boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, was trained by Ronnie Shields, who is well known for his feared personality as a boxer. After training some of the biggest boxing stars, Ronnie Shields became one of the Top 10 boxing coaches of all time. 

Robert Garcia

Robert Garica is the only trainer on the list of Top 10 boxing coaches of all time to win 4 boxing championships as a professional boxer. The professional boxing record of Robert Garcia is 34-3, 25KO. His excellent performances were not just the complete journey of his boxing career.   

He also trained many boxers to achieve achievements in his glorified career as a trainer. Robert Garica has trained more than 10 Champions in his entire career. Incredible performance as trainer shows the skilful training journey of Robert Garica.

Did we miss any names in this Top 10 boxing coaches of all time? Let us know in the comment section.

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