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Knicks Vs Boston Celtics Players Comparison in 2024

The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics are two of the NBA’s most iconic teams, with devoted fan bases and a strong rivalry. You might be wondering how their teams compare when they play against each other. We shall go through a Knicks vs Boston Celtics players comparison, looking into the strengths and weaknesses of players to determine who has more leverage on the court.

Knicks vs Boston Celtics Players Comparison

You will be surprised by the number of players we chose for both teams. Here they are. In this article, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of fighting players on both teams.

New York Knicks

The NBA franchise was founded in 1946 as a member of the newly established Basketball Association of America, which became the NBA in 1949. The Knicks won in each of their initial nine seasons, and they hold out the NBA finals three years in a row (1951-53), but lost each time.

Let’s look at the finest player in the New York Knicks and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in the NBA game.

J. Randle

Julius Deion Randle is a professional basketball player from the United States who now plays for the New York Knicks that compete in the National Basketball Association. In 2021, he was privileged with the NBA Most Improved Player Award, in addition to being a member of the All-NBA Team twice and a member of the NBA All-Star team three times.

·         Strengths

Randle has a a steady left hand and strong upper body. He finishes nicely around the rim with contact. He is quite skilled at face-up games with unique finishing abilities. He is extremely dangerous on Pick and Pop due to his capability to hit mid-range jumpers.

Despite his lack of exceptional explosiveness, he can use his muscular build to defend the ball and escape blocks. On the offensive boards, he is a beast, relentlessly looking for out rebounds. The same is true on defense, where he opt a natural sense for rebounding.

He is a good post defender who utilizes his muscular bulk to keep taller opponents away from the rim. He doesn’t have the fastest feet in the world, but he’s really good for his size and balance. He has the potential to switch on P&R situations for a few dribbles, but his performance needs to improve.

Randle combines strength, skill, and balance, making him a intriguing prospect. Despite being a freshman, his strength and offensive abilities should help him make an immediate impact in the NBA. He has received great feedback for his attitude and coachability, and he appears to be a hardworking youngster in nba teams.

·         Weaknesses

Even with of the positive comments regarding Randle’s game, there are several concerns about him. Randle is high-energy, “bully ball” style of play is reminiscent of Shabazz’s overpowering performance at a different position last year. Randle is considered undersized for the PF position, with a wingspan of less than 7 feet.

He sometime struggle to create shots against bigger and taller post opponents. Offensively, his synergy figures show how difficult it has been for him to score on post moves, with very low percentages on both low post blocks and over either shoulder. It doesn’t help matters that he is unable to use his right hand.

Few, if any, highly talented players can play at a high level without being able to complete and make moves with both hands, as the book gets more widely recognized and everyone overestimates their ability. I am not sure if Randle falls into this category, but the worry is there. 

Despite solid mechanics, his shooting is inconsistent, resulting in low percentages and a lack of 3-point range. To replicate Zach Randolph and Michael Beasley’s effectiveness facing the basket, he must develop a steady solid jump shot. Currently, his strategy focuses on dominating weaker opponents. He is extremely talented, but it will be difficult for him to replicate his success against the league’s dominant post men.

Randle’s game is primarily focused underneath the rim. His future will likely rest more heavily than other prospects on landing in the right system, where a team has a vision of how to employ him and ensures he stays focused and works hard on the correct skill development. A lousy team, loss, or lack of focus could jeopardize his NBA future.

Boston Celtics

It is widely acknowledged that the Celtics are among the most successful teams in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), and they are tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most NBA titles with 17. At the moment, the Celtics are the team that holds the record for the most wins ever recorded by any NBA team. The Lakers and the Celtics have a significant rivalry with one another.

J. Tatum

Jayson Christopher Tatum is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Boston Celtics in the NBA. He was a McDonald’s All-American in high school in Missouri, and he played collegiate basketball for Duke Blue Devils.

·         Strength

When it comes to getting his defender off balance and creating separation, Tatum is equipped with a wide variety of efficient dribbling moves, including jab steps, crossovers, turnarounds, fadeaways, and in-and-out dribbles. It was especially destructive when slower power players guarded him because he used this mix of size, quickness, and ability to generate separation with devastating effects against them.

·         Weakness

Extremely few players in the league are capable of shooting at the mid-range level. Despite the fact that players such as DeMar DeRozan, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Chris Paul are successful while shooting from the mid-range, Jayson Tatum would rather avoid taking shots from that range.

Even during the previous season, Tatum only attempted 152 shots from the mid-range and converted 57 of those shots, resulting in a 37.5 percent shooting percentage from that range.

In comparison, DeMar DeRozan, a standout player for the Chicago Bulls, attempted 670 shots and hit 317 of them, resulting in a shooting percentage of 47.3 percent. There is a possibility that Jayson Tatum’s mid-range shooting is a significant weakness that his opponents will be able to exploit in the future.


In conclusion, Julius Randle’s physical dominance and Julius Tatum’s superb shooting make for an intriguing and competitive contest. Each player has different strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that these are some of the best players on the team. These are the players who can alter the course of the game. If you want to learn more about these players, you should re-read this blog; you will undoubtedly learn a lot. Enjoy the NBA!


Does Tatum own a ring?

Jayson Tatum has not won a championship in his career.

What kind of individual is Jayson Tatum?

Jayson Tatum usually exudes warmth and humanity. He is a wonderful company, but his sensitivity can be frustrating at times. He prefers to identify strongly with his buddies rather than being detached and empathic.

What are some interesting facts about Jayson Tatum?

He became the youngest player in NBA history to hit 900 three-pointers at the age of 24, beating Bradley Beal’s previous mark of 25. Tatum became the first NBA player to have multiple games with at least 45 points, 10 rebounds, and eight three-pointers made.

Does Julius Randle own a ring?

Julius Randle has not won a championship in his career.

Why is Julius Randle considered an All-Star?

Randle is one of four players averaging at least 24 points, nine rebounds, and five assists per game this season. The others were former league MVPs. Prior to Thursday’s tipoff at Madison Square Garden, Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle intimated that Brunson was on his way to his first All-Star appearance.

Is 85% free throw good?

In the NBA, good free throw shooters shoot more than 80%. While there are the greatest of the best players, there is no reason why players at lower levels cannot do similarly. Realistically, they don’t. The percentages fluctuate as you advance down a level.

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