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All WWE Returns in 2023 | Shocking Return in 2023

As the curtains closed in 2023, the WWE Universe was captivated by unexpected and thrilling comebacks from some of their most cherished superstars. From the charismatic CM Punk to the venerable Randy Orton, the year shined with all WWE returns in 2023 by top superstars. Here, we explore the top 8 superstars whose triumphant returns to the squared circle impacted the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling. Let’s take a look at All WWE Returns in 2023.

CM Punk

CM Punk’s comeback at Survivor Series: WarGames marks a pivotal moment in recent WWE history. Following his dramatic departure in 2014, Punk’s unexpected return has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from fans. During his nine-year hiatus, he explored MMA and left an impact on AEW. Returning to WWE at the age of 45, the former champion is poised to introduce a fresh dynamic to the ring. The anticipation for Punk’s return is tangible, with fans eagerly awaiting to witness how the cult of personality will shape the current wrestling landscape.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton, after a 15-month absence due to a back injury, made a highly anticipated comeback to WWE on November 25, 2023, during the Survivor Series WarGames event. His return was nothing less than electrifying, with the crowd erupting in thunderous ovation as he emerged from the shadows. His unanticipated appearance instantly infused the atmosphere with excitement and anticipation. Due to his excellent skills and experience, Randy Orton is well known Wrestler and his return is one of the biggest All WWE Returns in 2023.


Carlito’s comeback at the May Backlash pay-per-view, where he assisted Bad Bunny and the LWO against Damian Priest and The Judgment Day, created a momentous impact. The crowd’s energetic response indicated that fans had eagerly awaited Carlito’s return. Although his reappearance on SmackDown has been postponed, Carlito’s comeback is on the horizon. There are strong indications that SummerSlam could be the stage for Caribbean Cool to make a splash, potentially aligning himself with the LWO and introducing a new and exciting dimension to the WWE landscape. Carlito made an excellent comeback in WWE which became one of the biggest All WWE Returns in 2023.

Booker T

Return of Booker T is one of the biggest returns in All WWE Returns in 2023. The unexpected return of Booker T at the 2023 Royal Rumble left fans in shock. The former King of the Ring, now 57, demonstrated his enduring prowess by executing iconic moves and treating fans to his trademark Spinaroonie. Despite his brief appearance in the Royal Rumble, Booker T made a lasting impression, reinforcing the notion that his charisma and athleticism are truly timeless.

Pat McAfee

Renowned for his dynamic commentary alongside Michael Cole, Pat McAfee temporarily stepped away to fulfill duties as an ESPN analyst. His comeback at the Royal Rumble for commentary, though brief, was impactful. Without a set timetable for a full-time return, the potential for McAfee to make sporadic appearances, akin to his WrestleMania 39 cameo, introduces an unpredictable element to WWE events. After his excellent return in WWE, Pat McAfee registered his name in All WWE Returns in 2023.

Bray Wyatt

One of the biggest Returns All WWE Returns in 2023 was Bray Wyatt. On October 8, 2023, at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt finally made his highly anticipated return to WWE after a nearly year-long hiatus. The lead-up to his comeback was veiled in mystery, with cryptic vignettes airing in the weeks preceding the event. When the lights dimmed and the eerie notes of his distinctive theme song echoed through the arena, anticipation reached a fever pitch. Bray Wyatt emerged from the shadows, his imposing figure draped in a flowing black cloak, his face concealed by a menacing mask.

The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made an unexpected comeback to the WWE on September 15, 2023, during an episode of SmackDown. His return elicited a resounding ovation from the crowd, creating shockwaves throughout the wrestling world. The surprise appearance saw WWE commentator and former NFL player Pat McAfee inside the squared circle alongside 2022 United States Champion Austin Theory when The Rock made a stunning and unforgettable entrance. The Rock is one of the biggest names in WWE. Therefore, his comeback is one of the All WWE Returns in 2023.

R- Truth

R-Truth’s comeback at Survivor Series was a comically refreshing return after an absence of over a year. His backstage comedy segment injected a humorous touch to the event, serving as a reminder that Truth’s comedic timing remains unparalleled. As one of WWE’s seasoned entertainers, R-Truth’s return brings fun to the often intense world of professional wrestling. One of the oldest WWE wrestlers, R-Truth’s comeback is one of the biggest returns in All WWE Returns in 2023

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