5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024

The second season of the Women’s Premier League started with a bang. This year, the platform showed unbeatable talents. Five teams participated in the WPL, and Royal Challengers Bangalore won the championship. Many incredible batters and bowlers surprised the audience with their out-class performances. The top 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024 gave everything to get the best results for their team in WPL 2024. Everyone played very well, but these players played so exceptionally that no one could match them. Check out the 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024.

Shreyanka Patel

One of the most talented members of team Royal Challengers Bangalore, she stands out for her undeniable spinning skills.
She makes her team proud by winning the Purple Cap with 13 wickets in 8 matches. She took 4 wickets for 12 runs in just 3.3 overs against the Delhi Capitals, with an economy rate of 7.30. Her exceptional bowling skills contributed to her team’s success.

  • Wickets 13
  • BBI 4/12
  • Economy rate 7.30
  • innings 8

She emerges as one of the 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024 due to her impactful bowling, extraordinary control, and quick deliveries.

Asha Sobhana

A talented bowling all-rounder representing Royal Challengers Bangalore, Asha performed well with her right arm off-breaking bowling. She played well, taking 5 wickets for 22 runs against the UP Warriors, with a 7.12 economy rate in ten matches. Sobhana’s ability to adapt to different situations, her variations, and her skills contributed to RCB’s victory.

  • Wickets 12
  • BBI 5/22
  • Economy rate 7.12
  • Innings 10

Undoubtedly, she delivered the best bowling and stood out as one of the 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024.

Sophie Molineux

Sophie, a passionate bowler from Royal Challengers Bangalore, delivered an appreciated performance with her left-arm spin.
She showed her talent by taking 3 wickets for 20 runs against the Delhi Capitals, with an impressive 7.32 economy rate. Molineux was good at getting wickets when needed and keeping a tight line and length, which helped her team bowl well.

  • wickets 12
  • BBI 3/20
  • Economy rate 7.32
  • Innings 10

Her bowling and different styles disturbed the other team’s batters, helping RCB win matches. Molineux’s performance showed how skilled and effective she was as one of the top 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024.

Natalie Sciver

Natalie, from England, performed exceptionally on the ground. She was a member of the Mumbai Indians. Her valuable bowling skills played a key role in her team’s victories. Sciver showcased her expertise by taking 2 wickets for 14 runs in just 2 overs against the team UP Warriorz, with 7.0 economy rate runs per over. Her bowling skills were outstanding as she troubled the opposing team batters with her tricky deliveries.

  • Wickets 10
  • BBI 2/14
  • Economy rate 7.96
  • Innings 9

Natalie displayed notable all-round skills, excelling in multiple matches with the ball and bat. Her talent, regularity, and ability to take crucial wickets at the right time make her one of the 5 Best Bowlers of WPL 2024.

Radha Yadav

A left-arm spinner from Delhi Capitals showed outstanding skills in the Women’s Premiere League in 2024. Radha Yadav is well-known for her clever bowling tricks, especially her dangerous arm ball. Radha took 4 wickets for 20 runs against the UP Warriorz team. Throughout the games, she secured an average of 24.42 runs per wicket with an economy rate of 7.48 runs per over. She displayed skills by taking wickets ultimately ranking as the tournament’s second-highest wicket-taker. Her success in WPL cannot be ignored. Due to her incredible performances, Radha Yadav registered her name as one of the 5 Best Bowlers of WPL.

  • Wickets 10
  • BBI 4/20
  • Economy rate 7.48
  • Innings 9
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Final Words

In the Women’s Premiere League, the above 5 Best Bowlers of WPL contributed extraordinarily well to get victories for their teams in WPL 2024. Every player performs well, but only a few become people’s favourites and rise because of their performance. Their bowling was well-organized and intelligent, which made a big difference in the matches. These fantastic bowlers played a big part in making WPL 2024 a great season. WPL is an excellent platform for women cricketers to showcase their talents worldwide. These performances will be very important for all these cricketers in the next big ICC tournaments of Women’s cricket.

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