5 Best Batters of WPL 2024

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) is a rising women’s franchise league in India that highlights the skills of cricketers. The inaugural season was held in 2023, and Mumbai Indians stood first, showcasing outstanding performance. This year 2024, the second season took place in February and March and witnessed some breathtaking batting performances. Every cricketer gave a stellar performance, but the top 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024 shocked the audience with their extraordinary performances. Want to know the batters who stole the show with their outstanding batting? Let’s dig into the topic to know the top 5 best batters of WPL of 2024.

Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry, well-known for her all-around abilities, presented Royal Challengers Bangalore in WPL 2024. She again showcased her exceptional skills in the second season of WPL. Perry’s batting expertise stands out brightly in WPL 2024. Her practice and experience in this format of the game were exemplary and perfect. Throughout the tournament, Perry was remarkably consistent. She also emerged as an important run scorer. Have a look at her performance.

  • Total runs 347
  • Innings 9
  • Strike rate 125.7
  • The 50s 2
  • 6s 7
  • 4s 41

Her success in WPL 2024 can be attributed to her unique bowling figures, valuable contributions with the bat, and outstanding display of skill and determination, which have made her one of the 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024. Perry was also nominated for the women’s T20 Player of the Year award by ICC which shows her importance for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2024.

Meg Lanning

Meg Lanning, a left-handed cricketer, represented Delhi Capitals. She is known for her admirable leadership skills as a captain and extraordinary batting abilities. Lanning scored 84 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Her hitting abilities and excellent match-awareness skills were very helpful for Delhi Capitals to play its second consecutive final of WPL. Seven-time World Champion team captain Meg Lanning successfully made Delhi Capitals two-time finalist but unfortunately did not get hands on the trophy.

  • Total runs 331
  • Innings 9
  • Strike rate 123.02
  • 50s 4
  • 6s 4
  • 4s 47

Her killing performance with the bat made her one of the 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024. Despite her outstanding leadership and efforts, Delhi Capitals could not secure the championship title.

Shafali Verma

Shafali Verma, representing Delhi Capitals in Women’s Premiere League. Shafali’s play style and outstanding performance make her one of the top 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024.

  • Total runs 309
  • Innings 9
  • Strike rate 156.85
  • 50s 3
  • 6s 20
  • 4s 27

Her success in WPL can be attributed to her dedication and skills. She is a valuable asset to the team and proves to be a key member by scoring amazing runs in just nine innings.

Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana was the leader of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team in WPL. She is known as the Indian batting queen. People know her for hitting the ball hard and making strong cuts. Smriti Mandhana’s batting style is truly captivating to witness. Her ability to play innings and to access the conditions makes her a valuable asset for the RCB. After the heartbreaking first WPL season, the Royal Challengers Bangalore made an exceptional comeback in 2nd WPL season by lifting the trophy. Mandhana impressed everyone with her batting and leadership skills.

  • Total runs 300
  • innings 10
  • Strike rate 133.93
  • 50s 2
  • 6s 10
  • 4s 40

Her success in WPL 2024 is due to her exceptional leadership skills, consistent batting performances, and key role in guiding RCB to victory in the tournament. Therefore, his name is in the list of 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024.

Deepti Sharma

Deepti Sharma, representing UP Warriors, surprised everyone with her remarkable performance. She is mainly known for her great bowling skills and aggressive batting style, which often surprises bowlers. Deepti is undoubtedly a valuable asset for the UP Warriors. She also rotates the strike well which puts pressure on the fielding side. Have a look at her killing performance.

  • Total runs 295
  • Innings 8
  • Strike rate 136.57
  • 50s 3
  • 6s 8
  • 4s 34

Sharma’s success in WPL 2024 cannot be denied. Her all-around contributions, milestone achievements, and consistent influence for UP Warriorz make her a standout player in the league. Her outstanding batting performance in this season of WPL makes Deepti Sharma one of the top 5 Best Batters of WPL 2024.


Many talented players showed their superb performances in the Women’s Premiere League this year. Every player plays at their best, but the list of the top 5 best batters of WPL 2024 dominated the run charts. They showed outstanding batting skills, can adapt to different situations, and score runs, making them true game-changers. The Women’s Premiere League is a great platform that has inspired a new generation of female cricketers worldwide to showcase their talent.

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