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WWE SmackDown May 03 Results, Grades, and Analysis

The May 3rd SmackDown went live from LDLC Arena in Lyon, France. It was the go-home show for WWE Backlash. The show featured a mega 8-women tag team match. LA Knight was in action, and A-Town Down Under defended its WWE Tag Team Championships. Let’s review what happened on the SmackDown show hours before the Backlash premium live event. Let’s dive into WWE SmackDown May 03 Results.

8-Women Tag Team Match

CTRL with Tiffany Stratton faced Bayley, Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi. Kairi suffered a dropkick from Naomi and a moonsault from Belair. Bayley tagged herself in, but Belair was not very happy. Tiffany delivered a spinebuster on Bayley for a near fall. Damage CTRL and Stratton had their turns in beating up Bayley. Tiffany landed an acrobatic elbow on the Champ’s face. Bayley fought back with a dropkick. 

Jade Cargill was tagged in, and she landed a pump kick on Kairi, a chokeslam on Asuka, and a backbreaker on Kai. Cargill hit a powerbomb on Sane and slammed Belair onto her for a two-count. In the end, Belair delivered a KOD to Kai for the victory. 

Winners: Bayley, Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill

Grades: B-

Analysis: It was a fun match to kick off things. The French crowd was awesome. There were some tensions between Bayley and Bianca, maybe for a future storyline. WWE had some big plans for the women’s division finally.

Backstage: Bianca and Jade were confident about their match at Backlash.

 Carmelo Hayes declared himself for the King of the Ring tournament

AOP vs New Catch Republic

Credit: SESCoops

Pete Dunne started with multiple dropkicks on Akam. Bate went for a European Uppercut, but Akam took him out with a clothesline. Later, Tyler landed a cannonball outside of both Akam and Rezar. Back in the ring, Bate landed an elbow drop off the top rope. Dunne and Bate tried to keep AOP down with dropkicks. Bate did the airplane spin with Rezar on his shoulders. Bate landed a shooting star, followed by Dunne’s running knee. Akam saved the match for his team. Scarlett and Karrion Kross interfered. Dunne took Kross out with a splash to the floor. In the ring, AOP was ready, and they slammed Pete onto the mat for the win. 

Winners: AOP

Grades: B

Analysis: New Catch Republic was awesome in this match. AOP can do some good for the tag team division if booked properly. It looks like they are testing new stuff with the Final Testament. 

Backstage: Paul Heyman requested Nick Aldis to pull Randy and KO out of their match tomorrow night on Backlash. Heyman said that anything happening to Orton and Owens tomorrow by the hands of Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga would be on Aldis. Paul said he hasn’t talked to The Tribal Chief since WrestleMania XL. The Bloodline is still relevant even in the absence of the Tribal Chief.

WWE SmackDown May 03 Results For The RKO Show


Randy Orton and Kevin Owens entered a huge crowd ovation. Owens spoke in French and welcomed everyone to the RKO Show. KO said that Paul Heyman has requested to be a guest on the show and has something to tell them. Heyman came out and called himself WWE’s Undisputed Wise Man. The fans chanted, “RKO”. Heyman stood on the apron and said there won’t be an RKO tonight.

The crowd chanted, “We want Roman”. Heyman said that he wants Roman, too. Paul told Orton and Owens that he had the utmost respect for them and he wanted to do them a favor. Heyman told them to back out from their match against Solo and Tama. Randy called Heyman the biggest piece of trash in the industry. Sikoa and Tonga attacked from behind. WWE Officials came to break things up. Orton and Owens took out everyone to stand tall in the end. 

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a good segment. Heyman has just warned Orton and Owens of what will come tomorrow night at Backlash. They also continued the discussions regarding tensions within The Bloodline. 

LA Knight vs Angel Garza

Knight started with a shoulder tackle, clothesline, and a swinging neck-breaker. Knight landed a Suplex for a two-count. Humberto interfered to give Garza the advantage. However, Knight crashed into him with a clothesline. Knight hit him with a power slam and a jumping elbow drop. Knight wasted no time and delivered a BFT for the victory. 

Knight declared himself for the King of the Ring tournament. Escobar said that Knight would keep talking and Santos would be the King of the Ring. Knight said his catchphrase with everybody saying LA Knight, yeah. 

Winner: LA Knight

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a short match to give fans the taste of the Megastar, LA Knight. The King of the Ring Tournament keeps getting excited. 

Backstage: Carlito said he wanted a WrestleMania moment with his family, the LWO, but Rey chose Dragon Lee. As he was talking, Lee attacked him from behind. WWE Officials prevented further chaos.

A-Town Down Under vs Street Profits

Credit: UMi mashups

Dawkins landed a spinning back elbow on Waller. Ford followed it up with a dropkick. Montez slammed Waller with a Rock Bottom. Dawkins hit a Swanton on Waller. Montez took out Theory and Waller with a flying senton to the outside. Back in the ring, Ford hit Theory with a springboard back elbow off the top rope for a two-count. Waller delivered a dropkick to Dawkins. 

Street Profits hit the Blockbuster on Theory for a near fall. Theory raked Dawkins in the eyes, and the referee checked on him. In the meantime, Waller hit a flatline on Ford. Theory pinned Montez to retain their titles. 

Winners: A-Town Down Under

Grades: B-

Analysis: It was a fun match, and A-Town Down Under had their first defense successful. They will have a lengthy reign as the WWE Tag Team champions because they have a nice chemistry together. 

AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes Face-to-Face

WWE Backlash 2024 Predictions

Cody and AJ made their entrances. The crowd was hot for Rhodes. Styles said that Cody is more focused on the crowd than his opponent. Rhodes told Styles that he grew up watching him. AJ said he might be older than Cody but is still in his prime. Cody talked about his journey of coming back to WWE after years of hiatus. Styles said that Cody had legends with him to finish the story. Styles said he’ll beat Cody tomorrow to capture the Undisputed WWE Title and remind everyone that he’s Phenomenal. 

Cody said AJ would be phenomenal forever, but he would look at him as his first challenger. Styles raised his fingers for the Too Sweet gesture. Cody did the same, too. AJ slapped Rhodes and left the ring. Backstage, we cut to Solo and Tama fighting with Randy and Kevin to close the show. 

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a solid segment to cap off the Friday Night SmackDown. Things are heated between Styles and Rhodes. Although we have already declared Rhodes as the winner of the WWE Backlash 2024 Predictions, it will be a surprisingly exciting match. The final shot was great, where we saw The Bloodline in a brawl against Orton and Owens. 

Overall, it was a decent show from Lyon, France. Things are hyped up for WWE Backlash. 

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