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WWE RAW May 06 Results, Grades, and Analysis

The May 06 edition of Monday Night Raw went live from XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The show featured the fallout of the Backlash premium live event. The King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring tournaments started. Let’s review everything that happened on WWE Raw in this WWE Raw May 06 Results, Grades, and Analysis. 

Judgment Day kicked off Raw

The show opened with Judgment Day as Priest entered the ring after retaining his championship at WWE Backlash 2024. The crowd was booing. Priest said the crowd loves Jey Uso, as we see in France. He said it doesn’t matter as he is still the champion. Damian talked about what happened after the match. He said that he lost his cool. The World Heavyweight Champion went on to apologize to Balor and McDonagh. Priest appreciated JD and called Finn his brother. They hugged in the ring, and Dominik Mysterio joined in, too. 

Priest said that Balor is the next King of the Ring. Balor shockingly announced that Drew McIntyre won’t participate in the KOTR tournament due to an injury. Finn wanted Samantha to announce him as the winner. Adam Pearce came out. He gave Balor a new opponent who was “Main Event” Jey Uso. 

Grades: B- 

Analysis: A good opening segment. They still showed Judgement Day together. Drew McIntyre’s injury news was surprising, as WWE had advertised him before. 

Jey Uso vs Finn Balor

Credit: Reddit

It was the King of the Ring tournament’s first-round match. After some early offense, Fin landed a basement dropkick for a two-count. Jey started to fight back, but Balor kept him down with chops and a shoulder tackle. Uso connected with a suicide dive at ringside. Balor sent Jey into the ring post and over to the commentary table.

Uso hit Balor with multiple YEET punches. Balor hit a snap mare and a basement dropkick for a near fall. Uso landed a cross-body block. Balor countered the running hip attack with a vicious clothesline. Uso delivered an uppercut and a superkick. Balor landed a Woo Dropkick and went for Coup de Grace. Uso moved away and hit a spear for a near fall. 

Drew McIntyre came out through the crowd. Balor took advantage of the distraction and delivered a Slingblade. Finn charged towards Uso, but Jey countered it with a Spear for the win. McIntyre entered the ring, but Uso left. Drew wasn’t happy.

Winner: Jey Uso

Grades: B

Analysis: It’s an excellent matchup to kick off the King of the Ring tournament. Balor’s journey ended before getting started. This will undoubtedly impact his relations with Judgment Day. 

Parking Lot: Drew McIntyre wasn’t happy. He told Pearce that he would have fought with a taped-up arm. Pearce said that they can’t take risks. McIntyre left in his car. CM Punk arrived in a sports car and asked about McIntyre. Pearce told him that he was late and McIntyre had left. 

CM Punk called out Drew McIntyre

Return of CM Punk to WWE
Credit: © Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

CM Punk entered the ring. He apologized to the crowd for showing up late. Punk said that he came here to fight Drew McIntyre. He noted that McIntyre would be stopped at a red light and scrolling on Twitter. So, Punk told everyone to tweet that Punk was in the building. If McIntyre is not a coward, he will be back to get the beating he deserves. 

Punk told a story about January. He said that McIntyre injured him. He cried and thought that Drew ruined his WrestleMania dreams. But soon enough, Punk realized that McIntyre didn’t ruin his WrestleMania dreams. Instead, Drew delayed his WrestleMania dreams. Punk called himself a five-tool player who can do commentary at WrestleMania. 

Punk said that Drew prayed for his injury, but he was injured and lost the title. Punk said he would break his face first and then his heart whenever McIntyre approached him. Punk said that McIntyre fears him. The Best in the World referred to Glasgow and said he’d get McIntyre there.

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a fantastic promo from CM Punk. This feud is cooking without any physical altercation between these two. The reference to Glasgow hints that we might see these two collide at Clash at the Castle.

Iyo Sky vs Natalya 

Credit: WWE

It was the first-round match in the Queen of the Ring tournament. Damage CTRL was at ringside for this. After a bit of arm wrenching, Natalya delivered a Northern Lights suplex. Sky escaped the Sharpshooter. Natalya slammed Iyo into the apron for a two-count. Soy fought back with a springboard missile dropkick for a near fall. 

Natalya delivered a scoop slam and a top-rope superplex for a near fall. Sky replied with a double stomp and a basement dropkick for a two-count. Natalya hit a sit-out powerbomb. In the end, Sky landed a double knee strike in the corner, followed by an Over-the-mosquitosault for victory. 

Dakota talked after the match. She said that she’ll take over Monday Night Raw. Kai told us about Asuka’s injury and said she would replace The Empress in the Queen of the Ring tournament. She put Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill, as well as Becky Lynch, on notice. 

Winner: Iyo Sky

Grades: B-

Analysis: Iyo Sky got the expected win in a decent match. The promo from Kai after the game was impressive, and it is clear that WWE hasn’t given up on Damage CTRL without Bayley. 

Ilja Dragunov vs Ricochet 

Credit: WWE

The King of the Ring tournament continued with this one. After a bit of back-and-forth, Dragunov landed an enzuigiri. Ricochet replied with a flying knee strike to the face. Ricochet landed a flying clothesline, followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Dragunov landed back-to-back German Suplexes. Ilja hit a German Suplex on the floor, followed by a springboard missile dropkick for a two-count. 

Ricochet landed a top rope hurricanrana. Ilja rolled to the outside. Ricochet delivered two suicide dives followed by a corkscrew plancha to the outside. Ilja hit a Constantine Special in the ring followed by a top-rope splash for a two-count. Dragunov landed stiff chops, but Ricochet replied with a superkick. Ricochet hit Ilja with a Death Valley Driver and a Lionsault for a near fall. Ricochet delivered a poisonrana, but Dragunov came back with a powerbomb followed by an H-Bomb. 

Ricochet caught Ilja and delivered the Recoil for a near fall. Dragunov landed a brutal superplex and another H-Bomb for the victory. 

Winner: Ilja Dragunov 

Grades: A

Analysis: Amazing match between Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov. The crowd was on fire as the match proceeded. Dragunov has advanced in the KOTR tournament. 

Zoey Stark vs Ivy Nile

Credit: WWE

Next up was a match from the Queen of the Ring tournament. Ivy Nile delivered a clothesline and a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Zoey replied with a springboard missile dropkick for a two-count. Nile landed a super bulldog from the top rope for a near fall. Stark landed a superplex and a slam. Zoey hit Ivy with the Z-360 for the win. 

Winner: Zoey Stark

Grades: C-

Analysis: A dull match between Zoey Stark and Ivy Nile. It looked lackluster at times. Zoey Stark advanced in the tournament. 

Backstage: R-Truth wanted to have a champion vs champion match against a basketball team. 

– Balor apologized for his loss in the KOTR tournament match. Priest said that he was still the Prince. Damian told JD to take care of Braun Strowman. Dominik came with Carlito, who wanted help from Judgment Day against LWO. 

Chad Gable vs Bronson Reed

Credit: Sonyliv

Reed landed a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Gable fought back with a German Suplex for a near fall of his own. Reed hit a senton splash. Gable delivered an amazing exploder superplex from the top rope. Sami Zayn ran down to the ring and attacked Gable. Zayn sent Reed to the outside with a clothesline. Gable landed a German Suplex on Sami. Soon, Zayn replied with an exploder suplex in the corner. Reed hit a Uranage on Sami, followed by one on Gable. 

Winner: Chad Gable via DQ.

Grades: B

Analysis: WWE is wisely keeping these three in the mix for the Intercontinental Championship. It looks like a triple-threat match is on the way. 

WWE Raw May 06 Results for Becky Lynch’s Interview

Credit: Post Wrestling

The crowd welcomed the Women’s World Champion, Becky Lynch, with a nice ovation. Cole asked her about her future opponents after the draft. Lynch mentioned Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, Kiana James, Lyra Valkyria, and Zelina Vega. On a question about the WrestleMania loss, she said the better woman won that day. But she won the title in a battle royal against 14 other superstars.  

Liv Morgan cut her off. She remembered her accolades and said she had defeated Nia Jax last week. Liv demanded her title opportunity, and Lynch gave it to her at the premium live event of the King and Queen of the Ring Tournament. Morgan said it’s part of her Revenge Tour to beat Lynch to capture the Women’s World Championship. 

Damage CTRL interfered. As they went for the attack, Liv Morgan, who was first portrayed as she was with Lynch, walked away. Lyra Valkyria made the save for Becky. 

Grades: B-

Analysis: It was a fine segment where Becky put over some younger talents. Becky will defend her title against Morgan in Saudi PLE in three weeks.

Dakota Kai vs Lyra Valkyria

Credit: WWE

It was another bout in the Queen of the Ring tournament. Lyra hit an arm drag and a hip toss. Valkyrie hit an enzuigiri and a Northern Lights suplex. Kai took control and delivered a boot to the head. Valkyria delivered a flying cross-body block followed by a fisherman’s suplex for a near fall. Lyra landed some forearms, but Kai laid her out with a big boot. Dakota hit a Scorpion Kick. Valkyria finally delivered the Nightwing for the victory.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria 

Grades: C

Analysis: A short match. Valkyria ruled the match and looked good. Lyra advanced in the tournament.

Gunther vs Sheamus 

Credit: WWE

The night’s main event was another bout in the King of the Ring tournament. Sheamus faced his arch nemesis, the Ring General, Gunther. After a bit of tussle, they started exchanging brutal chops. Sheamus hit a back suplex. Gunther replied with some chops and a big boot. On the apron, Gunther went for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus escaped and went for his own 10 Beats. Gunther escaped, too, and landed a vicious lariat. Sheamus landed a backbody drop on the apron, followed by a flying shoulder tackle. Sheamus’ chest was already red.

Gunther chopped Sheamus in the neck and applied the neck vice. Sheamus absorbed Gunther’s chops and hit an Irish Curse backbreaker. Gunther soon laid him out with a lariat for a two-count. Sheamus successfully delivered the White Noise for a near fall. Sheamus landed a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. The Celtic Warrior delivered the Beats of the Bodhran that counted to 17. Gunther avoided the Brogue Kick and distracted the referee. Kaiser took the moment to deliver a dropkick. The referee realized what had happened and ejected Kaiser from ringside. 

Gunther continued the attack on the leg. Sheamus fought back with a clothesline. He went for Celtic Cross, but his knee gave out. Instead, Sheamus landed the Kneecap for a near fall. Gunther delivered a Powerbomb and applied the leg crab. Later, Sheamus caught him on the ropes and hit a massive Celtic Cross for a near fall. Gunther landed a German Suplex, but Sheamus immediately popped up and landed a Kneecap. The Celtic Warrior followed it up with the Brogue Kick for a near fall. Gunther applied the single-leg crab to submit Sheamus and advance in the King of the Ring tournament.

Winner: Gunther

Grades: A

Analysis: It is an absolute banger to close out the show. Sheamus and Gunther have a great chemistry together. Gunther advanced in the King of the Ring tournament. Sheamus’ direction seems unclear in the future.

Overall, it was an awesome Monday Night Raw after Backlash. The road to King and Queen of the Ring Tournament PLE is underway. Tonight’s show featured top-quality wrestling matches. Ricochet, Dragunov, Gunther, and Sheamus delivered top-notch performances. 

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