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WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results, Grades, and Analysis | Shocking Appearance of Punk

WWE NXT presented the Deadline premium live event from Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was the last ever WWE PLE in 2023 and featured two traditional Iron Survivor Challenges. The NXT Title and North American Title were on the line, and we saw a steel cage match from the women’s division. Let’s delve into the complete results from the WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results.

Kick-Off Show: Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

The match was featured on the Kick-Off show. It began in a fast-paced sequence with takedowns, covers, and brief holds. We saw chops’ exchanged. There was a snap suplex, an Octopus hold, and a Cobra Clutch. Axiom delivered an inverted DDT and a German Suplex for a near fall. Axiom delivered an amazing Orihara Moonsault. 

Frazer delivered the Final Cut for a two-count. He went for a Phoenix Splash, but Axiom escaped. Then, we saw a sequence of kicks. In the end, a Spanish Fly followed by Golden Ratio brought the win for Axiom. It was only kickoff match to discuss in our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results.

Winner: Axiom

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a fun encounter. It was not the best of their matches, but it was great. The two superstars tried to focus on storytelling around Frazer’s possible heel turn. 

CM Punk on NXT

Return of CM Punk to WWE
Credit: © Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The main show started with Shawn Michaels, who welcomed fans and asked, Are You Ready? CM Punk’s theme music hit, and he made his way to the ring. Punk said anything is possible, as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart made up, and he and Triple H made up, too. Then he asked the same question: Which brand would I sign with? An NXT chant broke up. The best thing to discuss in WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results is that Punk can join this brand to work with youngsters. Punk hugged Michaels, and the segment was over. It was great seeing that WWE is presenting the possibility of CM Punk being signed with NXT.

Grade A

Dominik Mysterio vs Dragon Lee

Rey Mysterio joined the commentary team for this match. Early on, Dragon was dominant. He delivered tope con giro to the outside, followed by a running kick inside for a near fall. Lee used the Fujiwara Armbar, but the champion escaped. Dominik started to get some momentum. He delivered body slams and whipped Lee across the corner.

Lee delivered a Tree of Woe double stomp to the outside. Both men were on the floor and barely escaped the double countout. Then, Lee did some superkicks, followed by another double stomp. Cover, but Dom got his hand on the rope. Tenryu Powerbomb from Dominik for a near fall. The champion was kicked out of the Liger Bomb. An Asai DDT by Dragon Lee, and he is your new NXT North American Champion. Lee and Rey celebrated after the match. Appearence of Rey in this match gave more focus to WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results.

Winner: Dragon Lee

Grades: B+

Analysis: These two have faced each other a couple of times and have great chemistry, which was on full display in this match. Dominik has improved very much in the ring. Dragon Lee has captured his first-ever Title. In our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Prediction, we went for Dom’s victory which did not happen here.

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

The contestants included Tiffany Stratton, Blair Davenport, Kelani Jordan, Lash Legend, and Fallon Henley. The winner will get a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship.

Fallon Henley and Blair Davenport started the match. These two were involved in headlocks, takedowns, and mat slams. Tiffany Stratton entered the match in 3rd position. Davenport and Stratton teamed up against Henley. They assaulted Fallon, but the alliance was soon broken as Tiffany superkicked Blair. Tiffany with an Alabama Slam on Henley. Blair broke the pin and stole it for herself. Blair Davenport earns the first fall.

Kelani Jordan was next to enter the match. She came up stronger and took others down. Jordan with a split-legged moonsault, but Stratton broke up the pin. Henley came to life and delivered a sliding elbow on Tiffany, followed by a facebuster. A kick and Henley pinned Stratton. First fall for Henley. 

Lash Legend enters fifth in the match right into the Tower of Doom. Lash earned two falls by pinning Tiffany and Fallon at the same time. Great action sequences in between. Another fall for Blair Davenport after a double stomp. We saw a Finlay Roll from Tiffany followed up by the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Tiffany earned herself a fall. 

Kelani delivered a massive 450 splash off the top rope. Then, we saw submission exchanges. Davenport earned her 3rd fall with a lateral press pin. Soon, the timer was up, and Davenport won the Iron Survivor Challenge. 

After the match, she grabbed a microphone and said that she’d win the NXT Women’s Title at New Year’s Evil. The champion, Lyra Valkyria, confronted her. Cora Jade returned and took out Valkyria. Jade posed with the Title. 

Winner: Blair Davenport

Grades: B+

Analysis: The match was awesome. The post-match angle was quite intriguing. Cora Jade returned as was expected. It looks like we will be getting a three-way feud for the NXT Women’s Title. 

Carmelo Hayes vs Lexis King

Hayes denied the handshake and went on to attack Lexis early on. King also had some assault at ringside. In the middle, King offered another handshake. Melo accepted it this time but flipped a bird and delivered a headbutt to King. The match was short, and Melo got the win. King got a mic after the match and said that he didn’t attack Trick Williams. He just wanted to have a PLE match.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

Grades: C-

Analysis: It was a dull match and looked like WWE wasted Carmelo Hayes. King never looked like a major threat to Melo. The post-match angle was trash, too, as King said he took the blame just to have a PLE match. This match was utter disappointment to write in our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results.

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge

The participants included Bron Breaker, Dijak, Josh Briggs, Trick Williams, and Tyler Bate. The winner will be the number 1 contender for the NXT Title. Dijak and Briggs started. Two big men had nice action sequences. Dijak earned the first fall with a chokeslam. 

Tyler Bate entered next. He started with some offense and delivered an exploder suplex. Briggs took him out of the penalty box. Josh earned a fall with a lariat on Dijak. Trick Williams entered next. He delivered heel kicks and lariats to start. Double neckbreakers and a dual pin attempt, but in vain. Tyler Bate earned another fall with a Tyler Driver ’97 on Williams. 

Bron Breakker entered at last. He delivered raining spears. Breakker got his first fall with a spear on Briggs, the second fall with a spear on Bate, and the third fall with a spear on Dijak. In one spot, Williams took out all four other men with a plancha to the outside. Dijak got the fall on Trick. Tyler Bate delivered a massive Liger Bomb on Dijak and earned his third fall. We saw a double chokeslam on Bate by Dijak and Briggs, followed by a double moonsault. Dijak’s moonsault on Williams earned him a fall. Josh’s moonsault on Bron earned him a fall. 

Bate delivered a tornado DDT on Dijak. There was a big chokeslam by Dijak on Breaker through the announcer’s table. Then, it was a pinfall fest by Williams. He earned his four falls in minutes, pinning Briggs, Bate, Dijak, and Breakker. The timer was up, and Trick won with four total falls.

Winner: Trick Williams

Grades: A

Analysis: It was an amazing match to write for in our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results. Trick Williams is over in the fans these days, and a win was necessary for him. 

Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James

Next up was a steel cage match between Kiana James and Roxanne Perez. The match started with dropkicks at a fast pace. We saw the use of steel. We saw a powerbomb from the bottom rope. Perez delivered Pop Rox. Perez was slow to cover, hence a kick-out. In the end, Izzi Dame interferes and smashes the cage door onto Roxanne’s face. James took the advantage and delivered a chair-assisted Codebreaker for the win. 

Winner: Kiana James

Grades: B-

Analysis: It was a fun match before the main event. Dame assisted James, so the story will seemingly continue. In our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results, we can record our protest on lackluster booking of Perez after losing the NXT women title.

Ilja Dragunov vs Baron Corbin

The match started at a slow pace. Corbin used headlocks early on to slow down the champion. Ilja came back with a German Suplex at ringside. Corbin delivered some offensive moves on the commentary desk. Baron escaped the diving senton and dropped the champion with a diving clothesline. Ilja kicked out. Dragunov countered the chokeslam with an enzuigiri and a knee trembler. Diving Senton connected this time, but slow cover allowed Corbin to kick out. 

Ilja escaped End of Days and delivered a released powerbomb. Dragunov with Coast-to-Coast, a DDT, and an H bomb. Torpedo Moskau connected, and the champion was retained. After the match, Trick Williams reminded him that he was next. 

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a decent match. Corbin looked very improved in the ring. Ilja was awesome, and he retained. It was the last match to discuss in our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results.

It was a fine show overall. Let us know if you like our WWE NXT Deadline 2023 Results, Winners, Grades, and Analysis.

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