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Top 5 Wrestlers with Most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

The Royal Rumble is a time-honored tradition in WWE, with numerous superstars gracing the ring. However, among them, these five individuals have significantly etched their names in history by eliminating the highest number of competitors from the match. Let’s see top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

Wrestlers With Most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

Kane has 46 Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

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The Brothers of Destruction stands at the pinnacle of the list for the most Rumble eliminations. This revelation is hardly surprising given their illustrious careers spanned multiple decades and generations. Kane stands out, often recognized for his commanding displays in Royal Rumble matches. Despite his remarkable kayfabe achievements, a Royal Rumble victory always remained just out of reach, unlike his fictional sibling.

The Big Red Machine boasts the highest number of eliminations across all Royal Rumbles with an impressive count of 46 and holds the record for the most Rumble appearances at 20. Kane’s crowning moment occurred in 2001, where he showcased his prowess by enduring for over 50 minutes and eliminating 11 other contenders. Making it to the final two, he ultimately succumbed to elimination at the hands of the eventual winner, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. With a magnificent record in elimination, Kane is one of the top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

The Undertaker has 40 Eliminations in Royal Rumble History


The Undertaker fulfills all the conditions to be in the top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History. The Undertaker stands as one of the most iconic figures in the history of professional wrestling, renowned for his unparalleled legacy. While he is best remembered for maintaining the longest undefeated streak at WrestleMania, it’s worth noting that even the Deadman sought opportunities to vie for the world title on the grand stage.

Over his extensive career spanning decades, the Deadman graced the Royal Rumble ring in 11 instances, showcasing his prowess by eliminating a total of 40 competitors. However, it took considerable time for the Phenom to secure an individual victory in the Rumble. The turning point came in the 2007 edition, where Undertaker made a dramatic entrance as the 30th participant and accomplished the unprecedented feat of winning the Rumble from that coveted position. This triumph paved the way for him to capture the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23, prevailing over Batista in a historic showdown. The Undertaker is one of the 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

Shawn Micheals has 39 Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

Credit: WWE

Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid, emerged as a standout performer in the early years of the Royal Rumble match. In a remarkable feat, Michaels won in two consecutive Rumble matches in 1995-96, entering at numbers 1 and 18, respectively. Across his impressive 12 appearances in the Rumble, he amassed a substantial 39 eliminations. Notably, in 1995, Michaels won the match from the first entry position, lasting nearly 40 minutes alongside British Bulldog, who entered second and was the last to be eliminated.

While Michaels experienced several Rumble matches without any eliminations, his two victories significantly contributed to his overall count. Even in his final appearance in 2010, the iconic Mr. WrestleMania left an enduring legacy with six additional eliminations, further solidifying his impressive Rumble track record. Experienced WWE wrestler Shan Micheal is one of the Top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has 36 Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

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Steve Austin is widely recognized for holding the record for the most victories in the Royal Rumble, but his prominence also extends to having a substantial number of eliminations. The Texas Rattlesnake boasts an impressive count of 36 eliminations and has secured victory in the Rumble thrice throughout his career. Notably, he maintains the highest average of eliminations per match, achieving an outstanding six in just six Rumble appearances.

In his inaugural victory in 1997, Austin showcased his prowess by achieving his highest number of eliminations in a single match, with a remarkable tally of 10 participants. The following year, he continued his stellar performance with another triumph, eliminating seven more contenders. Steve Austin stands out as one of the few wrestlers to clinch victory in two consecutive Royal Rumble matches, further solidifying his status as a legendary figure in the wrestling world. That is why Steve Austin is among the Top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

Brawn Strowman has 35* Eliminations in Royal Rumble History

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The Monster Among Men remains the sole active member of the WWE roster among the mentioned superstars, indicating a potential for even higher rankings in the coming years. Braun Strowman stands out as one of the rare wrestlers who never received a guaranteed title shot despite winning the Royal Rumble. His victory in the 2018 “Greatest Royal Rumble” in Saudi Arabia, where he secured a cup and a special belt after the match, contributed to his impressive tally of 35 eliminations across six Rumble appearances.

Notably, Braun Strowman shares the record for the most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble match, with one of the best UFC heavyweights Fighter, Brock Lesnar accomplishing this feat in the same special event in Saudi Arabia by eliminating 13 competitors. His debut in the Rumble in 2016 showcased his strength from the outset, as he also led in eliminations in that particular match. Braun Strowman is undoubtedly on the list of the Top 5 Wrestlers with most Eliminations in Royal Rumble History.

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