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Top Weekly News of FA Cup 2023-24

Many interesting things happened in the last week of FA Cup 2023-24 which became the Weekly News of FA Cup. The 4th round of the FA Cup became more interesting after the matches that happened last week. Eight slots are available in the 4th round of the FA Cup and 16 teams will compete to capture these 8 spots in the next week. The most successful club in terms of winning FA Cup has eliminated from the FA Cup. The last week of the FA Cup was full of exciting news. Let’s see the Weekly News of FA Cup 2023-24 of last week.   

FA Cup’s 3rd Round Replay

Weekly News of FA Cup

Total 24 clubs have qualified for the 4th round of FA Cup 2023-24. The 3rd round replay of the FA Cup will be important because 16 teams will compete for the 8 remaining slots of the 4th round of FA Cup 2023-24.The 3rd round replay of the FA Cup will begin on 17th January. It will bring more exciting Weekly News of the FA Cup when these matches will happen.  

Which team can qualify for 4th round in the remaining slots of the FA Cup  

The 3rd round replay will be the knockout for all the clubs. That is why it is the top Weekly News of the FA Cup. Here is the prediction of 8 clubs that can qualify for the 4th round of the FA Cup.  

1 Wolves  

The first match of the FA Cup 3rd round replay will be played between Wolves and Brentford. Since 2013, Out of 16 games that both clubs have played against each other, Wolves won 8 and Brentford won 4 games. Four games ended in a draw between them.   

2 Bolton  

Out of 37 games both clubs played against each other, Bolton won 17 and Luton won 10 games. Ten games between them ended with a draw.   

3 Hull City  

Hull City won 11 out of 23 games between Hull City and Birmingham. Birmingham only managed to win 6 games and 6 games ended with a draw.  

4 Eastleigh  

Eastleigh won 6 out of 11 games against Newport Country. Newport County won 4 and the remaining 1 game ended on draw.  

5 West Ham  

In the recent 4 matches between West Ham and Bristol City, West Ham won 1 and Bristol won 0. The remaining 3 matches between them were drawn.  

6 Nottingham Forest  

Since 2005, both clubs played a total of 22 games. Out of 22 games 12 games were drawn and 10 games were won by both clubs equally. This game has become Weekly News of FA Cup after the incredible record of both clubs against each other. 

7 Norwich  

Since 2007, both clubs played 18 games against each other. Norwich won 10 games and Bristol won 5 games. The remaining 3 games ended with a draw.  

8 Everton  

In the recent 25 games between Everton and Crystal Palace, Everton won 11 games. Crystal Palace won 4 games and 10 games ended with the draw.  

Liverpool beat Arsenal in 3rd Round

Comeback of Arsenal in 2023
Credit: Arsenal

One of the most successful clubs in England, Liverpool beat Arsenal in the 3rd round match on 7th January. The most successful club of FA Cup, Arsenal’s journey of FA Cup 2023-24 ended by losing against Liverpool. The elimination of Arsenal in 3rd round of the FA Cup is surely the biggest Weekly News of FA Cup as the Arsenal Team Made a Strong Comeback in 2023.  Liverpool will play 4th round match on 28th January.   

Man United Qualified for the 4th Round of the FA Cup   

Man United has very disappointing 2023-24 season in every major football league. Man United failed to qualify for the round of 16 of UCL 2023-24 after finishing bottom in Group A. Man United successfully qualified for the 4th round of the FA Cup beating Wigan Athletic on 9th January. Man United will play its 4th round match on 28th January. This is the top Weekly News of FA Cup for Man United fans.  

The Most Successful Team Eliminated from the FA Cup  

One of the biggest Weekly News of FA Cup is that Arsenal has been eliminated from FA Cup 2023-24. Arsenal won 14 titles of FA Cup which is the most by any club till today. Arsenal lost against Liverpool on 7th January. It will be very sad news for Arsenal’s fans.  

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