Top 10 Active Batsmen of the World in 2024

Cricket consists of three major departments: batting, bowling, and fielding. If any player or team has full command on these three skills of cricket, then no one can stop him/it from becoming the next big thing in cricket. But in recent era, batters got more recognition than any cricket player.   

After giving more favor to batters, batting becomes easier for batters. But doing batting all over the world on different pitches is a challenging thing. The top 10 active batsmen are capable of doing this task efficiently. Let’s check the list of top 10 active batters.  

Travis Head

Explosive left-handed Australian batsman, Travis Head has made an excellent contribution to Australia in international cricket. His crucial innings helped Australia to win 2 important ICC trophies in 2023. Unfortunately for Indian fans, both innings came against India in the final of WTC 23 and CWC 23.

His excellent skill in handling pressure in crucial stages of the game made him one of the top 10 active batsmen in the world of cricket. Due to his excellent performances, Travis Head got a bid of more than 6 Crors to strengthen the squad of Sunrisers Hyderabad for IPL 2024, which made Travis return to IPL. The last IPL appearance of Travis Head in IPL was in 2017.

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 44629.818
ODI 2397 41.3 19 
Test 317341.8 13 

Daryll Mitchell

Daryll Mitchell, a strong middle-order player of New Zealand, has performed excellently in recent international cricket for New Zealand. Daryll was among the top runs scorers of CWC 23.

Daryll Mitchell is an excellent T20 player, making him one of the top 10 active batsmen in white-ball cricket right now. Daryll Mitchell was the player of the match in the semi-final of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021.

After his excellent performance in international cricket, Daryll Mitchell got an excellent bid of 8 crores in IPL, making the squad of Chennai Super Kings one of the strongest for IPL 2024.

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 1260 26.25 36 
ODI 1577 52.57
Test 1608 50.25 3
CWC 23 55269 

Yashasvi Jaiswal 

Left-hand batter Yashasvi Jaiswal was just wow in his recent test series against England. After England had a historic defeat on their home soil, India made an excellent comeback with the help of some exceptional innings by Jaiswal, making him one of the top 10 active batsmen.   

His two double centuries against England in the recent test series showed his skills and temperament as a test player. Jaiswal is yet to make a big name in white-ball cricket, but he has booked a permanent place in the test squad of the Indian cricket team. His magnificent test series against England ranks him in the Top 10 active batsmen. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 502 33.5 
ODI – – – 
Test 1028 68.5 
IPL 1196 32.3 – 

Joe Root 

Famous English batsman Joe Root’s white-ball form was average recently.  But he made an extraordinary contribution in test cricket for his side, making him one of the top 10 active batsmen.  Joe Root is the only active player to score more than 10,000 runs in test cricket.   

His crucial contribution against India in the Anthony De Mello Trophy 2024 was decent, as he scored 1 century in this tour. But his batting performance was not enough for England as the Home team won that series by 4-1. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 893 35.7 – 
ODI 6522 47.6 43 
Test 11736 49.7 

Steve Smith 

Modern test legend Steve Smith seemed off-color in the recent past. But he managed to be in the Top 10 active batsmen after having a decent test series against Pakistan and the West Indies.   

Steve Smith has made 9685 runs in test cricket with a decent average of 56. In Australia’s recent 3 test series, Steve Smith’s highest score was 91*, which came against West Indies in a historic West-Indian win at the Gabba. Steve Smith has shown the temperament and skills to cross the limits to become the most significant test batsman in Australia of the 21st century. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 1094 24.9 – 
ODI 5446 43.9 22 
Test 9685 57 
IPL 2485 34.5 – 

Shubman Gill 

The upcoming star of Indian Cricket, Shubman Gill, is breaking many records at a very young age. His recent performances in all three formats of the game make him the top candidate for the Top 10 active batsmen list.  

After scoring 80* runs in the semi-final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the performance of Shubman Gill was not as good. But he made an excellent comeback in a recent test series against England with 2 centuries and a match-winning innings of 91 runs. This performance of Shubman Gill showed his presence in the top 10 active batsmen list. Shubman Gill has the captaincy of Gujarat Titans in IPL after the departure of the former captain of Gujarat, Hardik Pandya. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 335 25.8 64 
ODI 2271 61.4 
Test 1492 35.5 20 
IPL 2829 37.2 – 

Kane Williamson 

One of the best batsmen and leaders of the New Zealand cricket team, Kane Williamson has achieved all the milestones to become one of the best batsmen of the last 10 years. In the recent past, Kane Williamson showed his experienced side to give his team an ideal result for his team.  

New Zealand is the first captain of New Zealand to take his team to 3 ICC tournament finals. Unfortunately, Kane Williamson did not get hands-on ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup trophies as he lost the final in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Records of Kane Williamson prove his well-deserved place in Top 10 active batsmen. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 2547 34 70 
ODI 6810 48.6 35 
Test 8743 55 
IPL 2101 36.2 – 

Rohit Sharma 

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma needs no introduction in cricket world. His explosive batting took the game away from the opposition. The recent performances of Rohit Sharma are just awe-inspiring. Rohit Sharma was also one of the best batsmen of CWC 2023 after scoring 597 runs in the Tournament and taking his team to the finals, making Rohit one of the top contenders of the top 10 active batsmen.   

Rohit Sharma’s performance in test cricket was average, as he did not score big runs in the recent test series against India and South Africa. Also, he got sacked as captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024. But Rohit Sharma is one of the top 10 active batsmen in white-ball cricket. 

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 3974 31.8 52 
ODI 10709 49.1 
Test 4137 45.5 
IPL 6280 29.6 

Babar Azam 

Pakistani star batsman Babar Azam has returned to his previous form after having a disaster last year. Babar Azam’s performance was average; he did not score fifty the previous year in test cricket.   

In 2024, Babar Azam returned to his recent form, scoring 1000 runs in T20 cricket before the year’s first quarter. His presence will make Pakistan cricket one of the strongest batting sides in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2024. Babar Azam is likely to return to the team as the captain of the Pakistan Cricket team. But looking at the stats one thing is confirmed, Babar Azam as one of the top 10 active batsmen in the world right now.

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 3698 41.5 
ODI 5729 56.7 
Test 3898 45.9 

Virat Kohli 

The list of top 10 active batsmen is incomplete without Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli has achieved almost everything as a batter, one of the biggest cricket players of the modern age. Virat Kohli is a permanent member of the Indian cricket team for the last 16 years. After his debut for India, Virat Kohli played a very important inning for India in every crucial situation. 

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, Virat Kohli played one of the greatest innings of his career against Pakistan. Virat won the ICC Player of the Decade award in 2020, showing his consistency in all formats for India from 2010 to 2020. Virat Kohli has won the ICC Player of the Award 6th time in his career.  

Virat Kohli was also one of the best batsmen in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 after scoring the most runs in the World Cup 2023. Virat Kohli is also the highest run-scorer in a single edition of IPL after scoring 973 runs in IPL 2016. After looking at the records of Virat Kohli, the list of the Top 10 active batsmen is incomplete without Virat Kohli.  

Format Runs Average Ranking 
T20 4037 51.8 48 
ODI 13848 58.7 
Test 8848 49.1 
IPL 7361 37.4 
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