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Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023 | Best of 2023

It’s great to hear about the ICC Awards nominations for 2024, recognizing the outstanding performances of cricketers in different categories and formats. These awards play a significant role in acknowledging the efforts and excellence demonstrated by players in international cricket. The categories cover a broad spectrum, ranging from emerging talents to seasoned players in various formats. This article will be focussing on Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023. But you can check our Prediction on Men’s ICC Awards Winners of 2023.

Emerging Women Player of the Year Award for 2023

Credit: Sky Sports

The Emerging Player Award category is a great achievement for young players to get credit for their performances. ICC has nominated four young women cricketers for this award.

Marufa Akhtar

The young Dynamic Fast bowler from Bangladesh has set high standards with her bowling. She has taken 20 wickets in the short span of her career which makes her a strong candidate for Emerging Player Award Winner. She topped the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell, a 23-year fast-medium bowler, from England, proved her talent in 2023. She picked up 22 wickets in 2023. This brilliant performance in 2023 made Bell able to get nominated for Emerging Awards by ICC. Her extraordinary performance in 2023 added her to Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023.

Darcey Carter

Darcey Carter, an English-born Scottish cricketer, stunned the whole cricketing world in 2023 with her all-around performance. Her performance tells that she has to be in Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023. She scored 255 runs and also took 16 wickets. Her outstanding fielding is also mentionable, she took 6 catches. Her abilities and talent carved her way out for the contention of the Emerging Player Award for 2023.

Phoebe Litchfield

20-year-old Australian Wicket Keeper batter showed her absolute class in 2023. She took the responsibility of the main job in the Australian team and proved her worth. She scored 660 runs and also helped the bowlers to get 8 wickets These performances from Litchfield is number one reason to be in the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023. 


Considering all the facts, Phoebe Litchfield looks like the strongest candidate for the Emerging Player Award for 2023.

Women T20I Player Award for 2023

Credit: Sky Sports

T20 internationals have become the main entertainment for cricket fans. 2023 has witnessed some amazing performances from women cricketers. Here the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023 in T20s.

Chamari Athapaththu

Srilankan veteran performed well in T20Is in 2023. Being a senior Athapaththu took the responsibility of her team in her hands. Her class was not only visible in batting but she also took 9 wickets with her medium pace bowling. Ahapaththu scored 885 in 2023. ICC nominated her for the T20I Cricketer of the Year Award for 2023 based on these performances.

Sophie Ecclestone

Sophie Ecclestone, a 24-year-old English Slow left arm spinner renowned for her accuracy and wicket-taking ability, has also been nominated for the ICC T20I Player Award. She took 45 wickets with a really good strike rate and a miserable economy in 2023. She seems to be a strong candidate for the T20I Cricketer of the Year Award, in 2023.

Hayley Mathews

23-year-old Caribbean Opener and off-spinner owned 2023 like a princess. She scored 700 runs facing new ball and scalped 19 wickets in 2023. To acknowledge her performances, The ICC has selected her for the T20I Player Award for 2023.

Ellyse Perry

The queen of modern-day women’s cricket, Perry is also in contention for the best T20I Women’s Cricket of the Year. Ellyse Perry scored 319 runs and fetched 6 wickets with her fast bowling. Experinced Australian all-rounder is in the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023 in T20s because of her outstanding performance in 2023.


Based on the performances, Sophie Ecclestone holds the strongest position of all to win the ICC T20I Cricketer of 2023 Award.

Women ODI Cricketer of the Year

Credit: ESPNCricinfo

After having a look at the nominees for the ODI Women Cricketer of the Year Award, it is evident that It would be a great contest. Who will get the throne? Who will be the queen? Here is the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023 in ODIs.

Chamari Athapaththu

Chamari Athapaththu has reigned the ODI format too along with T20Is. Chamari’s figures remained splendid during 2023. 885 Runs with the addition of 9 wickets and 5 catches is giving her complete charm to be ODI women’s cricketer of the year.

Ashleigh Gardner

58 wickets, 481 runs, and 9 catches in one year, no one else can do that but Ashleigh Gardner. She is acting as the backbone of the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. She is the hot favorite for this title.

Amelia Kerr

Amelia Kerr is Kiwi’s Right Hander batter putting up piles of runs in 2023. She scored 550+ runs and also took 8 wickets with her beautiful legging. With these performances, anyone can bet on Amelia for ODI Cricketer of the Year.

Nat Sciver Brunt

PinPoint yorkers, big hits, and absolute fielding, are the traits of Nat-Sciver Brunt. Brunt scored 894 runs and also took 9 wickets with her well-disguised medium-pace bowling. According to experts, She is the hottest contestant for this Award. Because of her performances she is definitly in the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023 in ODIs.


Looking at stats one surely can Bank on Nat-Sciver Brunt to become ODI Cricketer of the Year.

Rachel HeyHoy – Flint Award

Credit: GEO

Rachel HayHoy – Flint Award is considered the most prestigious award for women cricketers. This special category has the nominations of really special cricketers. Here is the detail

Chamari Athapaththu

Considering Chamari Athapaththu’s form and performances in 2023, one can realize why she is in every nomination for the ICC Awards.

Ashleigh Gardner

Ash has become the backbone of the Australian cricket Team. How well she has performed with both bat and bowl is simply awesome. Her numbers in 2023 justify her spot in the nominations for the Rachel HeyHo – Flint Awards.

Beth Mooney

One can say, Beth Mooney is the female version of Adam Gilcgirst. Her wicketkeeping style and her drives especially her Square leg Pull shot resemble a lot with her Ideal. She Scored 1040 runs in 2023 and took 12 catches behind the wicket. Because of her magnificant performance in 2023, she is in the list of Prediction of Women ICC Award Winners for 2023.

Nat Sciver Brunt

Brunt heads the allrounder’s tally for the England cricket team. She has proved herself and her stats complement her spot in all the nominations for ICC Awards. She justifies her spot in this most prestigious Award for Women Cricketers.


This is a difficult nut to crack to predict the winner of the Rachel Hayhoy- Flint Awards. Every performer is the best, but the main contest would be between Chamari Athapaththu and Nat Sciver Brunt.

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