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How to Bowl Fast | 13 Best Guides to Increase Bowling Speed

A fast bowler needs to know how to bowl fast. Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Bowling in cricket is an art which is divided into two parts. One is fast bowling, and the other is spin bowling. The fast bowlers need to maintain their pace to stay successful in cricket. Pace plays a significant role in their effectiveness on the field. So, they must follow these tips and tricks on how to bowl fast.

Pace is a potent weapon for fast bowlers in cricket. It not only puts batsmen under constant pressure but also opens up opportunities for taking wickets and influencing the course of a match. Fast bowlers are often considered game-changers due to their ability to generate speed and create challenging situations for the opposition. You may have a good pace, but you always need some more. Without further delay, here are some tips for how to bowl fast. 

Fixing Start of Run Up

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This point is not given enough importance, although it is very important. A bowler must run up first without delivering the ball and simply count the steps he covered. Repeat it almost ten times and start delivering the ball. Bowlers can fix their run-up length and mark the beginning position when they believe they can easily convey balls without affecting their stamina. Fast bowlers must mark the beginning point on both sides of a pitch when they play on the ground.

The run-up should be estimated from the beginning area to the bowling crease. Bowlers should be consistent in their run-up. The consistency in run-ups is essential for the muscle strength. Bowlers can deliver the ball in a more precise and quicker way. A good rhythm is the reason for how to bowl fast. A bowler in good rhythm will be a great addition to any team’s success.

Fixing Jumping Point

Credit: Cricket lab

It is a great parameter to increase the Bowling Speed. Bowlers can easily fix their jumping point. Bowl a mock ball and check whether it is no ball or not. They should fix the jumping point before passing the stump. It can be related to your height. A tall bowler has a larger step measurement than a small bowler. So fix it to make it suitable for your step size. Do not hesitate after you start running as it will help in answering how to bowl fast question.

Try different strides if you feel uncomfortable in delivering your ball. It will help in bowling legal deliveries instead of delivering no balls. A bowler’s stride in a run-up should be consistent. The pacer also needs to jump moderately to avoid losing the pace. Otherwise, he will lose a healthy amount of your pace. Fast bowlers must practice a lot in nets and smooth their run-up and bowling action. 

Front Foot Landing

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Front foot landing is also a point to focus. Landing of a bowler’ front foot is such that it points towards the batsman. Bowlers must keep their weight on the toe of the back foot first as it lands first after the jump. Then, transfer this whole weight on their front foot when they deliver the ball. Ensure that the front legs remain straight and intact with their body. Do not allow it to bend at the knees.

The braced leg will generate power from the upper part of the body. The rule of inertia is used here. When bowlers suddenly stop their lower body, the upper body will provide the necessary forward force due to inertia. This force in the forward direction is the one that increases the pace. 

Use of Front Arm

Credit: Cric America

Usage of the front arm is encouraging in increasing the pace of a fast bowler. When any bowler asks a technical expert how to bowl fast, he will surely tell him to use your front arm. The front arm provides the essential pull in delivering the ball. It acts as a lever in the delivery stride. A bowler’s front arm should be above his head. Do not pull it down at the start. It will determine the speed of the bowl. A bowler’s pace will surely increase as he pulls down the front arm with high speed.

The best bowlers of World Cup 2023 are the one who used their front arm. Many young quick bowlers are inclined to pull their front arm down too soon when, as a general rule, we need this development to happen until the last minute. If it happens too soon, the front and bowling arm developments are not harmonious. Along these lines, a portion of the energy produced by the development of the front arm is lost. 

The more quickly a bowler pulls down the front arm, the more in a state of harmony he will be with the revolution of the bowling arm. This implies that a greater amount of the energy created by the front arm can be utilized to help the speed of the ball. Brett Lee powers this to happen late during his activity by broadening his front arm high into the air as his back foot lands on the wrinkle. After the high expansion happens, the arm is pulled down rapidly and strongly, which permits the bowling arm to quickly follow and do likewise, making him considerably more liable to bowl quicker.

Separation of Hip and Shoulder

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It is also an important aspect considering the fact of how to bowl fast. The difference in angle between the lower and upper parts of the body is known as separation. Stretch your muscles as much as you can easily do. Separate hip and shoulder on the bowling side of a bowler, not the opposite side. During quick bowling, the muscles behave like elastic bands. The more elastic they are the more speed they will create as quick bowlers. 

If someone notices a portion of the feared quick bowlers, he must understand that they have greater versatility. The hip and shoulder partition happens quickly. Quick hip and shoulder separation is the fundamental approach to working on the force or speed in bowling.

Making the Body Flexible

Credit: Alexandra Sports Blog

Fast bowlers should keep their body flexible if they want to bowl fast. Stretching muscles is a good way to make the bowling parts flexible before bowling. At the point when a bowler stretch, what he truly does is lengthening the muscles to set them up for actual work. Studies have shown that having an expanded degree of adaptability permits you to bowl quicker as the scope of movement is expanded. 

So, what sort of stretches would it be a good idea for fast bowlers to do? As bowling is based on numerous developments, dynamic stretches are the most fitting to remember for the pre-game/pre-practice schedule. Dynamic stretches plan to extend the muscles by presenting them to a scope of movement, rather than static stretches, which include holding a specific posture. Dynamic stretches are more important than static in the warm-up.

Strengthen the Body Parts

credit: HSS

The bowlers should have strong body parts, especially those used for bowling. Young bowlers with developing muscles and body parts need to focus on this. At a young age, bowlers need to develop their muscles so that in older age, it can work for them. A few important areas of the body where bowlers should focus are the Legs, shoulders and core. 

A fast bowler should have a strong lower body to understand the concept of how to bowl fast. The legs are an important factor in increasing or decreasing bowling pace. Bowlers bowl in different circumstances in different areas of the world or country. If their legs are not strong, then their body will be tired. It will decrease their bowling speed.

The shoulders are the part through which the main power in bowling comes. Develop the shoulder and its adjacent muscles to bowl fast. Strong shoulders guarantee an increase in pace. On the other hand, the core muscles are stabilizers in a bowling action. A strong and stable core can transfer weight and force from one part to the other. This is helpful in bowling fast.

Alignment of Body

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When bowling, keep the hips and shoulders in line with one another. This applies to people with both front-on and side-on bowling activities. A mixed action is exceptionally risky. Having an activity like this implies that the shoulders and hips of bowlers are not in line during the delivery of the ball. The upper and lower parts of the body oppose each other, resulting in high pressure on the spine. 

From the second the bowler takes off, as their back and front feet connect with the crease, and as they make the initial phase in their finish, the body should move in an orderly fashion. By maintaining your force one way during stride transition, you can easily help yourself increase your pace. It assures that the energy bowlers develop during their run-up isn’t lost and that they bowl quicker. It is also useful to avoid injuries to the bowler’s body.

To know how to bowl fast, it is important to develop the habit of an aligned body at the start of your career. It will provide bowlers with results in the latter half of your career. The bowlers must capture the clips of their bowling and then watch it closely to find their mistakes. Solve their problems by analyzing them.  

Bowl Less Bowl Effective

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To avoid muscle Injuries, the bowlers need to bowl less. Bowlers must give time to their body for recovery. If they bowl too much, their muscles will be fatigued, and they will feel joint pain. As per ECB, a bowler should not bowl more than four days a week. If they bowl more, then their pace will decrease. To bowl fast and effectively, bowlers must plan how much over they should bowl.

Wrist Position

Credit: ESPNCricinfo

This factor also works in how to bowl fast criteria. Bowlers should have a firm wrist position when they bowl a ball. It will provide them with the opportunity to get a vertical seam position. The strong wrist position is also expected to keep up with the energy acquired through the run-up. The wrist should be fixed to get better control, more swing and a high pace. It is an important element in how to bowl fast strategy.

Ball Grip for Fast Bowler

Credit: Sportzone Cricket Academy

The grip of the bowl is important in pace bowling. Put the middle and index finger alongside and parallel to the ball’s seam. The thumb will be underneath the ball to support the delivery of the ball from the hand. Ball grip is also essential to swing the ball. A firm grip will give you answers for how to bowl fast. 

Smooth Follow Through


Follow through is the bowler’s running period after delivering the bowl. It is an overlooked subject for many bowlers but it has its importance in how to bowl fast. It is good to have an organized follow-through. Ensure that the bowling back leg is pushed through the crease. The finish is the part of the bowling activity that bowlers might not feel critical of, but it is. 

The bowlers must not lose momentum after releasing the ball from their hand. Carrying that momentum with them in their follow-through is a good way to stay safe. This idea of proceeding with the energy a bowler created during the run-up has been a typical subject throughout this post on how to bowl fast. It truly is significant if bowlers need to bowl quicker. 

Self Analyzing or Hire a Coach

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For a professional bowler, analysis is the key to success. Bowlers should analyze their actions and find all the faults. After that, try to solve those matters on their own or under the guidance of an expert. 

If bowlers can afford it, then hire a coach for the complete analysis of their bowling action. Follow the instructions provided by the coach and make their bowling speed fast. 


So, do you understand how to bowl fast? Fast bowling is not a cup of tea for all the bowlers. It is very much an energy-consuming prospect. A fast bowler can bowl fast if he has the patience and zeal to bowl quicker. A smooth run-up with short strides and a high arm action is good for bowling at a higher pace. Back foot and front foot landing and upper and lower body strength are equally important in bowling fast. You must remember that if you start well, you also need to finish it well. Be Patient, rest in intervals and work on your fitness for a lengthy career as a fast bowler.

With this, we sum up our article on how to bowl fast. Hope you people enjoy it as it will be the best guide to increase bowling speed. Kindly provide us with your feedback.

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