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FIFA Club World Cup 2025 | Full Details

The FIFA Club World Cup 2025 has been announced officially from FIFA authorities but this time with some extensions. This will mark the 21st edition of the Club World Cup organized under FIFA. The tournament will be played in the United States of America. The FIFA Club World Cup will start on June 15, 2025, and end on July 13, 2025. The FIFA confirmed the competition this week. The official name for FIFA Club World Cup 2025 will be “Mundial de Clubes FIFA.”

FIFA has also announced the criteria for which clubs will be participating in FIFA Club World Cup 2025. 32 teams from 6 confederations will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams each. Some Future Stars of Football will be in action from theirclubs.

Criteria of Qualification of Clubs

The club World Cup will have 32 teams competing for the title, which will be from the six confederations. The clubs qualifying for the FIFA Club World Cup 2025 will be from the UEFA Champions League, Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Confederation of African Football (CAF), Confederation of North and Central America, and Carrebian Association Football (CONCACAF), South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC). 

The principles of slot allocation are as follows, considering competitions completed between 2021 to 2024:

  1. UEFA has the most slots, i.e., 12 slots. 
  2. AFC has 4 slots. 
  3. CAF has 4 slots. 
  4. CONCACAF has 4 slots. 
  5. CONMEBOL have 6 slots. 
  6. OFC has at least only 1 slot. 
  7. Host Country has 1 slot. 
  • UEFA and CONMEBOL have more than four slots; Entry will be granted to the winners of the confederation’s top club competition between 2021 and 2024, and other teams will be determined by a club ranking of four years. 
  • AFC, CAF, and CONCACAF have four slots; entry will be granted to the winners of the confederation’s top club competition between 2021 and 2024. 
  • OFC has only one slot; entry will be granted to the highest-ranked club among the confederation’s top competition winners between 2021 and 2024. 
  • Host Country has one slot, which will be determined later.

Confirmed Teams for FIFA Club World Cup 2025

Based on what we know about the FIFA Club World Cup qualification process, 19 out of 32 slots have already been confirmed. 

UEFA: Chelsea (England), Real Madrid (Spain), and Manchester City (England) have already qualified for Club World Cup by being the winners of the UEFA Champions League in 2021, 2022, and 2023 respectively. One slot is available for winners of UEFA Champions League 2024.

Based on UEFA’s four-year ranking, 8 clubs have already qualified that are Bayern Munich (Germany), Paris- Saint-German (France), Inter Milan (Italy), Porto (Portugal), and Benfica (Portugal). The remaining 3 slots are to be determined later.

AFC: Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) and Urwa Red Diamonds (Japan) have qualified for the Club World Cup by being the winners of the AFC Champions League 2021 and 2022, respectively. 

CAF: Al-Ahly (Egypt) and Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) have already qualified for the Club World Cup. Al-Ahly is the two-time winner of the CAF Champions League 2020-2021 and 2022-2023. Wydad Casablanca is the winner of the CAF Champions League 2021-2022. 

CONCACAF: Out of four slots in CONCACAF, three have already been filled by Monterrey (Mexico), Seattle Sounders FC (USA), and Club Leon (Mexico). 

CONMEBOL: Palmeiras, Flamengo, and Fluminense are the qualified teams by the CONMEBOL Confederation. All three clubs are from Brazil. These clubs are the winners of Copa Libertadores.

OFC: Auckland City from New Zealand has been qualified for OFC by being the Best OFC Champions League winner in the OFC four-year ranking.


The FIFA Club World Cup holds a significant place in the Football Landscape. In this blog, we have shared the clubs that have qualified and related information. Now fans are eagerly waiting for its beginning as it will celebrate the diversity of competitions. As football grows in stature, it remains a symbol of the unifying power of togetherness, bringing fans from around the globe to celebrate the sport they love. The FIFA Club World Cup 2025 will leave an incredible mark on the beautiful game. 

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