Best AEW Debuts in 2023

The CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, has kept adding many new wrestlers to AEW from the start, even if the list gets enormous. He signs famous wrestlers from the past, ex-WWE stars, and new talents from smaller shows which become Best AEW Debuts in 2023.

Fans enjoy this because it keeps the action exciting. Khan invests a lot in big contracts, making the roster thrilling. This pushes wrestlers to stay at their best. In 2023, AEW brought in some fantastic new wrestlers, ensuring things stayed fresh. Know about the best AEW debuts in 2023 in this article.

Adam Copeland

Adam Copeland, better known by his ring name Edge, is a Canadian professional wrestler, actor, and retired professional wrestling promoter.

In October 2023, AEW scored big by signing wrestling legend Adam Copeland, fulfilling a long-held goal. His debut match against Luchasaurus on AEW Dynamite was electric, followed by a standout moment teaming with Sting & Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear. 

Copeland’s arrival injected AEW with star power, boosting its reputation and appeal. With a storied WWE career and continued excellence in the ring, Copeland’s addition ensures ongoing excitement and credibility for AEW, cementing its status in the wrestling world, and making him one of the Best AEW Debuts in 2023.

Nick Wayne 

Nick Wayne is a talented musician and songwriter hailing from Portland, Oregon. At just 16, Nick Wayne signed a training period with Tony Khan, which was activated when he hit 18. Khan rapidly pushed him into the spotlight. Wayne’s July 12 debut match against Swerve Strickland on AEW Dynamite stood out, especially his heel turn aligning with Christian Cage. His involvement in the Cage-Adam Copeland storyline underscores his potential with the company.

¬†Wayne’s rapid rise at a tender age speaks for itself for his talent, signalling a bright future in wrestling. His exceptional talent made him one of the Best AEW Debuts in 2023.

Jay White

Jay White has made waves since joining AEW on April 5, delivering thrilling matches and diving into an AEW World Championship storyline. As the head of Bullet Club Gold, he’s emerged as a top-tier star. His debut match against Trent Beretta on AEW Dynamite on February 16, 2022, was just the beginning.

White’s standout moment came when he headlined AEW Full Gear, cementing his status as a leading event player. His quick rise and impactful presence underscore his significance within the promotion, promising more excitement and interest for fans in the future. Due to these achievements and skills, Jay White was included in the list of Best AEW Debuts in 2023.

Kota Ibushi

Kota Ibushi was among the Best AEW Debuts in 2023 and finally debuted on November 16. Despite assumptions because of his ties to Kenny Omega, Ibushi didn’t formally sign until 2023. His appearance in the Blood & Guts event on AEW Dynamite was a big deal for fans.¬†

Although Ibushi may not perform at his peak anymore, his arrival still thrills audiences. Speculation about his connection with Omega and suitability for AEW had long circulated. Now that he’s officially part of the roster, fans are eager to see how he influences AEW’s wrestling scene moving forward.

Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe, long anticipated in AEW, debuted on February 16 against Jay Lethal on AEW Dynamite. His participation in the Continental Classic added to the excitement. Fans had hoped for his arrival, given the success of his tag team with his brother. Despite debuting unsigned, his performance honoured his brother’s memory.

Tony Khan’s next announcement of Mark Briscoe’s AEW signing was met with great fanfare. Since then, Briscoe has consistently wowed audiences with his in-ring mastery, solidifying his place in the company. Mark Briscoe’s successes in his debut year make him one of the Best AEW Debuts in 2023.


The year 2023 witnessed the best AEW debuts. Jay White’s arrival intensified the scene, while Mark Briscoe’s debut paid homage to his brother. Adam Copeland’s signing added star power, and Kota Ibushi’s debut met long-awaited expectations. Each newcomer enriched AEW’s lineup, promising an exciting year ahead with memorable bouts and electrifying encounters. Check out the list of 7 best AEW PPV in history.

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