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5 Best Teams of XFL in 2023

Xtreme Football League, known as XFL, was started in 2004 by WWE authorities. The purpose of the XFL introduction was to make American Football more entertaining. XFL and NFL(National Football League) have some different rules. Later, Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, bought all 8 teams of XFL in 2021. So, 5 best teams of XFL came from these 8 teams that Dwayne bought from Vince McMahon.

The XFL hit a pause due to bankruptcy, but in 2023 it resumed after a long break in 2023. In 2023, XFL kicked off with eight Teams divided into two major groups. Here is the compilation of the 5 best teams of XFL as per their performance, points, head-to-head wins, team combination, and supporting staff.

Arlington Renegades

Bob Stoops, the coach from the University of Oklahoma, played a pivotal role in propelling the Arlington Renegades to the top of the initial XFL power rankings. However, their stint at the pinnacle was brief, facing challenges in maintaining a top-five position. XFL is different from NFL, so it has its own rule book.

Despite potential elimination in the South Division, the Renegades secured a playoff spot in 2023. Staging an upset in the Division title game, they stunned the Roughnecks with a commanding 26-11 victory. Now considered underdogs, they advance to the championship against the top-ranked D.C. Defenders.

Although not favored in the 2023 XFL title game, the Renegades clinched a remarkable 35-26 win, securing their second consecutive victory. Overcoming prior subpar performances, the Renegades emerged as the champions and became one of the 5 Best Teams of XFL.

D.C. Defenders

The DC Defenders began the 2023 season with promising potential, driven by the successful partnership of head coach Reggie Barlow and offensive coordinator Fred Kaiss. Their history of effective collaboration and success included a notable record of potent rushing attacks, a strength they maintained in the 2023 XFL season.

While DC showcased a robust defense, their offense stood out, featuring a formidable rushing attack with two of the season’s top-five running backs. Predicted as favorites for the North Division title, they demonstrated dominance with a convincing 37-21 victory over the Sea Dragons. That kind of attitude allow DC Defenders to feature among the 5 Best Teams of XFL.

Despite entering the playoffs and the title game as favorites, D.C. encountered an unexpected setback against Arlington. Suffering only their second defeat of the season, their typically strong defense faltered in a 35-26 loss to the Renegades, marking a disappointing end to an otherwise impressive season for D.C. Because of the performance of DC Defenders, it became one of the 5 Best Teams of XFL in 2023.

Seattle Sea Dragons

Seattle Sea Dragons gave extraordinary performance to in 5 Best Teams of XFL of 2023. Earning a noteworthy position in the initial XFL power rankings, the Seattle Sea Dragons credited their early success to the unique connections and experience of their top front office figure and coaching staff. Despite initial season struggles, they substantiated their early ranking through subsequent performances.

Led by QB Ben DiNucci, the Sea Dragons consistently ranked among the top teams, fueled by their high-powered passing game that showed the XFL in 2023. Ending the season as one of the best teams, they displayed playoff readiness with significant victories, including a notable triumph against the Battlehawks. Seattle got a well-deserved place in the 5 Best Teams of XFL.

Houston Roughnecks

In 2023, the Houston Roughnecks, under the seasoned guidance of veteran head coach Wade Phillips, continued his legacy of crafting teams with robust defenses. Despite their initial dominance, their postseason journey took an unexpected downturn in the division championship game. Surprisingly upset by the struggling Renegades with a score of 26-11, the Roughnecks were eliminated from the 2023 XFL playoffs, culminating in a disheartening end to the season.

Notably, the Roughnecks exhibited a formidable defense throughout the season, leading the league in sacks. Overcoming mid-season challenges, they concluded the year with a triumphant three-game win streak, securing the top spot in the South Division as they entered the postseason. This performance is enough to become one of the 5 Best Teams of XFL in 2023.

St. Louis Battlehawks

Like Orlando, the St. Louis Battlehawks had a coaching staff with limited experience. However, former New York Jets tight end Anthony Becht demonstrated his competence and emerged as one of the season’s standout head coaches in the XFL.

Throughout the season, the Battlehawks consistently ranked among the top teams, guided by the exceptional performance of MVP candidate AJ McCarron. Unfortunately, competing in the toughest division in the XFL, they narrowly missed securing a postseason berth despite finishing the 2023 season with an impressive 7-3 record. The excellent victories of St.Louis Battlehawks made them one of the 5 Best Teams of XFL in 2023. The good thing is that the best teams of XFL will get a chance to participate in the United Football League.

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