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7 Main Differences in XFL and NFL | Complete Knowledge of XFL Rule Book

The rise of XFL has now ignited a new debate about the differences in XFL and NFL. For understanding NFL stands for National Football League ( The National Rugby League), the classic form of Rugby throughout the world.

XFL is a new version of American Football with a change of a few rules. XFL stands for Extreme Football League. 

The history of XFL goes back to 2001, it was initiated with the collaboration of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Now, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock owns the whole XFL. The main idea of XFL was to make it more ruthless, aggressive, and entertaining. Certainly, The stakeholders have been successful in achieving this result.

Main Differences in XFL and NFL – The XFL Rulebook 

New Rules like Overtime, Coach Review, Double press Pass, and 3-point PAT Tries have increased the interest of Fans to know more about them. There are some other small changes too which are not that notable.

Here’s everything you need to know about the XFL’s rule book.

XFL Overtime Rule

One of the biggest Differences in XFL and NFL is the introduction of the New Overtime Rule, XFL has created a new fascination for its fans. Now Each team will be given three tries at a two-point conversion from their opponent’s 5-yard line, Rather than giving a full 15-minute extra period. The team with the most conversions will win the contest. In case of a tie, both teams will get a two-point conversion alternatively until a winner is decided.

XFL Coach Review Rule

Now Coaches of both teams will get a chance to review and challenge one decision in the match. Dean Balidino, The Vice President of XFL officiating and rules innovation, is asked to make sure his available to Check all the challenges and reviews. This rule will Increase the creditability and transparency throughout the tournament. XFl Coach Review Rule is interesting Differences in XFL and NFL.

XFL PAT Attempts Rules

At the start, extra points kicks after the touchdown were not in the rulebook. The new rule regarding touchdowns has made it more entertaining. Now, teams are going to get three options after a touchdown attempt

  1. Teams can go for One-Pointer from the 2-yard Line
  2. Teams can go for Two-Pointer from the 5-Yard Line
  3. Teams can go for a Three-Pointer from the 10-yard Line

Induction of this rule has specifically changed the formation and tackling skills of Teams. The approach towards the forward line and TouchDown attempts have seen quite a change now. It is third main Differences in XFL and NFL.

XFL Double Press Rule

This rule is proving to be a USP (Unique Selling Point) for XFL. This law permits the teams to throw two forward passes on one play. Completion of the first pass behind the scrimmage line allows the second forward pass legal. If either of the passes, first or second, gets dropped or fumbled, the pass will be considered incomplete.

XFL Kick-Off Rule

A new Kickoff rule has been observed with a slight change from the Kick Off standards used in 2020.

This law allows the teams to align themselves from the opponent team five yards apart. The team Kicking needs to line up at 35 Yards Lint of the opposing team and the defenders will line up at the 30-yard line.

This rule is designed for the safety of players as it reduces the chance of extreme collisions.

XFL 4th and 15th Onside Rule

Another game-changing rule that has been inducted in XFL is the Onside Rule. This law states that Teams can avail the opportunity to convert a 4th and 15th play in the fourth quarter from their 25-yard line.

This rule has Ignited a new debate in the NFL Fans Circle, as they have been talking and wondering if the NFL could or should adopt it. This rule produce huge Differences in XFL and NFL

XFL Game Timing Rules

XFL will be played with a 35-second play instead of the regular 40-second time. To prevent the game from running too long, the clock will be running even on incomplete passes and out-of-the-bound plays before the two-minute warning in each half. XFL Game Timing Rules is perfect Differences in XFL and NFL

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