5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023

The year 2023 was full of excitement and thrills in AEW. These moments and excitement became the 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023. This year was huge for the wrestling company in Jacksonville.

Some very famous wrestlers first appeared when someone unexpected won a championship and surprised everyone, when two wrestlers who always fought each other had a big final fight, when a wrestler had their last emotional match, and when AEW signed a new wrestler, showing they care towards different kinds of wrestlers and new ideas. 

AEW always has fantastic moments that don’t just make fans happy; they also change how people see wrestling, showing that AEW is now a big part of wrestling. Check out the list of 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023.

MJF vs Bryan Danielson

In 2023, MJF had a fantastic year, shining in matches, stories, and promo segments. One standout moment was his fight with Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon. 

The crowd was excited when MJF and Bryan Danielson fought in the ring. MJF was sneaky, while Bryan was skilled. The match was exciting, with both trying hard to win with close calls and submission moves. Bryan won in the end, showing he’s a top fighter. But MJF also did well, proving he’s a strong opponent. Their rivalry will keep fans interested and register it in the 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023 list.

The Elite Reunite

In 2023, a significant event in AEW was when The Elite reunited. The Elite includes famous wrestlers like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson), and Adam Cole. Their gathering to confront the Blackpool Combat Club was significant, evoking a strong reaction and sparking intriguing storylines.

Before they got back together, members of The Elite were involved in different storylines and fights, sometimes even against each other. But fans wanted them to reunite. The reunion of The Elite not only pleased fans but also led to new stories and fights in AEW, as the group proved they were still powerful. This elite reunite was surely among the 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023.

Edge’s A-Rated R Arrival (AEW WrestleDream)

At AEW’s WrestleDream on October 1 at Climate Pledge Arena, the main event was Christian Cage versus Darby Allin for the TNT title in a Two out of Three Falls Match. 

Despite taking hard hits, Darby refused to quit. However, his friend Nick Wayne’s betrayal led to his loss. Sting’s attempt to assist failed, too. Legend Adam Copeland, known as the Rated R Superstar, made his debut in AEW WrestleDream. The arrival of one of the biggest names of WWE, Edge in AEW was one of the 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023.

A Tribute To Jay Briscoe

In January 2023, Jay Briscoe tragically died in a car crash. AEW arranged a special show to honor him. Tony Khan also honored Jay on Dynamite with a main event featuring Mark Briscoe versus Jay Lethal. Jay Briscoe’s debut was among the top 5 best debutants of AEW in 2023. Both wrestlers paid tribute to Jay in the ring, creating an emotional atmosphere.¬†After the match, they hugged, getting a big cheer from the crowd.

Though it’s hard to call a tribute to a young wrestler’s death “great,” AEW effectively celebrated Jay Briscoe’s career. Even though they weren’t AEW wrestlers, Tony Khan ensured Jay got a fitting farewell, making Mark Briscoe versus Jay Lethal a registering in 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023 list.

Stokely Hathaway Announces His Retirement

On the March 22 Dynamite, Stokely Hathaway, also known as Malcolm Bivens, brought laughs with a funny training session before his No Disqualification Match against HOOK in AEW. 

When it was time to fight, Stokely said he couldn’t because of health reasons. He gave Justin Roberts a silly doctor’s note. Referee Bryce Remsburg tore it up, letting the match go on. This funny twist added humour to the expected fight, showing Stokely’s comedy skills and role in The Firm. His retirement was surely one of the 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023.


The list of 5 Best Moments of AEW in 2023 was a mixture of sad and happy news which amazed wrestling fans everywhere. From honouring old wrestlers to surprising new ones, each event made AEW’s story more exciting.

AEW keeps trying new things and including different people, making wrestling more interesting. These top five moments showed the twists, energy, and fun that make AEW special in wrestling. Fans are excited to see what AEW will do next, making it a big deal in wrestling.

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