5 Best Football Awards

Football is the most famous, loved, and watched sport worldwide. Football awards play a crucial role in celebrating and honoring the exceptional talents of the footballers, coaches, and teams in Football. There are many prestigious football awards. These awards are an honor of individual brilliance and proof of the collective efforts that shape Football. The 5 best football awards are discussed below.

Ballon d’Or

The “Ballon d’Or” has been presented by France Football, the French news magazine, annually since 1956. According to an agreement between FIFA and French Magazine, the award was merged with “FIFA Footballer of the Year” (founded in 1991) and named “FIFA Ballon d’Or” between 2010 and 2015. In 2016, FIFA didn’t continue the partnership, and the award was reverted to “Ballon d’Or.” Now, starting in 2024, UEFA will co-organize the Ballon d’Or Awards.

Initially, the award was only given to European footballers, who were known as European Footballer of the Year. In 1955, it was expanded to include all the players worldwide who play with European Clubs. 

Lionel Messi from Argentina is the current holder of the “Ballon d’Or Award” and the only player with the most awards, 8. Christiano Ronaldo follows him with the second most awards, 6, and is the only player to have been nominated for the “Ballon d’Or Award” 18 times. The award is on top in the list of 5 best football awards.

Globe Soccer Awards

The “Globe Soccer Awards” are the awards that are given out for football accomplishments. It was founded by Tomesso Bendoni in 2010, with only 3 categories. Over the years, it has expanded as the global Football has grown and diversified. Globe Soccer organizes Globe Soccer Awards and involves participation by FIFA, UEFA, ECA, and other major clubs. The awards ceremony is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, attended by international football players, officials, celebrities, and coaches. 

Karim Benzema is the current winner of the “Best Men’s Player Award” by Globe Soccer Award, 2022, his first-ever award in the Globe Soccer Awards. The player with the most awards is “Christiano Ronaldo,” i.e., 6 awards. Therefore, this award is very important, and it is in the list of 5 best football awards.

The Best FIFA Men’s Player

“The Best FIFA Men’s Player” award is one of the top football awards worldwide. It is presented annually by the leading governing body of Football, FIFA. It was formerly known as “FIFA World Player of the Year Award” (1991 – 2009) and “FIFA Ballon d’Or Award” (2010 – 2015). Since 2016, the criteria for selecting this award have changed to honor the player who played the best in the previous calendar year. 

The award was first awarded in 2016, and Christiano Ronaldo won it. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Robert Lewandowski have the most “Best FIFA Men’s Player” awards, with two each. Due to its extreme importance, the FIFA Men’s Player Award is in our list of 5 best football awards.

European Golden Shoe

One of the 5 best football awards, The “Soulier d’Or” translates from French to Golden Shoe, also known as Golden Boot. The European Golden Shoe is one of the most prestigious awards in Football. The award is awarded to the leading goalscorer of every season of the European National League. European Golden Shoe was first presented by L’Equipe from its inception in 1968 till 1991; after 1997, it has been presented by European Sports Media. Lionel Messi is the only player with 6 golden shoes. While also being the only player to win the European Golden Shoe Award 3 times consecutively. The importance of this award is very much, therefore, it is one of the 5 Best Football Awards.

FIFA Puskas Award

The FIFA Puskas Award is also one of the 5 Best Football Awards which is awarded to a female or male footballer who scored the calendar year’s most aesthetically significant or most beautiful goal. The award was established by FIFA in 2009. 

The player won the award by voting through FIFA’s official website until 2018. They have not changed the policy, and now the FIFA pundits decide who scored the most beautiful goal based on the top 3 goals voted by the fans. 

Christiano Ronaldo was the first-ever winner of the FIFA Puskas Award in 2009. Lionel Messi is the most nominated player in the Puskas Award’s history but has never won. The FIFA Puskas Award is hugely important and is one of the 5 best football awards.

Past and present superstars have won these awards many times; check out the list of future superstars who can win these awards.

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