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10 Best Undefeated Fighters in UFC

Maintaining an unblemished record in the fighting arena is considered one of the most prestigious achievements. It serves as a clear testament to a fighter’s dominance, suggesting inherent talent and a promising future.

However, the presence of a zero in the loss column often prompts fight fans to question the quality of a fighter’s competition. Has the undefeated fighter faced formidable opponents, or has the path to maintaining an untarnished record been paved with mediocre challengers?

In the realm of contemporary fighters with undefeated records, the question arises: who among them is genuinely legitimate? Which fighters stand out from the rest?

It’s important to note that the following list comprises active fighters who are currently unbeaten and have secured at least three victories in a prominent MMA promotion such as UFC, Bellator, or PFL. With this criterion in mind, let’s focus on a fighter who unquestionably earns a spot on this list with just one more victory. Let’s check the list of 10 best undefeated fighters in UFC.

Movsar Evloev, men’s featherweight

MMA record: 17-0

UFC record: 8-0

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 9

Last fight: def. Arnold Allen

Next fight: TBD

The first name in the list of 5 undefeated fighters in UFC is Movsar Evloev. Record of Evloev in UFC 7-0 in the UFC. The reason you’re not more familiar with him is that all seven of those went to decision. A statistic like that will quiet any sort of hype a fighter might be looking for, but one thing about Evloev is that he doesn’t care. He’s going to stick to his style, and his style is quite effective.

If we’re ranking these undefeated records in terms of highlights, Evloev is near the bottom. But if we’re ranking on this wide range of criteria, Evloev is near the top. There’s really no reason to think his undefeated record is going to change, even as he starts to face ranked competition. Movsar Evloev has a long career to follow. Therefore, watching Movsar Evloev maintain his name in the list of 10 best undefeated fighters in UFC at the end of his career will be interesting.

Ilia Topuria, men’s featherweight

MMA record: 14-0

UFC record: 6-0

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 6

Last fight: def. Josh Emmett, UD

Next fight: Feb. 17 vs. Alexander Volkanovski

Ranked at No. 4 due to his impressive track record and promising potential, Topuria showcases a well-rounded skill set. Therefore, he stands 2nd in out list of 5 undefeated fighters in UFC. He possesses the ability to secure finishes both standing and on the ground. While facing Alexander Volkanovski for the UFC championship in February positions him as an underdog, don’t be surprised if he becomes a popular pick for an upset.

His standout performance in a five-round bout against Josh Emmett was a true breakthrough, evidenced by the judges’ scores of 49-45, 50-44, and 50-42 in Topuria’s favour. At just 26 years old, he is arguably still years away from reaching his prime—an intimidating prospect for his competitors. His feared approach helped him become one of the 10 best undefeated fighters in UFC.

Tatiana Suarez, strawweight

MMA record: 11-0

UFC record: 7-0

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 4

Last fight: def. Jessica Andrade, R2 SUB

Next fight: TBD

At this juncture, who can be considered a fitting comparison for Suarez? An athlete brimming with immense potential, yet hampered by injuries? Suarez initially emerged from The Ultimate Fighter in 2016 appearing ready to contend for a title, but her journey has been limited to merely six fights in seven years. Despite this, she showcased her dominance against formidable opponents such as Alexa Grasso (current champion), Carla Esparza (former two-time champion), and Jessica Andrade (former champion). It’s a resume that stands out remarkably.

To dismiss Suarez’s high placement on this list merely because she boasts a 10-0 record would be unjust; in fact, considering her achievements, she could easily be ranked No. 1. Her undefeated record becomes even more remarkable when you consider the caliber of opponents she has faced and the challenges she has overcome due to injuries. Here’s hoping for her sustained health to witness the full extent of her potential. Suarez’s extraordinary career in the UFC makes him one of the 10 best undefeated fighters in UFC.

Khamzat Chimaev, middleweight

MMA record: 13-0

UFC record: 7-0

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 8

Last fight: def. Kamaru Usman, MD

Next fight: TBD

The excitement surrounding Chimaev has noticeably diminished after a closely contested fight against Kamaru Usman in October. Usman, stepping in on short notice, almost secured victory in a three-round bout. His records are enough to say, why he is included in the top 10 best undefeated fighters in UFC. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Chimaev did defeat a former UFC welterweight champion and pound-for-pound contender, Gilbert Burns, a previous title challenger. Khizmat Chimaev was also one of the top UFC Fighters of 2023.

When matched against most middleweights, Chimaev would likely be the favored contender. It’s crucial not to underestimate Chimaev’s potential; he still envisions himself as a multi-division champion in the UFC, a feat not shared by many of his peers. Looking ahead to 2024, this year holds significant importance for Chimaev. Recently signing a lucrative extension with the UFC, his response to this vote of confidence will be closely observed. Fighting spirit of Chmiaev registered his name in 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC.

Usman Nurmagomedov, lightweight

MMA record: 17-0 1 NC

Bellator record: 7-0 1 NC

ESPN divisional ranking: Unranked

Last fight: vs. Brent Primus, No Contest

Next fight: TBD

Nurmagomedov, at just 25, stands out as one of the premier lightweights globally, showcasing immense talent. Nurmagomedov’s exceptional skills make his future success highly likely unless hampered by significant injury. The abilities and techniques of Nurmagomedav make him one of the top 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC.

Drawing parallels with Michael Chandler’s successful transition from Bellator to the UFC, Nurmagomedov is anticipated to follow a similar trajectory. Regardless of the specifics, his winning streak is expected to continue, and any promotion he joins will undoubtedly strive to elevate him into a star. While not the most prominent name on the list, he is unequivocally one of the 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC globally.

Lerone Murphy, Featherweight

MMA record: 13-0  

UFC record: 6-0  

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 14  

Last fight: def. Joshua Culibao  

Next fight: Dan Ige  

English Mixed Marital artist Lerone Murphy made his MMA debut against Martin Fouda Afana Bipouna in 2016. Murphy impressed everyone with his abilities in his first fight in MMA history. Lerone made his UFC debut in 2019 in the UFC 242 event. Lerone Murphy gained enormous fan following winning his first fight of UFC, but unfortunately, this fight ended in a draw.   

In 2020, Lerone Murphy won his first-ever UFC fight against Brazilian Professional mixed martial artist Ricardo Ramos. Lerone Murphy record is incredible which makes him unbeaten till yet. His abilities and achievements could take him to the top 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC list if he finished his career unbeaten.  

Shavkat Rakhmonov, Welterweight

MMA record: 18-0

UFC record: 6-0

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 3

Last fight: Stephen Thompson

Next fight: TBD

Shavkat Bakhtibayuly Rakhmonov, a Kazakh professional mixed martial artist, started his MMA journey in 2014. He won his first-ever professional MMA fight against Adam Tsurov. His skills and temperament took him to UFC 254 in 2020.
In his first game of UFC, Shavkat Thwacked his opponent. He won his first UFC fight against Brazilian Mixed Martial artist Alex Oliveira.

His incredible career in the UFC made him one of the top 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC. Shavkat Rakhmonov has the potential to achieve more success for his country in the future. His abilities and courage give us the vibes that he will finish his career remaining unbeaten and become one of the top 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC of all time.

Tatsuro Taira, Flyweight  

MMA record: 15-0  

UFC record: 5-0  

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 15  

Last fight: Carlos Hernandez  

Next fight: TBD  

Japanese UFC fighter Tatsuro Taira made his MMA debut in 2018 against Yo Otake. After his 10th win in MMA, Tatsuro Taira debuted in 2022 against Carlos Candelario. His substantial control over his opposition gave him an ideal start to his UFC Career and he won his first fight at UFC.  

In 2023, Tatsuro Taira fought three UFC fights. He achieved victories in all these three fights of 2023, which showed his spirit to fight in the UFC. Tatsuro Taira has the ideal platform to convert his performance at a large scale to win big championships for his country in UFC. If he continues this performance, he could register his name in the 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC.  

Vitor Petrino, Light Heavyweight  

MMA record: 10-0  

UFC record: 4-0  

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 81  

Last fight: Modestas Bukauskas  

Next fight: Tyson Pedro  

Vitor Petrino started his MMA career with a knock-out win in 2019 against his fellow countryman, Rodolfo Ballato. After showing his skills and talents worldwide, Vitor Petrino made his UFC debut in 2022.   

In 2023, Vitor Petrino fought 3 fights, which shows his commitment level. In all these 3 fights, Vitor Petrino became victorious. Vitor Petrino can win many major fights to win major championships. His dexterity as a UFC fighter can be improved. He can become one of the 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC of all time if he shows courage and patience until retirement.   

Azamat Murzakanov, Light Heavyweight  

MMA record: 13-0  

UFC record: 4-0  

ESPN divisional ranking: No. 13  

Last fight: Dustin Jacoby  

Next fight: TBD  

Russian UFC fighter Azamat Murzakanov made his UFC debut in 2010 against Anzor Khakimov. Azamat took the legacy of the Russian UFC fighter forward after being undefeated in the UFC. Azmat made his UFC debut in 2021 against Matheus Scheffel.  

In his first fight, Azamat MurzaKhanov knocked out his opposite fighter. His ultimate ability to take control on his opposition gave him huge benefits in his first 3 UFC fights. Azamat Murzakanov won his 3 fights after knocking out his opposition. His fearless approach is his main advantage to get a record of 13-0 in MMA.   

If he manages to continue the record of being unbeaten, he can become one of the 10 best Undefeated Fighters in UFC of all time. After seeing his record in the UFC, it seems easy for Azamat to take the lead and move forward.  

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