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Top 10 UFC Fighters of 2023

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a platform to determine martial art in a real fight situation. The year 2023 was the 30th year of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A total of 46 UFC fighters made their debut in 2023. Lots of big fights were held in 2023. Many top fighters participated in UFC history. However, few of them gave outstanding performances in the list of top 10 UFC fighters of 2023.

10. Jiri Prochazka

Credit: MMA Mania

Jiri Prochazka is a Czech mixed martial artist who is last in our top 10 UFC fighters of 2023. The year 2023 was not good for Prochazka as a UFC fighter because he has won many big titles as a UFC fighter in the past. Jiri Prochazka competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Light Heavyweight division.

Jiri Prochazka is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.  Prochazka overall record is 29-4-1, 25KO. He fought for UFC 295 in 2023, his only fight of 2023. Jiri Prochazka lost this fight against Brazilian professional UFC boxer Alex Pereira. 

9. Alexander Volkanovski

Credit: Fox Sports

Alexander Volkanovski is an Australian professional UFC fighter. Alexander has a brilliant career of 26-3, 13KO in UFC. Alexander Volkanovski also won the Australian Fighting Championship (AFC).   The year 2023 was not an ideal year for Alexander Volkanovski as a UFC fighter. Volkanovski particpated in 3 fights in 2023.  Volkanoski lost two fights and won only 1. He won his only contest in 2023 against Mexican professional UFC fighter Yair Rodriguez.

Alexander lost both his fights against Islam Makhachev in 2023. But still, he entered the top 10 UFC fighters of 2023. Alexander Volkanovski was lost brutely in the most recent fight against Islam Makhachev in 1st round of the game. 

8. Isreal Adesanya

Credit: MMA Junkie

Israel Adesnya is a Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial artist. His achievement in Kickboxing is outstanding. Isreal is a former Glory Middleweight Championship title challenger in Kickboxing. The overall record of Isreal Adesanya is 24-3, 16KO. Isreal started his 2023 campaign with a win over Brazilian professional UFC fighter Alex Pereira.

This was a huge win for Israel after losing in 2022. Israel lost his second of 2023 against American professional mixed martial artist Sean Strickland. Israel Adesanya ended the 2023 UFC campaign with a significant loss against Sean. 

7. Charles Oliveira

Credit: MMA Junkie

Charles Oliveira da Silva is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. Charles Oliveira has an incredible record of 34-9-1, 10KO. Charles ended 2022 with the loss against Islam Makhachev. After losing against Makhachev, Charles came back strongly in 2023. He won his first fight in the 5th minute of the fight.

Olivera enjoyed the top booking decision this year which allowed him to enter the list of top 10 UFC fighters of 2023. Charles Oliveria won this fight against American UFC fighter Beneil Dariush. Brazilian Charles Oliveria won this fight in 289 events in Canada. 

6. Khamzat Chimaev

Credit: MMA Fighting

Khamzat Chimaev is a Russian professional mixed martial arts and freestyle wrestler. Khamzat Chimaev Ovall’s record is 13-0, 6KO. Khamzat fought only one fight in 2023. He was so brilliant in that fight that he won the war in 3rd round. He is undefeated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Khamzat Chimaev won this fight against Nigerian-American UFC fighter Kamaru Usman.

Khamzat Chimaev has made many achievements outside UFC which was enough to take him to the top 10 UFC fighters of 2023. Khmzat is a three-time Swedish National champion in freestyle wrestling. He competes in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

5. Leon Edwards

Credit: Sky Sports

Leon Edwards is an English mixed martial artist. Leon Edward is the current UFC Welterweight champion. His overall career in UFC is 22-9-1, 7KO. Leon Edward took forward his form of 2022 in 2023. Leon Edward fought in 2 fights in 2023. English UFC boxer Leon started his 2023 campaign against Kamaru Usman in March.

Leon ended 2023 with a win over American mixed martial artist Colby Covington. After this win, Leon Edwards continued his streak of winning 11 straight matches.

4. Justin Gaethje

Credit: DAZN

Justin Gaethje is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is the current UFC BMF Champion. Gaethje’s overall record as a UFC fighter is 25-4, 20KO.   After losing the last fight of 2022, Justin started his 2023 campaign with a win over Azerbaijani UFC fighter Rafael Fiziev.

Justin Gaethje won a symbolic BMF title in his second fight against American professional martial artist Dustin Poirer. Both Justin Gaethje fights were awarded for performance of the night. In this top 10 UFC fighters of 2023, Gaethje got a special place.

3. Max Holloway

Credit: BBC

Jerome Max Holloway is an American professional mixed martial artist. Max Holloway’s overall UFC record is 25-7, 11KO. Max Holloway fought two fights in 2023. He turned out to be a winner in these two fights. After losing his only fight of 2022, Max returned with a win over English UFC fighter Arnold Allen. Max Holloway ended his 2023 campaign with a win over Korean UFC fighter Jung Chan-sung. The Win of Max against Jung Chan-sung is named Fight of the Night. 

2. Jon Jones

Credit: Jon Jones

Jonathan Dwight Jones is an American professional mixed martial artist. His overall record is 27-1-1, 10KO. His performance in 2023 was outstanding. Jones remained unbeaten in 2023 and continued his winning streak since December 2010. Jon Jones made their UFC heavyweight debut in 2023. He brutally won against the French professional mixed artist Ciryl Gane.

It was his only fight in 2023. He won this fight 1st round. Jon Jones has excellent achievements in UFC. Jones is the current UFC Heavyweight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Jon Jones always remained at the top so him making the top 10 UFC fighters of 2023 is not strange.

1. Islam Makhachev

Credit: DAZN

Islam Ramazanovich Makhachev is a Russian professional mixed martial artist and former sambo competitor. Islam Makhachev started 2023 with a big win over Australian UFC fighter Alexnder Volkanovski. The match between Islam and Volkanovski is named Fight of Night. The second fight of 2023 of Islam Makhachev was also against Alexander Volkanovski. Along with top 10 UFC fighters of 2023, Islam Makhachev is also best Pound to Pound UFC fighter.

Islam won this fight and successfully defended the UFC lightweight Championship title. Islam Makhachev extended the lead of remaining unbeaten for 13 fights. Islam Makhachev’s achievements are incredible, as he currently competes in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Makhachev is the current UFC Lightweight Champion.

It was all from our top 10 UFC fighters of 2023.

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