10 Best England Batters in Cricket History

England is the home of cricket. It is a cricket-ruling nation that has produced great players. In this article, we have discussed the 10 best England batters in cricket history who made the country proud. 

Jack Hobbs

Full Name: John Berry Hobbs

Date of Birth: 16 December 1882

Date of Death: 21 December 1963

Age: 81 years 

Playing Career: 1908-1930

The leading player of the 10 best England batters in cricket history is Jack Hobbs. He was one the greatest batters with exceptional power-hitting abilities. Hobbs was known as “The Master” and played 61 tests for England between 1908 and 1930. He began and ended his career playing against Australia. The batter scored 5410 test runs with 15 centuries and 28 fifties. His highest test score was 211. Hobbs had great first-class stats as he scored 61,760 runs, including 199 centuries and 273 half-centuries in 834 matches. The legendary batter died in 1963 in East Sussex, England. 

Alaister Cook

Full Name: Alastair Nathan Cook

Date of Birth: 25 December 1984

Age: 39 years 

Playing Career: 2006-2018 

Post Retirement: 

  • Published his Autobiography “Sir Alastair Cook: My Autobiography” (2009)

Sir Alaister Cook played for England in tests and ODI format. The batter ranks at 2 of the 10 best England batters in cricket history due to his exemplary contributions by a bat. His nicknames were “Cookie, Chef, and Captian Cook.” Alaister Cook also captains the national team. He played 161 test matches and scored 12,472 runs at an average of 45.35, including 33 centuries. He is the fifth-highest test run scorer of all time in England’s History. In ODIs, he scored 3,204 runs, including 5 centuries in 92 matches. The last match Cook played was against India. He also played T20I for 2 years, from 207 till 2009. Therefore, he is one of the top 10 Best England Batters.

Alec Stewart

Full Name: Alec James Stewart

Date of Birth: 8 April 1963

Age: 60 years 

Playing Career: 1989-2003

Post Retirement:

  • Founding Director of Arundel Promotions (2004)
  • Part-time Consultant of Surrey’s Coaching Staff (2009)
  • Club Ambassador for Surrey County Cricket Club 
  • Executive Director of Surrey County Cricket Club (2011)
  • Director of Cricket for Surrey County Cricket Club (2014)

The wicketkeeper batter ranks at 3 of the 10 best England batters in cricket history. The former captain played tests and ODIs for England. Alec Stewart is the fourth most test-capped player and third most ODI-capped player for England. He played 133 tests and 170 ODIs. He scored 8463 test runs and 4677 ODI runs. The batter have 15 test centuries and 4 ODI centuries throughout his career. His nickname was “The Gaffer”. Stewart played for 14 years for England and took retirement in 2003. 

David Gower

Full Name: David Ivon Gower

Date of Birth: 1 April 1957 

Age: 66 years 

Playing Career: 1978-1992

Post Retirement: 

  • Cricket Commentator 

David Ivon Gower ranks at 4 of the 10 best England batters in cricket history. He was described as one of the most stylish batters of his era. Also, he was one of the greatest batters globally. Gower played 117 test matches and 114 ODI matches, scoring 8,231 and 3,170 runs, respectively. He was one of the most capped England players. Currently serving cricket as a commentator. 

Joe Root

Full Name: Joseph Edward Root

Date of Birth: 30 December 1990

Age: 33 years 

Playing Career: 2012-present 

Joe Root is currently the leading run-scorer among all active batters and the tenth-highest run-scorer of all time in Test cricket. He is the 5th of 10 best England batters in cricket history. He was also included in the winning squad of the World Cup 2019. He was the top scorer of the tournament. Joe Root has played 135 tests, 171 ODIs, and 32 T20Is for England. He has scored 11,416 test runs, 6,522 ODI runs, and 893 T20I runs. Root also has 30 tests and 16 ODI centuries under his name. The batter continues to play for England and shine bright in cricket worldwide. He was also key member of winning team of 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Ken Barrington

Full Name: Kenneth Frank Barrington

Date of Birth: 24 November 1930

Date of Death: 14 March 1981 

Aged: 50 years 

Playing Career: 1955-1968

Post Retirement:

  • Test Selector (1975-1981)

Barrington ranks at 6 of the 10 best England batters in cricket history. He was known for his cheerful humor. He represented England from 1955-1968. Barrington played 82 test matches and scored 6,806 runs at an average of 58.67, including 20 centuries and 35 half-centuries. After retirement, he also served cricket as a selector. In 1981, Ken Barrington died due to a heart attack. 

Len Hutton

Full Name: Leonard Hutton

Date of Birth: 23 June 1916

Date of Death: 6 September 1990

Aged: 74 years 

Playing Career: 1937-1955

Post Retirement: 

  • England Test selector (1975-1977)
  • President of Yorkshire County Cricket (1990)

One of the best of the 10 best England batters in cricket history is Leonard Hutton. He was widely regarded as the greatest batsman in England. Hutton was the captain of England’s team for three years between 1952 and 1955. He represented England in 79 test matches and scored 6,971 runs at an average of 56.67, including 19 centuries. Hutton took retirement in 1955 and died in 1990 due to the rupturing of the Aorta. 

Kevin Peterson

Full Name: Kevin Peter Pietersen

Date of Birth: 27 June 1980

Age: 43 years 

Playing Career: 2004-2014

Post Retirement:

  • Cricket Commentator
  • Published his Autobiography “Kevin Pietersen: Crossing the Boundary” (2007)
  • Second Biography “Kevin Pietersen: Portrait of a Rebel” (2009)

The former captain of England ranks at 8 of the 10 best England batters in cricket history. He played across all formats. KP played 104 tests and scored 8181 runs, including 23 centuries. In the ODI format, he played 136 matches and scored 4,440 runs, including 9 centuries. KP also played 217 first-class matches, scoring 16,522 runs with the best score of 355*. They also played in numerous T20I leagues worldwide and now serve in cricket as a commentator. 

Denis Campton

Full Name: Denis Charles Scott Compton

Date of Birth: 23 May 1918

Date of Death: 23 April 1997

Aged: 78 years 

Playing Career: 1937-1957 

At 9 of 10 best England batters in cricket history, we have Denis Campton. He was a multi-sportsman, a cricketer, and a footballer. He played 78 test matches for England scoring 5807 runs, including 17 centuries and 28 half centuries. He took retirement in 1957 from cricket. 

Peter May

Full Name: Peter Barker Howard May

Date of Birth: 31 December 1929

Date of Death: 27 December 1994

Aged: 64 years 

Playing Career: 1951-1961

Post Retirement: 

  • President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (1955-1996)
  • President of Surrey County Cricket Club (1955-1996)

May is widely regarded as one of the finest cricketers of England post-war. He wraps our 10 best England batters in cricket history. Peter May played only 66 test matches and scored 4537 runs. He has 13 centuries and 22 half-centuries under his name for England in tests. May’s highest test score was 285*. He died in 1994 due to a brain tumor. Like English batsmen, Pakistani batsmen made excellent records in cricket world. Check out the list of top 10 Pakistani batters.

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