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10 Best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History

Since partition, Pakistan emerged as one of the best Cricket Teams of the world. Yes, Hockey is indeed the national Sport of Pakistan, but Cricket runs in the blood of Pakistanis. Pakistan Cricket has unanimously produced some vast names when it comes to bowling department, but no one can argue on the Batting Talent Pakistan Cricket has produced, too. If a list is compiled of all-time Greats in batting in Pakistan cricket, it will surely get to the toes. Following is the compilation of the 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Hanif Muhammad

Legend Hanif Muhammad considered as the pioneer of cricket in Pakistan and also known as Little Master. The invention of the reverse Sweep is also credited to Hanif Muhammad. Hanif started his international cricketing career in 1952 and retired in 1969. He ended his 17-year-long career with an impressive average of 43.98.

He scored a fantastic 337 in a test match against mighty West Indies, and He also scored 499 runs in a single innings in his First Class career. Hanif Muhammad was selected as Wisden cricketer in 1968, and in 2009, He was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. The excellent achievements of Hanif Muhammad is proof of his name in The list of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Zaheer Abbas

In 1969, Zaheer Abbas emerged internationally and shook the world with his resilience, potential, abilities, and class. Zaheer Abbas was given the Title of Asian Bradman. He remained a consistent run machine during his career (1969-1985). As soon as he debuted, He showed his class in second Test match of his career by scoring 274 runs against England. Zaheer Abbas averaged 47.62 in ODI Cricket and 44.79 in Test Cricket. Zaheer Abbas was the most toughest batsman to bowl in his era which is why he is considered one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Twelve centuries and 22 fifties are under his belt. Zaheer Abbas was fond of playing long innings and was The Picasso to manufacture big innings under pressure. Zaheer Abbas was one of the best batsmen of the 70 and 80 eras. His incredible records proved his place in The list of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad was a street fighter. He was a player with God-gifted abilities. The list of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History is incomplete without Javed Miandad. The way Miandad used to pinch singles on good balls was his exceptional talent. He also knew how to hit long shots out of the park.

The historic Sharjah Six off the bowling of Chetan Sharma is the perfect example of his power-hitting abilities. Javed Miandad played a vital part in Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup-winning campaign. He played a magnificent knock in the semi-final to lead his team to victory. Javed Miandad retireded in 1993. His daunting career spanned over 20 years and ended with an average of 52.57 in Test Cricket and an average of 42 in ODI Cricket. These are the records which is why Miandad is one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Saeed Anwar

Great Imran Khan judged the Master Class of Saeed Anwar in the late 1980s. He picked him for the 1992 World Cup campaign, but injuries stopped him from playing the memorable tournament. Saeed Anwar introduced a new way of playing in the field restriction overs. His aggressive approach helped Pakistan to achieve many victories.

His famous 194 runs against India in Chennai remained the Highest ODI score in an innings by an individual for 2 decades. Saeed retired in 2003 with an impressive average of 45.5 in Test Cricket and 39.21 in ODI Cricket. One of Pakistan’s most prominent left-hand batsmen, Saeed Anwar, fulfills all the conditions to be on the list of the top 10 best Pakistani batters in cricket history.

Inzamam ul Haq

With the Win of the 1992 World Cup, many players emerged as stars and match winners, Inzamam ul Haq was one of them. The Sultan of Multan started playing down the order in the 1992 World Cup, but with time, he polished his abilities and started to bat at the most crucial batting positions, the number 4 position. Inzamam ul Haq was equally good in ODI Cricket and test cricket. Inzamam ul Haq was well known for his consistent performances and ability to make runs in pressure situations. Inzamam-ul-Haq’s record says all that is why he is one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

He was the master to play with tailenders. He showed his class in the Multan Test against Bangladesh, leading his team to a famous victory with no. 11 playing on the other end. His furious 327 against New Zealand in Faisalabad was his highest score in Test Cricket. Cricket Farnatity always applauded Inzi for the extra time he had while batting. Inzamam ul Haq retired after the 2007 World Cup with an average of 39.53 in ODI and 50.16 in Test Cricket. Therefore, Inzamam-ul-Haq is one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Muhammad Yousaf

The world has seen many players who play delightful cover drives; Muhammad Yusuf was one of them. Formerly called Yusuf Younana, Muhammad Yousaf was a treat to watch. He was such a stylish and technically sound player that he was most difficult to get out. Yousaf’s track record was fantastic everywhere in the world. The year 2001 was a dream year for Muhammad Yousaf as he broke the record of Sir Viv Richards for most runs in a calendar year.

As per experts, Muhammad Yousaf retired from International cricket a bit early. He said goodbye to international cricket with an outstanding average of 52 in Test Cricket and 42.08 in ODI Cricket. One of the technically perfect batsmen, Muhammad Yousaf, is among the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Younis Khan

Younis Khan, a player from the rural area of Mardan, got into the National Team in 2001. His long career ended in 2018. He always showed complete responsibility and character when he came out to bat. Younis registered himself as the first player for Pakistan to score 10,000 International test runs, and also holds the record for scoring a century against all test-playing countries. Younis Khan led the Pakistan Cricket team to Win the 2009 T20 Worldcup with a very young team.

Younis Khan holds the record for the most number of Triple centuries for Pakistan. His agility, hard work, and persistence made him Great in Pakistan’s Cricket History. Test king of Pakistan, Younis Khan fully deserves to be on the list of the top 10 best Pakistani batters in cricket history.

Misbah ul Haq

Misbah-ul-Haq stands out from others on this roster due to his remarkable patience, a rare quality in a team known for its fiery talent. Despite making his international debut relatively late, he surpassed expectations by becoming the linchpin of the squad. Other players often relied on him to anchor their innings, with Misbah willingly playing a supporting role for the team’s greater good. Recognized for his sportsmanship, he emerged as a beloved ambassador for Pakistani cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

As a successful captain, Misbah concluded his career with over 11,000 runs across all formats, including 10 centuries and over 80 half-centuries. Despite not having any White-ball centuries, the Records of Misbah ul Haq as a batsman are mind-blowing in all formats for Pakistan. Therefore, Misbah is one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Shoaib Malik

It might be surprising to learn that someone who initially commenced his career as an off-break bowler is now recognized as one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History. However, Shoaib Malik’s contribution to the team’s success exceeds 10,000 runs across all formats of the game. Throughout a career spanning over a decade, Shoaib has confronted various challenges.

Initially, he encountered a bowling ban due to a suspect action, and later, he had to contend with the displeasure of the cricket board. Nevertheless, despite predominantly batting lower down the order, he continues to stand out as one of the most captivating batters in ODI cricket, boasting a commendable batting average of 35.50, including nine centuries. Therefore, Shoaib Malik became one of the 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Babar Azam

Babar Azam, who started his career in 2015, is now rated as one of the best batters in the world. Fans adore his Cover drive, but his On Drive is also a shot of command. Babar Azam has maintained a healthy average of 50+ throughout his short career throughout all the formats. Babar Azam led Pakistan cricket to many heroic victories. Therefore, He is among the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History.

Three centuries in a row against West Indies, 196 runs against Australia in the fourth innings, and 70 odd runs against India in the ICC T20 Worldcup 2021 are some highlights of the feathers in his hat. Babar Azam has scored 6000 runs in ODI cricket. It is challenging to mention everything, like Salim Malik, Mushtaq Muhammad, Taufeeq Umer, Ramiz Raja, Imran Khan, etc. The magnificent achievements of Babar at a young age make him one of the top 10 best Pakistani Batters in Cricket History. Apart from batting, Babar proved as a good captain for Pakistan. Check out the achievements of Babar Azam as Pakistan cricket team captain.

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