WWE vs AEW | Who’s Winning this Battle in 2024

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been in operation for many decades. During the 1980s and 1990s, WWE faced much competition from other companies. WWE stood firm and defeated all the rival promotions. But since the emergence of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), things are different now. Both companies have their own pros and cones which built the WWE vs AEW rivalry.

AEW stands in competition against WWE. Competition is good as far as it is healthy for both companies. There have been times when WWE vs AEW hyped up on different occasions. Both companies have a significant impact on wrestling.  Let’s look at which promotion is currently winning the WWE vs AEW battle for dominance.

Background Of WWE

The world’s largest pro wrestling promotion, WWE was founded in 1953 as Capitol Wrestling Corporation. The company name has been changed so many times like World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963), World Wrestling Federation (1979), and World Wrestling Entertainment in 2011. The company has promoted one of the best and most successful wrestlers in history.

WWE’s notable achievements include WrestleMania, Monday Night Wars, NXT Development, and much more. Most of the company’s revenue comes from selling merchandise, hosting live events, and selling media rights. WWE keeps fans engaged with its TV shows, special events, and online content. WWE remains a top player in sports entertainment by staying popular and adjusting to new trends. So, after looking at the historical achievements of WWE, this company is clearly left behind AEW in WWE vs AEW battle.

Rise Of AEW

The 2nd competitor of WWE vs AEW battle, Elite Wrestling (AEW) emerged as a new company in wrestling in 2019 founded by Pakistani-American businessman Shahid and his son Tony Khan

AEW offers high-energy matches and amazing storytelling. It highlights wrestling talent and attracts disappointed WWE fans with its fresh approach. AEW’s top talent signings raise its shows, reshaping the industry and setting new standards. AEW has drawn in WWE fans who were unhappy by providing a different kind of wrestling that they find exciting and new. In a short span, AEW has become a major part of wrestling, challenging the usual standards and shaping wrestling’s future.

Factors of Competition

The WWE vs AEW rivalry is based on different factors like 

  • TV ratings  
  • ticket sales
  • merchandise
  • Social media.

Getting talented wrestlers is important for exciting matches. Creative storytelling and loyal fans also matter for success. Both companies need to be creative and adapt to changes to keep fans interested. They work hard to keep fans engaged and stay on top of the wrestling world.

Brand Loyalty and Fan Engagement

Fan loyalty to WWE and AEW drives engagement and tribalism. The rivalry increases loyalty, with fans supporting their pick. AEW challenges WWE’s dominance, engaging more fan involvement and tribal behavior. Fans use debates and social media to support their favorite, improving visibility and building community. The rivalry of WWE vs AEW keeps both promotions in the limelight, as fans choose their favorite.

Strengths of AEW

  • AEW presents a more athletic and innovative approach, with a focus on action inside the ring.
  • The promotion has gained much popularity by providing an alternative to WWE’s more formulaic approach.
  • AEW’s main event scene is considered more refreshing and dynamic, capturing a competitive sports-like environment.
  • Also check out the list of 5 impressive stars of AEW in 2023 to see the extraordinary performance of AEW in wrestling world.

Strengths of WWE

  • WWE has a deep history, global reach, and vast resources, attracting a larger viewership and maintaining an established brand.
  • The company excels in creating larger-than-life characters, producing grand-scale events, and boasting star power.
  • WWE’s diverse world title picture and extensive roster of top competitors are highlighted as strengths

Weaknesses of AEW

  • AEW is a young promotion with a lack of a developmental strategy compared to WWE.
  • The promotion faces competition from WWE, which is well-funded and a long-time industry leader.

Weaknesses of WWE

  • WWE’s main event scene is criticized for its attachment to legends, outdated plot devices, and booking habits.
  • The company’s reliance on star power and repetitive championship circles have been highlighted as weaknesses.


We conclude that WWE stays strong with its history and famous wrestlers, while AEW brings something new with athletic and exciting shows. Both have good points for different fans, with WWE’s big events and AEW’s new ideas. Even though WWE is big, AEW’s exciting matches attract fans who like athleticism. This makes wrestling better and gives fans more choices. To increase the popularity and quality of wrestling, the WWE vs AEW needs to go on.

Umair Basraa
Umair Basraa
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