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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 went live from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on January 27. The show featured a Men’s Royal Rumble match, a Women’s Royal Rumble match, a fatal 4-way for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title, and a US Title bout between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens. Let’s discuss all the winners in this WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Possible Winners of Women's Royal Rumble 2024

Pat McAfee joined the commentary team to start the show. The first match was the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Let’s take a look at the entrants.

#1- Natalya

#2- Naomi 

#3- Bayley

#4- Candice LeRae

#5- Jordynne Grace (TNA)

#6- Indi Hartwell

#7- Asuka

#8- Ivy Nile

#9- Katana Chance

#10- Bianca Belair

#11- Kairi Sane 

#12- Tegan Nox

#13- Kayden Carter

#14- Chelsea Green

#15- Piper Niven

#17- Xia Li

#18- Zelina Vega 

#19- Maxxine Dupri

#20- Nia Jax 

#21- Shotzi

#22- Becky Lynch

#23- Alba Fyre

#24- Shayna Baszler

#25- Valhalla 

#26- Michin

#27- Zoey Stark

#28- Jade Cargill

#29- Tiffany Stratton

#30- Liv Morgan

Eliminations and Notable Moments

• Natalya and Naomi kicked off the match. The crowd went crazy for Naomi’s return and chanted, “Welcome back”.

• TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace entered the match. This move displayed a good bond between WWE and TNA. Also, the story was there as Naomi recently lost the title to Grace. 

• The first elimination came when Bayley eliminated Indi Hartwell. 

• Bianca Belair delivered a great-looking handspring moonsault on Bayley, LeRae and Chance. 

• a combined effort eliminated Candice LeRae from Bayley, Asuka, and Kairi Sane. 

• Natalya tried to betray Tegan Nox at one moment, but Nox turned it on Natalya and eliminated her. 

• Bayley provided one more elimination as she eliminated Tegan Nox.

• Katana Chance and Kayden Carter got revenge for losing the women’s tag titles when they eliminated both Asuka and Kairi Sane. We saw one of the coolest Royal Rumble matches saved by Sane before being eliminated. 

• Belair eliminated Jordynne Grace with a KOD on the apron. 

• Piper Niven eliminated Kayden Carter.

• Nia Jax turned the match with her arrival and eliminated Xia Li and Ivy Nile. Later, Nia survived a multi-person elimination and eliminated Piper Niven and Katana Chance. Meanwhile, Bayley eliminated Maxxine Dupri.

• Lynch delivered a beautiful looking DDT/Reverse DDT combo on Vega and Shotzi. Becky eliminated Chelsea in a hilarious manner.

• As Valhalla was entering, R-Truth entered the Women’s Royal Rumble. Nia sent him out. Adam Pearce explained to Truth that this is a women’s match. Valhalla then angrily entered before being eliminated by Nia Jax in about 5 seconds. 

• Naomi made her presence felt when she eliminated Alba Fyre.

• Zelina Vega was eliminated by a kick from Zoey Stark. 

• Once again, a series of eliminations came from Jax when she eliminated Baszler, Michin, and Shotzi. 

• Jade Cargill made her debut when she entered at number 28. Cargill alone was enough for Nia Jax as she wasted no time eliminating the Irresistible Force.

• Tiffany Stratton and Roxxane Perez represented the NXT brand. 

• Liv Morgan was back looking great. She delivered her finisher Ob-Liv-ion to Bayley. Morgan eliminated Zoey Stark. 

• Rhea Ripley and Iyo Sky were watching somewhere in the backstage area. 

• Jade Cargill eliminated Naomi and Becky Lynch. Naomi lasted for over an hour in the match. 

• Bayley wisely eliminated Bianca and Tiffany, and we were down to Bayley, Cargill, and Morgan. 

• Bayley and Liv Morgan double-teamed on Cargill and sent her to the apron. Liv eliminated her with the Ob-Liv-ion. Bayley kicked Morgan off the apron to win the Women’s Royal Rumble 2024. 

Winner: Bayley 

Grades: A-

Analysis: Bayley got the deserving win, and Road to WrestleMania will be interesting with all the drama involving Damage CTRL. Jade Cargill, Live Morgan, and Naomi returned as shocking Royal Rumble Entrants. Jade Cargill made an impressive debut. Naomi performed excellently, and Nia Jax’s domination shined in the match. Bayley won the match as we predicted in our WWE Royal Rumble Predictions.

Fatal 4-Way Match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Predictions

Reigns vs. Styles vs. Knight vs. Orton was not in the main event. The match began with Styles and Knight arguing. Roman tried to move out of the ring wisely, but all three men caught and attacked the champion. Orton delivered his famous back suplex to Roman on the commentary table. Knight did the same to Styles. LA then slammed Randy’s head into the table multiple times, but Randy got the last laugh when he was able to deliver the back suplex on Knight, too. 

For a bit of action in the ring, Roman delivered a backbody drop on Styles and taunted the crowd. Knight took him out with a DDT and delivered a scoop slam on Randy for a two-count. Knight delivered a massive Superplex on Styles. Knight had a BFT on Roman, but AJ broke the pinfall. Then, it was time for a Phenomenal showdown. AJ returned with a clothesline on Knight, followed by Ushigoroshi to Orton. Styles Clash was successfully delivered to Reigns, but Knight saved the match. 

The Viper struck after that and hit a hanging DDT on Knight. Styles went for a springboard but met with RKO, followed by an RKO to Knight. Roman tried to seize the opportunity and went for a Superman Punch. Randy countered it into RKO. Randy covered it, but Solo pulled the referee out. Sikoa delivered the Samoan Spike to both Randy and Knight and stacked them. He went on to take out Styles, who moved away, and Sikoa was down. A Phenomenal Forearm to Reigns, who fell on Knight and Randy. They were all stacked, and Styles went for the pin, but all three kicked out. “This is Awesome!” chants the crowd. 

AJ Styles was irate and took a steel chair from under the ring. Styles delivered vicious chair shots to Roman and Knight. Randy tried to fight back but met with a Spear from The Tribal Chief. In the end, Roman Reigns retained the title with a Spear on Styles. It was a predictable outcome, as we had expected before writing the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was a brilliant match. They were creative with the spots in the match. It was obvious that Roman wasn’t going to lose. However, the match can bring more aggression to engage the fans towards the vicious sides of the competitors.

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens was furious from the beginning. Paul suffered some chops, clotheslines, German Suplex, and a senton bomb by Owens. Logan fought back by targeting Owens’ injured hand. Logan delivered a crossbody block and a standing moonsault. Paul also delivered a split-legged leg drop. Owens escaped a 619 and delivered a fisherman’s neckbreaker. Kevin delivered two cannonballs and a frog splash for a near fall. 

Logan Paul crashed Owens with a Buckshot Lariat and a frog splash for a near fall. Logan tried to suplex KO from the top rope but met with a fisherman’s suplex. Paul escaped from a Pop-Up Powerbomb and a Stunner to deliver One Lucky Punch for a two-count. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory came out of nowhere and gave brass knuckles to Paul. KO noticed it and pulled knuckles from him. Owens delivered a punch and covered for the pin. The referee saw the knuckles in Owens’ hand and disqualified him. After the match, an angry Owens gave Paul a powerbomb through the commentary table. 

Winner: Logan Paul by DQ

Grades: B

Analysis: Logan Paul was expected to win, and he did that. It was a unique way to finish the match, and the story will continue with Waller and Theory in the mix. Paul showed improvement every time he entered the ring. Let’s move on to the Main event in the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results. 

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Possible Winners of Men's Royal Rumble 2024

The main event was the Men’s Royal Rumble match. The entrants include:

#1- Jey Uso

#2- Jimmy Uso

#3- Grayson Waller 

#4- Andrade

#5- Carmelo Hayes

#6- Shinsuke Nakamura

#7- Santos Escobar

#8- Karrion Kross

#9- Dominik Mysterio

#10- Carlito

#11- Bobby Lashley

#12- Ludwig Kaiser

#13- Austin Theory

#14- Finn Balor

#15- Cody Rhodes

#17- Bronson Reed 

#18- Kofi Kingston

#19- Gunther

#20- Ivar 

#21- Omos 

#22- Pat McAfee

#23- JD McDonagh

#24- R-Truth

#25- The Miz

#26- Damian Priest

#27- CM Punk

#28- Ricochet

#29- Drew McIntyre

#30- Sami Zayn

Eliminations and Notable Moments

• Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso kicked off the match in one of the best Rumble openings. The crowd was hot, chanting “YEET” during punches. 

• Andrade is back in WWE, and he was wearing a mask. The crowd loved it.

• Carmelo Hayes made the first elimination by eliminating Grayson Waller. 

• The Caribbean Cool Carlito spit an apple in the face of Santos Escobar and eliminated him. 

• Bobby Lashley eliminated Carlito and Kross. An infuriated Karrion Kross pulled out Lashley and eliminated him. AOP arrived, and they attacked Lashley. Street Profits came to even the odds. 

• Finn Balor saved Dom and eliminated Carmelo Hayes.

• Cody Rhodes eliminated Austin Theory. 

• Bronson Reed sent Andrade over the top rope with a suplex. 

• Kofi Kingston entered the Royal Rumble match for the 16th time, the 2nd most Rumble appearance after Kane, who has 18 appearances. 

• Cody delivered a Cross Rhodes through the ropes to eliminate Nakamura.

• Kofi got revenge on Kaiser by eliminating him.

• An angry Ring General Gunther eliminated Kofi.

• Bron Breakker from NXT appeared and eliminated Jimmy Uso and Finn Balor.

• We got into a big confrontation between Gunther and Breakker. Bron escaped a powerbomb and cut the IC Champion in half with a spear. 

• Omos sent Reed over the top rope, and Breakker eliminated Ivar.

• Pat McAfee entered the match from the commentary team. McAfee saw Omos and Breakker staring at him. Hilariously, McAfee eliminated himself.

• Breakker eliminated Omos and Dominik. 

• McDonagh was laid out at ringside, and R-Truth arrived. Truth sent him into the ring, where Jey Uso eliminated him quickly. 

• R-Truth considered it a tag team match and received a tag from Dom. He also paid homage to his childhood hero, John Cena. It made us laugh to write in WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Results.

• Damian Priest eliminated R-Truth and met with a chorus of boos. 

• CM Punk returned to a WWE ring after a decade and eliminated Dominik Mysterio.

• Gunther chopped Miz’s chest and sent him over the top rope. 

• Gunther eliminated Jey Uso. 

• Drew McIntyre flipped Ricochet over the top rope to eliminate him.

• Sami Zayn eliminated Damian Priest. McIntyre never gave Sami time to recover and bumped him over the top rope. 

• The final four were CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Gunther, and Drew McIntyre. Wow!

• McIntyre delivered Claymore Kicks to Punk, Rhodes, and Gunther. Drew shouted that he wasn’t the kid anymore from 10 years ago. Punk stood up and eliminated him. 

• Cody eliminated Gunther.

• The final two were CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. Punk with an iconic line, “I didn’t wait ten years to lose to Dusty’s kid”. Punk tried GTS, but Rhodes eliminated him.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Grades: A+

Analysis: Cody is a back-to-back Royal Rumble winner. He is on the path to finishing the story . CM Punk came so close but could not win it. Still, it was an impressive performance by the Best in the World. There are not many surprises to write about WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results. Cody Rhodes was our prediction as a Possible Royal Rumble Winner.

That’s from our WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis. We have winners in Cody Rhodes and Bayley, and the Road to WrestleMania is officially underway. Now, it will be a great redemption story for Bayley. On the other side, Cody will get another chance to finish his story.

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