WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis

WWE presented the Elimination Chamber premium live event from Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia. The show featured two traditional Elimination Chamber matches. The card was not stacked with many matches, but the show had quality matches, which is pretty much a Triple H thing. So, what are the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results? Let’s discuss what happened on the final WWE ple before WrestleMania in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis.

Kick-Off Show

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

The Kabuki Warriors defended the Women’s Tag Team Championships against Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell on the Kick-Off show. The hometown girl, Indi Hartwell, got a wholesome reaction from the crowd. They were chanting her name in Perth. The match featured Asuka and Kairi dominating LeRae, creating an anticipated hot tag moment. One springboard moonsault from Candice looked awesome. Ultimately, Asuka and Sane retained their titles with In-Sane Elbow. The crowd gave Hartwell a huge ovation after the match. 

Winner: The Kabuki Warriors

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a fun match and an awesome moment for Indi Hartwell to perform in front of her home crowd. Let’s move to the main show in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis.

Main Show

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results, Grades, and Analysis

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

The main show started with the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. The participants included Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Tiffany Stratton, Naomi, Raquel Rodriguez, and Liv Morgan.


– Becky Lynch and Naomi started the match. 

– Tiffany Stratton 

– Liv Morgan

– Raquel Rodriguez

– Bianca Belair


• Tiffany Stratton eliminated Naomi.

• Liv Morgan eliminated Tiffany following the Ob-Liv-ion.

• Bianca Belair eliminated Raquel Rodriguez with a KOD.

• Liv Morgan eliminated Bianca Belair via roll-up pin. 

• Becky Lynch eliminated Liv Morgan following a Manhandle Slam.


• Becky and Naomi gave a great start. A particular spot when they traded pinfall attempts looked awesome. 

• Naomi delivered a sunset flip powerbomb to Liv Morgan off the top of the pod. 

• Morgan dived from the top of the pod and delivered a seated senton on Raquel. 

• Stratton landed a Swanton Bomb off the pod to take out other participants. 

• Raquel hit a double Tejana Bomb on both Becky and Morgan. 

Winner: Becky Lynch

Grades: A-

Analysis: Becky was the expected winner, as we predicted in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Predictions. The crowd was firmly behind The Man throughout the match. Interestingly, there was a genuine, amazing reaction for Tiffany Stratton. Lynch is back to big times and will challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Title at WrestleMania. WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results in one of the most demanded matchups for WrestleMania.

Judgment Day vs New Catch Republic

Next match to discuss in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Dominik came to the microphone before the match, but the crowd was too loud to boo him. Tyler started with Balor and quickly delivered a German Suplex and a shooting star press for a two-count. Dunne did the joint manipulation on Finn. Priest delivered a Broken Arrow to Bate for a two-count. Dominik provided the cheap shot, which allowed Balor and Priest to hit a backbreaker/leg-drop combo on Bate. 

Pete Dunne got the hot tag and hit Balor with multiple enzuigiris. Dunne laid out Judgment Day with a moonsault to the outside. Bate and Dunne delivered a beautiful German Suplex/Clothesline combo on Balor for a near fall. Priest and Balor delivered a sidewalk slam/reverse DDT combo. Bate took Priest to the airplane swing. Pete nailed the Bitter End, but Dom put Finn’s foot on the rope to break the pin. 

Dunne and Bate delivered the Double Tyler Driver 97 on Balor, but Priest saved the match. Finn countered a lariat from Tyler into 1916 for the near fall. New Catch Republic even delivered the double-team Birminghammer for a two-count. In the end, Priest delivered double South of Heaven. Balor got the tag and landed a Coup de Grace on Dunne for the win. It was an exciting finish for the match as we further move in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results.

Winners: Finn Balor and Damian Priest

Grades: B+

Analysis: It was an excellent tag team match. The double-team moves looked incredible. New Catch Republic has much potential to elevate the Tag Team Division. WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results in showcasing their potential, which will surely give them a championship run soon.

The Grayson Waller Effect

Austin Theory was in the ring, and he introduced Grayson Waller. Being the hometown boy, Waller received a huge pop from the audience. UFC fighter Tai Tuivasa was there, and he did a shoey with Waller. Seth Rollins made his entrance. The crowd loved it, and they sang his theme song. Grayson introduced The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, who received a thunderous ovation. 

Cody asked the fans, “What you wanna talk about.” Waller cut him off and took a moment to acknowledge The Tribal Chief. Seth Rollins said that he will be cleared to compete very soon. Waller questioned Rhodes on taking away the biggest main event between Roman and The Rock. Cody challenged Rock to a one-on-one match anytime, anywhere. Seth said he would have his back in this fight with The Bloodline. 

The theory then used a few of The Rock’s monikers. Seth had enough of him and sent him into a sign. Cody delivered Cody Cutter to Theory as Waller just stood back and watched. 

Grades: B

Analysis: It was a decent segment in the middle of the show. Seth Rollins announced that he will return very soon. Cody hinted at a possible singles match against The Rock at some point. It was good for hype up WrestleMania but not what we expected at our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

It is time for the Men’s Elimination Chamber match in our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results. The participants included Randy Orton, LA Knight, Drew McIntyre, Logan Paul, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley.


– Drew McIntyre and LA Knight started the match.

– Kevin Owens

– Bobby Lashley

– Randy Orton

– Logan Paul


 McIntyre eliminated Lashley with a Claymore Kick.

• Drew eliminated LA Knight.

• Randy eliminated Kevin Owens with RKO.

• Orton eliminated Logan Paul with an RKO. 

• McIntyre eliminated Orton.


• A loud “CM Punk” chant picked up. McIntyre mocked Punk with the Go to Sleep taunt and even tried to hit GTS. 

• Upon entering the match, Owens delivered a chokeslam to fulfill his promise to a young fan.

• Lashley speared Logan and Owens through different pods.  

• As the door was open after Lashley’s elimination, AJ Styles entered the chamber. The Phenomenal One attacked Knight with a steel chair. Styles delivered a Styles Clash on the chair, causing Knight’s elimination. 

• Logan Paul wanted to use the brass knuckles, but Orton eliminated him with RKO out of nowhere. An infuriated Logan attacked Randy with the knuckles, costing him the match. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Grades: A

Analysis: A well-deserved victory for Drew McIntyre. Randy Orton will be going for the US Title at WrestleMania. AJ Styles made a statement on the sacrifice of Knight. 

Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax

This match was built perfectly to provide WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results. Rhea Ripley earned the main event spot in her home country when she defended the Women’s World Title against Nia Jax. The crowd gave a thunderous roar to Mami’s entrance. Ripley delivered a headbutt and a hurricane. Nia replied with a hip attack in the corner. Jax dominated for a while and talked trash. She applied a stretch muffler and turned it into a single-leg crab before taunting Rhea’s family at ringside. Ripley tried to bounce back, but Jax hit two power bombs and a leg drop for a near fall. 

Ripley escaped The Annihilator and delivered a missile dropkick from the top rope. Jax got back with a Samoan Drop in the center of the ring. She followed it up with a Samoan Drop from the middle rope for a two-count. Later, Rhea did Eddie Guerrero’s taunt and delivered a frog splash. At ringside, Rhea attempted a powerbomb on the commentary table but failed. Instead, Jax hit her with a Samoan Drop, but the table didn’t break. Nia followed it with an Elbow Drop through the commentary desk. 

Jax landed The Annihilator back in the ring, but somehow, Ripley kicked out of it at two and a half. In the end, Mami delivered a massive superplex from the top rope, followed by Riptide to retain the title. Ripley celebrated with her family and the home crowd to close out the show.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Grades: A

Analysis: It was probably the best match of Nia Jax’s career. Both women gave their all in the ring. Ripley retained the title as expected. It was fun to write about WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results.

Overall, it was a great show. WWE continues to deliver banger international premium live events. The crowd was red-hot. Rollins and Ripley have their opponents in McIntyre and Lynch for WrestleMania 40. Let us know if you like our WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Results.

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