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Weekly News of Premier League for 2nd Week of January 2023-24

The 2nd week of 2024 of Premier League 2023-24 was full of electrifying news. Some interesting transfers happened last week which is surely the top Weekly News of Premier League. A young French superstar has a high chance to enter in Premier League. Two clubs of the Premier League got penalized after breaking the financial rules of the Premier League. Let’s take an in-depth analysis of Weekly News of Premier League of last week.  

Manchester City jumps into the 2nd position of Premier League 2023-24

Defending Champions, Man City got the number 2 position in the Premier League points table after winning against New Castle. After winning against New Castle, Man City is sitting at Number 2 position having 43 points in Premier League 2023-24. Liverpool is leading the points table of Premier League 2023-24 having 45 points. Both clubs have equal wins so far in this season of the Premier League. It will be Weekly News of Premier League of next week if Man City is able to get 1st position in Premier League 2023-24 points table.  

Arsenal and Man United want Joshua Zirkzee  

One of the biggest Weekly News of Premier League of this week is that Joshua Zirkzee can play in the next season of Premier League. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta showed interest in getting Joshua Zirkzee. So far there is no confirmed news that Joshua Zirkzee is going to Arsenal. Zirkzee has another option to enter Premier League which is Man United. The 2023-24 season proved a disaster season for Man United as they failed to qualify for the round of 16 of UCL and had no chance of winning Premier League 2023-24. Manchester United can solve one of its biggest problems of this season of having a quality striker in their team after signing Zirkzee.  

Evan Ferguson transfer news  

Another interesting Weekly News of Premier League is that Chelsea showed interest in having Evan Ferguson in their team. According to reports, Chelsea wants to invest long-term in Irish Footballer Evan Ferguson. Chelsea spent €467.8 million as a transfer fee in the 2023-24 season including some of the expensive transfers of the season. Evan Ferguson is currently playing for Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. He scored 7 goals for Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. in the 2023-24 season. Young Irish Striker, Evan Ferguson could be a decent choice for Chelsea if the deal gets closed.   

Everton and Nottingham broke financial rules of Premier League  

Premier League permits every club to have a minimum loss of 105 million pounds in 3-years period and 35 million pounds per season. Everton and Nottingham made a loss of 65 million pounds in the 2023-24 season. Because of this loss, both clubs got penalized. Ten points of both clubs will be cut down on the points table of Premier League 2023-24. This penalty will significantly damage the position of both clubs in the Premier League 2023-24. Both clubs will stand 2nd and 3rd last on the points table after this penalty. This is surely the biggest Weekly News of Premier League this week.  

Will Mbappe play for English Club?  

The contract of Mbappe with PSG will be finished after this season. Many English clubs showed interest to have Mbappe in their team. Mbappe will get the highest weekly salary in the Premier League if any English club successfully manages to get him in their team. Till now there is no confirmed news of coming Mbappe in the Premier League. If this deal happens this will be the biggest Weekly News of the Premier League of 2024.  

Weekly matches Results  

Total 5 matches were played in the last week of the Premier League which gave interesting results and Weekly News of Premier League. Here is the list of Weekly Premier League matches.  

Match 1 (Burnley VS Luton Town) (1-1)  

Match 2 (Chelsea VS Fulham) (1-0)  

Match 3 (New Castle VS Man City) (2-3)  

Match 4 (Everton VS Aston Villa) (0-0)  

Match 5 (Man United VS Tottenham) (2-2)

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