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Weekly News of Premier League Dec 14-21

This week has been full of developments for the Premier League. Fans have been closely monitoring the events before the New Year. Here is some Top Weekly News of Premier League Dec 14-21.

Rebecca Welch- The first Ever Woman to Referee a Premier League Game

Breaking all the stereotypes, the Premier League has nominated Rebecca to supervise the match between Fulham and Burnley on December 23, 2023. The 40-year-old referee will mark history and become the first woman to supervise any Premier League Game on the field.

Welch is, undoubtedly, a seasoned campaigner when it comes to football. She started her career as a referee in 2010 and has achieved many milestones after that. 

Sam Allison- Premier League brings back Black Referee after 15 years

Sam Allison will mark history by officiating the match between Sheffield United and Luton. Sam embarks on history as he becomes the first referee after 15 years to blow the whistle at Bramall Lane on December 26, 2023. Sam Allison was part of the Development Group that started last year. It is an excellent addition to our Weekly News of Premier League Dec 14-21 because we support all communities.

Premier League Amortization Cap agreement scares Chelsea Transfer strategy

Premier League Stakeholders’ agreement on the Amortisation Cap agreement created a bizarre situation for Chelsea. The Span decided in five years. This contract is a kind of accounting practice to shelve the players’ initial costs throughout their contract.

Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital, Chelsea Owners, were trying to bring this cap to eight years. Chelsea will need a yes from 14 other clubs to make it happen. A silver lining for Chelsea here is that this rule will apply to new and extended contracts.

Aston Villa secures 3rd spot in the Table after Ollie Watkin’s Awesome Comeback

Ollie Watkins scored a crucial goal in the 85th minute to seal the victory for Aston Villa at Brentford. This is a memorable win for Aston Villa, the first since 1953 at Brentford.

This match was played with quite much aggression. Harsh tackles outplays everything spiced up the entertainment. This encounter had heated moments later shredded to nothing by keeping the Spirit of the Game and Respect for the opposition high.

Premier League Matches

Nine matches were played this weekend, and you will get their results in our Weekly News of Premier League Dec 14-21.

  • Arsenal’s 2-0 emphatic win over Brighton made them the table toppers. G Jesus and Harvetz scored each goal to send Brighton to 9th position.
  • Liverpool is behind Arsenal after the drawn match with Manchester United. Both teams showed absolute fight but didn’t succeed in scoring a goal. With this tie match, Manchester United are now 7th on the table.
  • Kudus and Bowen helped West Ham to beat Wolver Hampton by 3-0. With this win 
  • West Ham United surpasses Brighton to get the 8th spot, and Wolverine is placed in 13th position.
  • Aston Villa beat Brentford after 70 years. Ollie Watkins’s 85th-minute header secured the win for Aston Villa. After this win, Aston Villa is in the 3rd spot in the points table, and Brentford is in the 12th spot.
  • Chelsea beat Sheffield United by two goals to nil to secure their 6th win of the tournament. Chelsea sits in the 10th spot, while Sheffield United is at the bottom.
  • Manchester City drew their match with Crystal Palace. Both teams scored two goals each. This draw made Manchester City 4th in the group standings while Crystal Palace is 15th.
  • The match between Luton Town and AFC Bournemouth finished with a draw.
  • New Castle beat Fulham by three goals to zero. With that good margin win, New Castle grabbed the 6th spot by pushing Fulham to 11th.
  • Everton got an easy 2-0 win over Burnley, strengthening their spot at the table. Keep in mind the fact that the 10-point deduction appeal is still under review. So, Everton is in a good position if their appeal succeeds.
  • It was all from our Weekly News of Premier League Dec 14-21.
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