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Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024

The UEFA Euro Cup, scheduled in Germany created unmatched excitement among the football fans worldwide. European matches are well-known for being competitive and full of surprises, making the tournament more interesting to watch. 

A total of 24 teams will participate in the tournament, showcasing their skills. Out of these 24 teams, the top 5 teams to win the Euro Cup 2024 have the best squad to beat any team. Fans eagerly wait for the tournament to see their favorite teams playing. 

But the exciting part is which team will take the Euro Cup home? In this article, we will look forward to seeing the Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024. 


England has a high chance of winning the Euro Cup 2024 with a 20% success rate. Firstly, they have great players like Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, and Bukayo Saka whose performances are notably unchallenged. 

Moreover, their coach, Gareth Southgate, motivates and guides them properly to make them feel like winners. The team has a mix of young energy and experience, which gives them an advantage. They get along well and support each other, which helps them play better. 

England might not face as tough competition compared to other top teams, making them a strong contender for the title. All these things make England one of the Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024


France has vast historical experience in football, winning the European Championship in 2000. France is a top team for the Euro Cup 2024 because they have players who have played a lot before and some new talented players.

The team comprises good players like Theo, Lucas Hernandez, Ibrahima Konate, and William Saliba. Antoine Griezmann who plays well in a new position, and Kylian Mbappe is quick and score high goals. 

Their smart and hardworking coach, Didier Deschamps has wide experience and led France to victory in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the 2021 Nations League. France’s current squad and recent performances make it one of the Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024.


Germany has won international tournaments, including the UEFA European Championship in 1972, 1980, and 1996. These victories showcase Germany’s ability to perform well in tournaments.

The team has experienced players and new talents like Deniz Undaz, making them strong in every position. 

Young players bring energy and skill to the team, making them even better. All these reasons make Germany one of the Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024.


Spain has a good chance to win the Euro Cup 2024 with a 13% success rate. They undoubtedly have a great history of winning big tournaments like the UEFA European Championship in 1964, 2008, and 2012.

Spain also performed well in the qualification rounds for the Euro Cup. Players like Álvaro Morata and Dani Olmo have been key to the team’s success. Their coach, Luis de la Fuente, is focused on making Spain great again and motivating the players to do their best.

With a talented team, a successful history, and a strong coach, Spain is one of the Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024


The Portuguese team, led by coach Roberto Martinez, did well. They won all 10 games they played to qualify for the tournament. Their defending bench is one of the strongest in Euro Cup 2024, making it one of the top 5 teams to win the Euro Cup 2024, only letting in two goals and scoring 36 goals themselves. Also having the highest goal scorer of Euro Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo as the main striker makes Portugal a very scary team in this edition of the Euro Cup.

The draw for Euro 2024 put Portugal in a group with easier opponents, which gives them a good chance to reach the next round. Overall, Portugal has done well recently, has good tactics, talented players, and a favorable draw, so they have a good chance to do well in the tournament.


The Top 5 Teams to Win the Euro Cup 2024 are France, England, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. France is known for its talented players and past wins. England has a strong team with young talent. Germany has the advantage of playing at home. Spain is experienced and has good tactics. Portugal has a mix of young and old players and has done well lately. These teams are most likely expected, and maybe other good teams will also surprise the world with their performance.

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