5 Best Asian Football Teams

In the football world, Asian teams did not produce superstars. However, they might get the best players who become superstars soon. Asian football is developing steadily, with some excellent teams owning the top 5 best Asian football teams. Football fans worldwide now acknowledge the Asian teams, as they are now the regular qualifying teams in FIFA and have been putting on some impressive matches. 


Japan’s national football team secures the top position among the top 5 best Asian football teams. Also known as Samurai Blue, it has been Asia’s most successful national team of Asia for over a decade. Japan has participated 6times in the FIFA World Cup consecutively. They have also won the Asia Cup 4 times, having a record number of Asia Cups under their belt. 

The players have been sent to Europe to compete in football leagues and polish their skills. Japanese players are also trained through the J-League National Championship. The team strongly focuses on technical ability, strategic thinking, teamwork, and discipline. Players such as Maya Yoshida, Sakai Hiroki, Shinji Kagawa, and Osako Yuya are the talented players of Japan’s National Football team, to which fans would be looking closely as they are expected to have a bright future. The performance and skills that Japan showed


Iran National Football Team is one of Asia’s most successful and dominant teams. With 3 Asia Cup titles, they have been performing well on the international platform. The team has consistently performed well in the World Cup campaigns; they have participated 5 times in the World Cup. 

Iran is the only country to win AFC Asia Cup 3 times in a row. The Iran National Football team has strengthened a lot since 2018, and they are now known for their strong defensive play and tactical discipline. The performance and skills of Iran make it in the list of 5 Best Asian Football Teams.

South Korea

The list of 5 Best Asian Football Teams is incomplete without South Korea. In terms of performance, the Korean National Team has outdone itself for over a decade. The team has attended 11 World Cups and reached the final of the AFC Asia Cup 4 times but managed to win only 2 titles. The Korean football team reached the finals of the 2002 World Cup, which is the most inspiring and best achievement Asian football has ever made. 

Korean players are known for their skill set and style of play. The team’s success is credited to its disciplined training, talented players, and passionate Korean fan base. The future of Korean Football will excite fans in Korea, Asia, and worldwide. 

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia National Football Team is one of the most successful teams in Asia, securing the 4th spot in our 5 best Asian football teams. They are also known as Green Falcons, managed by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. The team has participated in the World Cup 6 times. Green Falcons won the AFC Asia Cup in 1984, 1988, and 1996, i.e., 3 times. The Saudi Football teams have produced several talented players, including Sami Al-Jabr and Yasser Al-Qahtani. 


The Qatar Football Association oversees Qatar’s national football team. It is also known as “Al- Annabi”. The team has never qualified for the World Cup and won the AFC Asia Cup title only once in 2019. Over the years, the team has worked steadily and secured itself as a formidable force in Asian Football. The team has produced technically skilled players like Akram Afif and Hassan Al-Haydos. Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup 2022, which marks its debut in tournament hosting. All these qualities make Qatar one of the 5 Best Asian Football Teams.


Asia is home to some of the world’s most devoted and fierce football nations. We have highlighted the top 5 best Asian football teams. Football in Asia is developing steadily, bringing extreme entertainment, top-notch matches, and unforgettable emotions. All things examined, this is the evidence of the enthusiasm and love for football that showcases Asia’s promising future in football. Also, check out the list of top 10 best football leagues in the world.

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