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Top 10 Boxing Countries | Best Boxing Nations

Boxing, dating back to the 16th century, is one of the world’s oldest sports. The announcement of various championships by the IBA has significantly elevated the sport’s popularity. The global craze for boxing has fueled the dreams of countless youngsters aspiring to become champions for their nations. Consequently, numerous countries have cultivated exceptional talents who have triumphed in various boxing championships. Let’s see the top 10 boxing countries for winning boxing championships.  

Ukraine Produced over 10 World Champions in Boxing   

Ukraine, one of the top 10 boxing countries, produced over four thousand professional boxers. Ukrainian Boxers won many big boxing Championships. The biggest Ukrainian boxer is Vitali Klitschko. Klitschko’s professional boxing record tells us how feared he was in his era. Having 41 KOs in 47 games, Vitali Klitschko was the most prominent boxer that Ukraine has ever produced.  

Another boxer, Oleksandr Usyk, has achieved great success for Ukraine in the boxing ring. His boxing record of 21-0-0 could make his name among the all-time biggest boxing superstars if he remains unbeaten until retirement. 

  • Famous Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko won the gold medal in boxing for Ukraine in 1996.
  •  One of the biggest amateur boxers of this era, Lomachenko, has an impressive record of 396 victories and only 1 defeat in boxing for Ukraine. 

Cuba Produced 18 Champions in Boxing

Cuba is famous for its world-class boxers. Cuba has produced more than two thousand professional boxers, which makes it one of the top 10 boxing countries.  Cuba is the land of the biggest boxing superstars, like Felix Savon, David Morell, Julio Cesar La Cruz, and Frank Sanchez. These boxers are the main reason for the insane popularity of Boxing in Cuba.

Cuba is the homeland of one of the most prominent heavyweight boxers, Jose Ribalta. He got limelight from all over the world after his incredible performance against American Boxer Mike Tyson.  

  • Cuba has won 37 gold medals in boxing, which makes it one of the top 10 boxing countries in the Olympics. 
  • Legend Boxer Teofilo Stevenson won Olympic gold medals in (1972, 1976, and 1980). He got the UNESCO Pierre de Coubertin Fair Play prize in 1989 for his extraordinary performances for Cuba. 

Argentina Produced 37 Champions in Boxing  

Deeply boxing-loving nation, Argentina has produced more than Two Thousand professional boxers. Argentina is the home of many boxing superstars like Carlos Monzon, Oscar Bonavena, Nicoline Locche, and Sergio Martinz.   

Nicoline Locche was one of the biggest Boxing stars of the 70s. Because of his magnificent defensive technique, He was known as Untouchable in Boxing. Because of these performances by Argentinean boxers, Argentina is one of the top 10 boxing countries.   

  • Argentina’s famous boxer, Brian Castano, has already won a world title, which took him to the most elite level of boxers. 
  • Famous Argentinean boxer Monzon, made unbeaten record of successfully defending his title 14 times against 11 opponents.   

Philippines Produced 39 World Champions in Boxing  

Boxing has an extraordinary place in the hearts of Philippines people. Therefore, the Philippines is the land of many legends of Boxing, like Manny Pacquiao, Gabriel Elorde, Nonito Donaire, Ceferino Garcia, and many others.   

Filipino legends Pancho Villa and Flash Elorde were members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and World Boxing Hall of Fame, respectively, because of their incredible performance as boxers.   

Philippines boxer Donnie Nietes is one of the top boxers of the modern era. His record as a professional boxer is 37-1-4, 21KO. Performances of Filipino boxers in Boxing make the Philippines one of the top 10 boxing countries.  

  • Philippines is one of the founding fathers of the World Boxing Council (WBC).
  •  Donnie Nietes holds a record of becoming the longest Filipino world champion in the light flyweight division. 

Thailand Produced 40 Champions in Boxing

Thailand is very famous for its achievements in Boxing worldwide. Therefore, Thailand produced over one thousand professional boxers, which achieved immense success for Thailand in boxing. Some famous boxers of Thailand are Samart Payakaroon, Khaosai Galaxy, Pone Kingpetch, and Saensak Muangsurin.  

Thai boxers achieved incredible success in the flyweight division. One of the world’s top best flyweight division boxers is Pone Kingpetch, who belongs to Thailand. He won NBA and The Ring flyweight titles in 1960. Because of its rich history in Boxing, Thailand is considered as one of the top 10 boxing countries.  

  • Thai boxers have achieved phenomenal success in the Lower-weight division of Boxing. 
  •  Thailand is the founding father of Muay Thai boxing, which has a worldwide fanbase. 

Puerto Rico Produced 59 World Champions in Boxing  

Puerto Rico produces magnificent talent in the boxing world. Puerto Rico has produced more than two thousand professional boxers. In a tiny population of just over 3 million, Puerto Rico produces the world’s top boxers like Miguel Cotto, Wilfredo Gómez, Carlos Ortiz, and Félix Trinidad. These boxers gained tremendous achievements in boxing for Puerto Rico. The incredible performance in Boxing makes Puerto Rico one of the top 10 boxing countries.  

  •  In 2004, Puerto Rico became the first country to have at least one world champion in all 17 current weight divisions boxing. 
  • Due to these incredible achievements of Puerto Rico boxers, the Government of Puerto Rico approved a law to provide a pension and other assistance to former fighters who have found themselves in troubled times. 

Great Britain Produced 63 World Champions in Boxing  

One of the top 10 boxing countries, Great Britain was also the founder of boxing. Great Britain produced more than eight thousand professional boxers. These boxers have achieved unconvincing wins for Great Britain in the boxing world. The most famous boxers in Great Britain are Joe Calzaghe, Lennox Lewis, Ken Buchanan, and Ricky Hatton.   

Three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is one of the most successful boxers in Great Britain. Lennox Lewis’s boxing record is 42-1-1. His incredible performance in Boxing shows the authority of Lennox Lewis in the boxing ring against his opposition. The performances of Great Britain’s boxers are awe-inspiring, making it one of the top 10 boxing countries.  

  • English boxer Jimmy Wilde was named “The Mighty Atom” due to his incredible record in flyweights, which is still unbreakable. Joe Calzaghe was ranked as the longest-reigning champion in professional boxing history at the start of the 21st century. 

Japan Produced 76 World Champions  in Boxing

Boxing runs in the blood of Japanese people, making Japan one of the world’s top 10 boxing countries. Japan has produced more than four thousand professional boxers. These boxers achieved a lot of success for Japan in the boxing world. Some famous boxers in Japan are Yoko Gushiken, Katsunari Takayama, Fighting Harada, and Masamori Tokuyama.  

Young sensation Naoya Inoue achieved magnificent achievements for Japan in boxing. Unbeaten, the Record of Naoya Inoue in Boxing is 26-0, 23KO. Because of these boxers, Japan is one of the top 10 boxing countries.   

Mexico Produced 192 World Champions  in Boxing

Mexico is one of the most boxing-loving nations in the top 10 boxing countries. Mexican boxers are famous worldwide because of their fearless approach and incredible fighting skills. Therefore, Mexico has produced more than nine thousand boxers, which take Boxing to another level because of their commendable techniques. Some famous Mexican boxers are Salvador Sánchez, Chucho Castillo, Julio César Chávez Jr., and Juan Zurita. These boxers have achieved outstanding achievements for Mexico.  

Two-time bantamweight champion and featherweight titleholder Ruben Olivares is a Mexican top-ranked boxer. Record of 77-years old, Roben Olivares is 89-13-3, 79KO. Because of these achievements in boxing, Mexico is one of the top 10 boxing countries.  

  • Canelo Alveraz earned an estimated $275 Million from Boxing, which makes him the highest-paid Mexican boxer. Mexican boxer Ricardo Lopez remained unbeaten in his boxing career till his retirement. 

America Produced more than 430 World Champions in Boxing   

The history of Boxing is incomplete without American boxers. America revolutionized boxing and made it the most famous sport in the world. American Boxers like Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, and Joe Louis are the front face of Boxing. They have achieved magnificent records for America in Boxing, making them the best.  

The greatest of All time, Mohammad Ali is the well-known boxer of the 20th century. He was one of the top heavyweight boxers of his time. Because of America’s rich history in Boxing, it is the number 1 country in the top 10 boxing countries.  

After incredible performances by American boxers, America has an annual viewership of over 6 million. Therefore, America is one of the 10 best boxing countries regarding viewership. Due to this insane viewership, Boxers earned impressive money from boxing bouts.  

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr earned $560 Million in his Boxing career, which makes him the highest-paid boxer.
  •  Muhammad Ali won the Fighter of the Year award six times in his boxing career, which is the highest till now.

It was all from our Top 10 Boxing Countries Article. Which country can enter this list in the future. Let us know in the comment section.

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Muhammad Afzaal Hassan
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