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Top 10 Boxing Books of 2024

Books are the world of knowledge. Every book written in this world covers a lot of deep information that has not been explored until now. Like every field, many books have been written on boxing and boxing legends. These books are good sources to inspire the young generation to read how these legends tackled the problems they faced in their boxing journey.   

Out of hundreds of books on boxing, we filtered the Top 10 Boxing Books. These books provide in-depth information about boxing legends and the techniques they used in their daily lives to become successful boxers. Let’s check out the Top 10 Boxing Books to see what these books cover inside.  


The book Pound-per-Pound was Sugar Ray Robinson’s career highlight. Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the most prominent boxers of the 20th century. He achieved excellent success in his boxing career, and the books provided a deep insight of his difficulties in achieving this success.  This book was written by Herb Boyd and published in 2005.

Fat City

Fat City is one of the Top 10 Boxing Books of the 20th century. This fictional storybook tells the life story of two boxers, Billy Tully and Ernie Munger, who want to make a big name in the boxing world. It also covers the harsh realities and difficulties a boxer faced to become the greatest boxer of all Time. Famous American author Leonard Gardner wrote this book in 1969.

Cinderella Man: James J  

This book tells the exceptional journey of famous boxer James J Braddock, who became a heavyweight champion and achieved sky-touching achievements in boxing making it one of the top 10 boxing books. Famous American journalist and author Jeremy Schaap wrote this book and published it in 2005. 

Mike Tyson Biography  

Mike Tyson, one of the top heavyweight boxers of all time, has inspired many young people to do their best in life. His unmatched boxing achievements make him part of the elite boxing class. This book explains how Mike Tyson succeeded in his career and developed a hard-core, disciplined routine to stay one step ahead of his boxing rivals.

Greatest boxing stories  

This book is also very important for young boxers. It tells the successful stories of the greatest boxers of all Time. In just one year after its publication, it has become one of the most demanding books of 2024.  Famous American Author Hank Patton wrote this book. The author’s excellent writing skills and great stories of boxers make this book one of the top 10 boxing books.  

Bare Knuckle  

This book tells the unbeaten story of Canadian professional boxer Bobby Gun in Bare Knuckle. Bobby Gun has achieved immense success in boxing, but his 73-0 streak in Bare Knuckle gave me excellent limelight. The book tells the story of Bobby Gun’s journey from a young age to becoming an elite boxer in Bare Knuckle. Before publishing, it became the #1 new release on Amazon.

Dark Trade  

Dark Trade is among the Top 10 Boxing Books because award-winning author Donald McRae wrote it. This book gives inside stories about boxing, including boxers, trainers, and other famous personalities. This book also includes a dark chapter on the boxing world of strugglers and disputed careers.


Kayfabe tells the rich history of wrestling sports, including deep information on boxing. This book showed how boxing evolved in every era of Time to become the most loved combat sport of the 20th century.  Patrick W. Reed is the author of this book, which tells the stories of all the champions very interestingly making it one of the top 10 boxing books..

Ali: A Life  

Ali: A Life is the autobiography of Muhammad Ali, the Greatest boxer of all Time. Muhammad Ali was the famous boxer of the 20th century who achieved unmatched success in boxing. His excellent boxing skills made him different from other boxers. This book shows every aspect of his boxing career, from his debut to becoming a champion of champions in the boxing world.  

On boxing  

On Boxing is an essential book for all youngsters who want to make a successful career in boxing. It highlights the harsh realities and difficulties of becoming a great boxer and how to keep faith in himself to become a champion in the boxing ring. Therefore, this books ranked in top 10 boxing books.

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