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Saudi Arabia Competing with the Rest Of the World in Football in 2024

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has positioned itself as a significant force in international sports, creating ripples through substantial investments in football and other sports. This Middle Eastern nation, renowned for its abundant oil wealth and traditionally conservative culture, is spearheading a sporting revolution reshaping the landscape of football and the broader realm of sports. Saudi investing hugely in the growth of football; therefore, Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football.

Saudi Arabia’s influence on global sports is both considerable and contentious, with a specific focus on the Saudi Pro League (SPL), the infusion of international football stars, and aspirations that extend beyond the soccer pitch. The emergence of Football in Saudi Arabia is seen in factors such as hosting the FIFA World Club Cup in 2023 and acquiring the English Premier League club Newcastle United. These factors play an essential role in Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football.

Saudi Pro League(SPL) Transfer Domination

The Saudi Pro League (SPL), the premier football league in Saudi Arabia, has become the focal point of a significant sporting transformation. In the summer of 2023, SPL clubs embarked on a record-breaking spending spree, investing nearly $1 billion to acquire 94 overseas players from Europe’s top football leagues. Among the notable recruits were stars such as Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, and Ruben Neves, who, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, made a move that captured widespread attention. Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football after its successful football league, the Saudi Pro League.

Critics have labelled this extravagant spending as “sportswashing,” a term denoting a government’s use of sports investments to divert attention from controversial political actions. However, this move is a calculated strategy for Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has consolidated control over the nation and its investments. When confronted with the term “sportswashing,” he expressed indifference, stating, “I don’t care. I have one percent GDP growth from sport, and I aim for another one and a half percent.” Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football after investing hugely in big stars of Football.

In a sporting landscape where financial regulations, such as UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules, are designed to limit spending, Saudi clubs have chosen to defy conventional norms. They have effectively established a playing field where cost is no obstacle, even if it means enticing top-tier players with salaries that rival those of the wealthiest clubs in Europe. Saudi Pro League is one of the important parts of Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football.

SPL- A Plan to Prosper

The SPL’s strategy is unmistakable: attract some of the world’s best football talents to enhance its competitiveness. League leaders argue that these international recruits will strengthen their on-field performance and serve as mentors for young Saudi talents, contributing to developing the next generation of football stars.

The government-controlled Public Investment Fund (PIF) has played a pivotal role in this initiative. In the recent summer, PIF acquired ownership of four of Saudi Arabia’s top clubs, including Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad.

This move significantly elevated the combined value of these clubs, positioning them as the most valuable in the country. When examining the substantial spending by the PIF-owned teams, which now rank among the top 20 clubs globally in transfer expenditure, they trail only Al Hilal in terms of spending. The two-year contract with Al-Nassr, securing Cristiano Ronaldo with an estimated annual payment of $200 million, is a testament to the league’s ambition and financial capability. All this money is a big investment which will help Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football.

Is Saudi prioritizing football only? No Sir!

Saudi Arabia’s investment in football is just one facet of its expansive sporting ambitions, extending its influence to various other sports, including golf and Formula 1 (F1). In 2021, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) injected approximately $2 billion into the new golf league, LIV Golf, causing a significant shakeup in the golfing world. This Saudi-backed venture successfully attracted top golf players away from established tours like the PGA and DP World Tour, showcasing the kingdom’s power and influence in the sport. Despite initial challenges faced by golf’s governing bodies, they eventually collaborated, but Saudi Arabia has continued to set its sights on further sporting conquests.

A notable event hosted by Saudi Arabia in December 2023 was the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup, Which underscored the nation’s intent to become a sports hub for major international events and solidified its growing partnership with FIFA. With no competition in bids in sight, Saudi Arabia has secured the hosting rights for the 2034 FIFA World Cup, signaling a significant and unexpected achievement in football.

The kingdom’s sporting reach extends beyond football and golf, reaching as far as Spain. The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) recently signed a deal to host the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia until 2029, anticipated to generate between €35-45 million annually for the RFEF.
All of these recent sporting endeavours align with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to create a thriving economy where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. All these investments are the core points of Saudi Arabia competing with the Rest Of the World in Football and other major sports.

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