Possible Return of Randy Orton at Survivor Series | 2 Strong Hints

WWE fans will soon be hearing Voices in their heads as Randy Orton is expected to return at WWE Survivor Series WarGames on November 25 in Chicago. As per rumours and reports, The possible return of Randy Orton will be part of the Babyface team in the Men’s WarGames match. Let’s talk about Possible Return of Randy Orton at Survivor Series and his future plans, starting with his last-ever WWE appearance.  

Orton’s last WWE Appearance

The Apex Predator has been off TV for about half a year now. He is suffering from major back problems. WWE or Orton hasn’t addressed the severity, but his possible return was always in talks. Randy last appeared on the May 20th episode of WWE Raw in 2022. He and Matt Riddle (RK-Bro) faced The Usos in a Tag Team Championships unification match. The Usos won the match, and Bloodline continued to attack Randy after the match to injure him. We haven’t seen The Viper since then. 

Randy’s Return at Survivor Series

The possible return of Randy Orton was expected after the rumours sparkled when the Orton visited WWE Performance Center in September. It was reported that he discussed his return plans. But there was no progress. Now, we have Judgment Day against Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, and Sami Zayn in WarGames at Survivor Series. In the latest WWE Monday Night Raw episode, Drew McIntyre turned heel to cost Rhodes and Uso their Tag Team Titles match. McIntyre also shook hands with Rhea Ripley, signalling his alliance with The Judgment Day. 

After Raw went off-air, Cody took the mic to say he also has friends. It almost confirmed the Possible Return of Randy Orton as a part of Cody’s team. Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton have a long history as Randy being the first mentor of Cody Rhodes in WWE. They have been part of The Legacy faction in WWE in the past. There was a friendly moment between Orton and Rhodes after the latter returned to WWE. Hence, Orton is most probably the 5th member of the face team at WarGames. Also, WWE can announce this before the Survivor Series to avoid any CM Punk return rumours as a surprise member. 

Future Plans for Randy Orton

As the possible return of Randy Orton has already started making rounds, WWE must have some plans for the veteran. One simple story for Randy to move ahead will be as a crowd favourite. They likely set up his first long story after Royal Rumble to give him a major spot at WrestleMania. However, the other side of the story is more creative and exciting.

Randy Orton has seen the most popularity in his career as a heel. It has been reported that Orton will be a villainous heel soon after his return. Triple H has mega plans for the former 14-time World Champion. Orton could turn on his team at Survivor Series. Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes need fresh and bigger opponents for the Royal Rumble, and both have a long history with Orton. Maybe we will see one of the stars mentioned above suffering an RKO at the hands of Randy Orton to set up a major story in the upcoming months. Both scenarios will be innovative. Revisiting Rollins and Orton’s feud in 2023 will surely catch eyeballs.

On the other hand, Cody Rhodes against the most hated villainous Randy will have the crowd in awe. Orton will be a major name to win the Royal Rumble if the possible return of Randy Orton becomes a guarantee. You can never rule out a guy like him. There are a lot of possibilities once The Apex Predator returns. In any scenario of the possible return of Randy Orton, the crowd will go crazy as they cannot wait anymore to see Orton, either in front of their eyes or on their screens.

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