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How Can ODI CRICKET SURVIVE? 7 Best Suggestions

Are cricket fans losing interest in ODI Cricket? How Can ODI CRICKET SURVIVE? Who says ODI Cricket is boring? Who remembers the match recently played between Australia and Afghanistan in the ODI World Cup 2023? Who must remember the close encounter between Pakistan and South Africa in the same World Cup? Have you ever seen 434 runs made in 50 overs and seen it getting chased? 

There are unlimited examples of exciting contests in ODI Cricket. Yet, This debate about the survival of ODI Cricket is everywhere. Yes, the introduction of T20 cricket has indeed overshadowed the beauty of ODI cricket, but there is still charm in the 50 overs format.  There are some measures suggested by the greats of the Game that can be taken to ensure the beauty of this classical cricket format. Let’s start our suggestions on How Can ODI Cricket Survive.

2 innings with 25 overs

The first answer to how ODI Cricket Survive can be provided by none other than the man known as the God of Cricket. Great Sachin Tendulkar came with a suggestion of 2 innings of 25 overs each. According to him, it will give the Game a fast pace. Both teams will have an extra opportunity to overcome their limitations in the match. With that, it will also help the players reconsider their game approaches. 

Power play Scenarios

ICC has taken this step to answer how can ODI Cricket Survive question. To make the Game more enthusiastic and fun, ICC has introduced 3 power plays in a match. The first power play is for 1-10 overs. Only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle in this power play. Giving players more chances for an aggressive approach. To use powerplay best, Cricketers must develop knowledge about the best Cricket Fielding Positions.

Most of the Game is played with a second power play from overs 11-40. In which 4 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. It gives an equilibrium to both batting and bowling sides. Third, powerplay gives more safety to the fielding side. Five fielders are allowed to protect the boundaries in 41-50 overs. Altogether, it makes this long format very interesting.

Bowler’s Dominance

How can ODI Cricket Survive if bowlers are not getting respect? A new way of making the ODI format attractive is to give more freedom to bowlers. Allowing them to bowl more bouncers and giving them the freedom to express their abilities will do an excellent bit for this Cricket Format.

Good Pitches

The playing strip always plays a vital role in a cricket game. How can ODI Cricket survive when Batting-friendly pitches are made by curators? If the pitch is equally balanced for the batting and bowling sides, this contest brings the beat out of players. If the pitch is for only batters, then the crowd will see boundaries only and bowlers will suffer a lot. 

Bowlers will make the match a single-sided affair if the grass is on the pitch and the ball swings throughout the Game. So, if a standard is set regarding the 22-yard playing strip, it will enhance this Game’s beauty.

Match Fee

Attractive match fees will attract boards and cricket teams to look for this format. 

Making players financially accessible will help the cause revamp fans’ interest in this format. 

More Tournaments

Many tournaments were organized in the late 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, like the Sharjah Cup, AfroAsia Cup, Australia Cup, and many more. 

If more tournaments like these are introduced, it will help create curiosity for fans. It will also aid the Teams in building a better sense of contest. 

When there is curiosity, then there would be more attachment. The world right now is missing a sense of attachment; this would create a linkage between fans and teams. 

Bilateral series between Arch Rivals

India Vs. Pakistan, Australia Vs. England, and Srilanka Vs. Bangladesh, If these kinds of series are arranged regularly. It will create zeal and enthusiasm for the fans to support their respective teams. Supporting their teams will support the sanctity of ODI Cricket.

Reintroduction of Charity Matches to Answer How Can ODI Cricket Survive?

Charity matches, like Asia XI vs the Rest of the World, were played in the past. Showbiz stars and professional cricketers have also been seen contesting in the past. It was fun to watch; fans were seen interacting with players, adding beauty to the Game. So, events like these will exercise a beautiful relationship to boost the value of this Format. 

Linking all these factors will surely help the cause of defining and upgrading the curiosity and development of this Game. 

Umair Basraa
Umair Basraa
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