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Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue | Activism in 2023

The Aussie Batter, Usman Khawaja, has been an integral part of the Aussie batting for a long time. The Pakistani-born Australian batter shows support for the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Palestine. He tried to show solidarity by messages on his shoes and wearing an armband. ICC banned his gestures, citing them against the ICC Code of Conduct. All these steps show Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue.

In the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza, Israel has destroyed almost everything. Bombed every hour, every place, people getting displayed. Israel has killed more than 22000 Palestinians, including children and women. So, supporting these people is not bad by any means but Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue showed that Activism in 2023 is in danger.

Khawaja Peaceful Messages for Humanitarian Crisis

Credit: Dawn

In the first test match between Pakistan and Australia, on 14 Dec 2023, Khawaja was banned from displaying peaceful messages “ALL LIVES ARE EQUAL” and “FREEDOM IS A HUMAN RIGHT” on his boots in the color of the Palestinian flag. Then, Uzzie wore a black armband, as it’s a traditional way of showing silent protests and support in cricket. Again, ICC found it against their policies. 

Khawaja then connected with the Australian Board and tried a new way to show his support. A dove with the reference “01: UDHR,” signifying the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet, the ICC found this against its policies. However, according to a newspaper, there was no immediate response from ICC. 

On the eve of the second test match against Pakistan, frustrated Khawaja took to his social media and posted a video of players displaying peace symbols and messages on bats previously. He wrote, “Merry Christmas everybody, sometimes you just gotta laugh” with hashtags “#double standards” and “#inconsistent.” 

ICC Restricted Khawaja

Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue was again highlighted when the board said, “The ICC’s rules say players can’t wear, show, or share political, religious, or racial messages on clothes or gear without permission,” and didn’t allow him to record his support. Khawaja argues that the dove symbol, which was rejected, is peaceful and linked to a basic human right.

Australian Captain came in Support of Khawaja

As for as Pakistan vs Australia Series Analysis is concerned, Pat Cummins did an outstanding job. Similarly, he did not back off from supporting Usman Khawaja on his statement. then nothing Australian Captain Pat Cummins fell short of words to explain the Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue. While talking to the press, he said, 

“I don’t know the ins and outs of the application, but I think it is pretty vanilla, a dove. “

He said, “We really support Uzzy. I think he’s standing up for what he believes, and I think he’s doing it really respectfully,” 

Furthermore, he added, “He can hold his head high the way he’s gone about it, but there’s rules in place, so I believe the ICC have said they’re not going to approve that. They make up the rules, and you’ve got to accept it.”

Mark Taylor’s Support of Khawaja

Mark Taylor, the former Australian cricketer, also condemned the Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue. He agrees with Khawaja on his peace protest. He said ahead of the second test match in Melbourne:

” I think Usman is making a very good point in all the statements he’s making, but I think he’s actually made his point.” 

“The ICC, they want to set some boundaries on what players can and can’t do. So, I can see a little bit of both sides to the story. I think any reasonable-minded person can see Uzzie is making a very good point.”

“I hope it doesn’t overshadow the game.”

Analysis of Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Activism Issue

We stand with Usman Khawaja and against the Double Standards of ICC in Usman Khawaja’s Issue. Khawaja is using the best and biggest platform to raise his voice while protesting peacefully. He also didn’t put his remarks on any politics or racial issues. The point Aussie Batter is raising is highly valued, as Khawaja came in support of the innocent people of Gaza. He is standing against the genocide, which is highly appreciated. 

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