Best 5 Fast Bowlers in Australia All the Time

Australia has a storied cricketing history, marked triumphs, legendary players, and a rich legacy in cricket. Australia is well-known for producing quality fast bowling. Therefore, the Best 5 Fast Bowlers in Australia have shown their skills and temperament in all formats of the game for an Australian cricket team. The historic Ashes series against England is a highlight and one of the oldest and fiercest rivalries. During the ICC World Cup 2023, Australia won the championship and the sixth title in the tournament’s history. Here are the Legend of Pace, 5 fast bowlers in Australia.

Glenn McGrath

Precision Personified Glenn McGrath is known for precision and consistency in fast bowling. He had a special knack for placing the ball exactly where he wanted. Batsmen found scoring very tough against McGrath due to his pinpoint accuracy. He broke various records and played a crucial role in Australian victories. McGrath played 375 matches and took 948 wickets. His bowling average was 21.75. His bowling speed was 145 kph. His famous dismissal was the 2007 World Cup early dismissal in his last ODI against Sri Lanka. McGrath dismissed former England’s Captain Michael Atherton 19 times in 17 Matches. Due to his incredible achievements as fast bowler, he was named one of the top 5 fast bowlers in Australia.

Brett Lee

The list of top 5 fast bowlers in Australia is incomplete without Brett Lee. The Speedster, Brett Lee, is known for his incredible speed. His lightning-fast deliveries troubled all the batsmen all over the world. Lee’s aggressive and attacking bowling style made him a standout in Australian cricket. He could take wickets with his sheer speed. Brett Lee took 718 wickets in 322 matches. His average speed of bowling is 140kph with an average of 26.66. His famous performance against New Zealand with 6 wickets for 47 runs in the World Cup 2003. Therefore, Brett Lee is one of the top 5 fast bowlers in Australia.

Mitchell Starc

The Modern-Day Force, Mitchell Starc is a contemporary fast bowler known for his pace, swing, and adaptability. His ability to deliver fast, swing ball has troubled many batsmen in recent times. Starc’s crucial wickets and performance have been instrumentals in Australia’s success in modern-day Cricket. His ability to generate extreme pace while maintaining accuracy and swing made him a key wicket-taker for Australia. Starc took 653 wickets in 264 matches. His average speed of bowling is 140+ kph with an average of 25.39. In Ashes 2019, Lord’s, Starc’s fiery spell against Ben Stokes. His excellent skills registered his name in the list of top 5 fast bowlers in Australia.

Mitchell Johnson

The Foursome Left Arm Bowler, Mitchell Johnson was a fast and intimidating bowler with a left-arm style. His sheer speed and aggressive approach made him a nightmare for the Batsmen. John’s fast and bouncy delivery often caused chaos in the opposition’s batting line-up. Johnson took 590 wickets in 256 matches. His average bowling speed was 150 kph with an average of 26.65. In the 2013-14 Ashes series, Johnson’s fiery spell dismantled the English Batting order with 37 wickets.

His skills and aggression were very useful for Australia in many matches therefore, he is one of the top 5 fast bowlers in Australia. Mitchell Johnson was also in the news after his controversial remarks on David Warner’s cricketing sin in 2018. Check out the full story of Johnson and Warner dispute.

Craig McDermott

The Maestro of Fast Bowling, Craig McDermott marked a notable career with skilful bowling and impactful performance. He made a significant contribution to Australian cricket. His ability to deliver crucial breakthroughs in pressure situations showcased his resilience and determination in the field. During the 1991-92 World Cup, solidify his place as a valuable asset in the Australia bowling line-up. McDermott’s average bowling speed was 140 kph with an average of 27.02.

He took 494 wickets in 209 matches. Craig was a significant force during the Ashes series in 1993, where he claimed 19 wickets, playing a pivotal role in the Australian victory against England. Australian fast bowling legacy is still on as they are creating history. Therefore, Craig is one of the top 5 fast bowlers in Australia

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