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5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time

It’s been a decade since women have fought in Ultimate Fighting Champion, showcasing their talent and fighting abilities. Fans all over the world love watching them on the big screen.

Few fighters have risen to the top throughout these years, becoming icons in the sport. Due to their extraordinary fighting skills, some UFC fighters have been included in the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time list.

These fighters are fun to watch and have greatly impacted the sport. Read until the end to find out what makes these women stand out from the rest of the fighters. Let’s check the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time list.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes is an exceptional fighter in the UFC. She’s the only woman who has held two titles simultaneously and won them in big fights.  Nunes won the bantamweight title at UFC 200 and then the featherweight title at UFC 232, defeating top fighters like Miesha Tate and Cris Cyborg. She defended her titles many times before retiring. 

Nunes is often called the most outstanding female fighter ever. She has beaten many top fighters, including everyone with the bantamweight title. Nunes’s most impressive win was against Cris Cyborg, where she showed her power in a higher weight class. This win made her career to the top and one of the top 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey was the first prominent female star in the UFC. She became the bantamweight champion right when she joined, after being a champion in Strikeforce. 

Rousey often defended her title, winning quickly in the first round against top fighters like Liz Carmouche and Sara McMann. She retired at 36 after losing fights to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. Ronda Rousey also made a huge name in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Besides fighting, she did TV shows and acted in movies like The Expendables 3. She was the first woman inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Currently, she’s fighting in WWE. Her commendable achievements in UFC made her one of the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time.

Valentina Shevchenko

Valentina was a fantastic flyweight champion in the UFC. She won the title by beating Joanna Jędrzejczyk and defended it seven times. Later, she lost the belt to Alexa Grasso. 

Shevchenko is known for her striking, solid skills, which she learned from her kickboxing mother. She only lost to Amanda Nunes in a close fight when the UFC made the flyweight division; she dominated, winning nine fights in a row. 

Shevchenko is one of the best UFC fighters ever. Her talent and determination have made her a true champion in the sport. Therefore, she is one of the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time.

Cris Cyborg

Cyborg is one of the scariest yet toughest fighters in MMA. After losing to Nunes, she won seven fights, showing her skill and power. 

Even at 38, she’s still going strong. Cyborg is known for her boxing skills. She has been a champion in three different MMA promotions. She won the featherweight title in the UFC but lost it to Nunes.

Cyborg’s dominance in the sport makes her a legend, and she’s someone every MMA fan should know. Due to her excellent achievements, Cris is one of the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Jędrzejczyk was known for her striking skills and was one of the best in UFC history at landing strikes. She started strong, with 14 wins in a row, 8 in the UFC. She became the strawweight champion and defended it five times. 

She lost the first fight to Rose Namajunas. She tried for the strawweight title twice more and once for the flyweight title before retiring in 2022. She won 10 fights in the strawweight division, a record. 

She fought tough opponents and even faced more prominent fighters like Valentina Shevchenko. During her time as champion, she was a scary opponent for her rivals. That’s why she ranked in the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time list.


In conclusion, the 5 Best Women UFC Fighters of All Time. Many other women fighters have shown remarkable talent in the past, but these top five stand out due to their incredible skills and toughness in the ring.

From Ronda Rousey’s early dominance to Amanda Nunes’s dual titles, each fighter has left a lasting mark in UFC. These women have made history in women’s MMA. Also, check out the 5 best UFC Fighters list of Men.

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