5 Best Bowlers of ILT20 2024

Throughout the ILT20 2024, bowlers from different franchises played crucial roles in winning matches for their teams. Bowlers left an indelible mark on the league due to their masterful performances. MI Emirates ruling the chart of the 5 best bowlers of ILT20 2024. The top three bowlers belong to MIE, and the last two bowlers are from DC. 

In this blog, we have discussed the 5 best bowlers of ILT20 2024 with stats. 

PlayerInnsOverWktsBBIAve. Eco. RunsSR4-Fers
Fazalhaq Farooqui0829174/2513.067.6622210.2402
Waqar Salamkheil1135.4173/1815.067.1825612.59
Trent Boult1243163/1421.888.1435016.13
Scott Kuggeleijn0828.5134/1720.929.4327213.3101
Sikandar Raza 1345133/2121.856.3128420.77

5 Best Bowlers of ILT20 2024

Here are the details of the 5 best bowlers of ILT20 2024:

Fazalhaq Farooqui

Fazalhaq Farooqui emerged as a leading wicket-taker of ILT20 2024. He represents MI Emirates in International League Twenty20. Faqoorui claimed 17 wickets in 8 matches. His ability to trouble batter is evident from his impressive economy of 7.66. 

Fazalhaq Farooqui is the only bowler of ILT20 2024 to record two 4 wicket-haul under his name while playing for MI Emirates. He proved his ability to provide breakthroughs at crucial moments throughout the tournament. Farooqui’s best figures are 4/25. Farooqui consistently bowled good spells for his team, with an average of 13.06 and a strike rate of 10.24. 

Waqar Salamkheil

Waqar Salamkheil proved to be a crucial bowler for MI Emirates as he clenched 17 wickets in 11 matches. His ability to maintain pressure on the web is evident from his economy of 7.17. Waqar Salamkheil showcased his ability to provide breakthroughs in middle overs, as the majority of his wickets are during his middle-over spell. With a remarkable average of 15.05 and a strike rate of 12.58, Salamkheil played a pivotal role in the bowling lineup of MI Emrites and restricted the opposition to manageable targets. Due to his excellent performance, Salamkheil got picked by Peshawar Zalmi in PSL 2024.

Trent Boult

The left-arm pacer had a great season at ILT20 2024. He ranked as 3rd best of 5 best bowlers of ILT20 2024. Trent Boult represents MI Emirates in the International League Twenty20. He took 16 wickets in 12 matches. Even though he was the most expensive bowler in the league, he played a crucial role in his team’s performance. Boult’s best figures are 3/14. Frequently bowling in the powerplay and death overs, the pacer maintained his economy of 8.13, reflecting his prowess on line control and length. With an average of 21.85 and a strike rate of 20.77, Boult was a significant part of the winning team of ILT20 2024. 

Scott Kuggeleijn

Scott Kuggeleijn emerged as a standout performer from the Delhi Captain’s dugout. He claimed 13 wickets in 8 matches. Kuggleijn’s ability to consistently bowl briskly to trouble batters was proved by his best figures in 4/17. Despite bowling in the powerplay, Kuggeleijn maintained an impressive economy throughout the tournament, reflecting his control over the game’s dynamics. With a good average of 20.92 and a strike rate of 13.31, Scott Kuggeleijn’s contributions were crucial for MI Emirates. 

Sikandar Raza

The Zimbabwean all-rounder played a considerable role in the Dubai Capitals campaign in ILT20 2024. Sikandar Raza took 13 wickets in 13 matches with the best figure of 3/21. In total, he balled 45 overs throughout the league. He was named the Player of the Series award for his memorable performances. Raza’s impressive economy of 6.31 shows his ability to apply pressure on the batter consistently. With an average of 21.85 and a strike rate of 20.77, Raza’s contributions played a crucial role throughout the tournament. Like bowlers, batters have given extraordinary performances in ILT20 2024. Check out the list of 5 best batters of ILT20 2024.

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